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Vitra Outlet: Inside the New Vitra Circle Store Campus

Since October 2023, there’s an exciting new store at the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein: The Vitra Circle Store.

I was there and had a first look to see what you can look forward to.

Hint: There’s my personal hot tip on how to shop at Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. Be sure to read it, whether you’re a local or visiting Vitra during your stay in Basel!

From Factory Sale to the Permanent Circle Store

Vitra has had an annual factory sale at the Weil am Rhein Campus; one day a year where people queued up across half the campus to finally enter a factory hall and catch a good deal. It was quite an event!

Since 2017, Vitra has opened year-round factory outlet stores called circle stores in different countries. They are located in Brussels, Amsterdam, and Germany.

The German location just moved from Frankfurt to the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein!

What is Vitra Circle Store?

At the Vitra Circle Store, you can find furniture and decor pieces that were previously used in showrooms, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

In the Circle store, they get repaired, refurbished, and sold.

With the Circle Stores, Vitra contributes to sustainability, giving the pieces the long life they were built for.

Other than the showroom that resembles a high-end home environment, the Circle Store comes a lot more raw. It’s a factory building with raw floors, and all store furniture (the repair station, cash, and shelves inside the store) is made from raw wood beams and OSB plates.

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How are the Prices in the Vitra Circle Store?

Prices in the Circle Stores will vary from item to item, depending on its condition.

While I would guess that incredibly heavily reduced deals are rather rare, you’ll find a regular 20% to 25% off original sales price.

For Vitra products, this is a huuuge deal!

At the time of writing this post, there are several Eames Lounge Chairs including the Ottoman for around 8’000$ in the Circle Store. Brand new, they would cost roughly 10’000$. So you’ll pretty much save 2’000$ by being ok that some people sat on that chair before 😉

I think it’s great if you can get a new-looking piece for a reduced price and like that, being able to afford your dream Vitra piece.

How is the Condition of the Pieces?

On the day when I visited, all the pieces looked like new.

Smaller accessories like toolboxes, trays, or wall decor might have been used at exhibitions or in showrooms before but they have little wear by nature. Some of the smaller items even came in original packaging.

Of course, furniture pieces like sofas and chairs are there to test out, like in the showroom. But because these items were built for decades and generations to use, they all were in great condition as well.

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

How do I know what the Circle Store Sells Right Now?

The Circle Store’s home page lists all products that are currently in stock in the Circle Store. While you can check online what’s available, you’ll need to shop the pieces in person, or on site. There’s no online ordering in the Circle Store…

If you are waiting for a specific piece or colour and live near a Circle Store, you can also sign up for the Vitra Circle Newsletter to be sure to not miss a piece.

Vitra Circle Store home page showing which products are currently sold in the circle store

Which Types of Vitra Products Does the Circle Store Sell?

Depending on the past exhibitions and featured collections, the products in the Vitra Circle Store will vary. You can be sure to always find certain categories, for example, chairs, but the exact pieces, colours, and designers will vary.


The cool thing: Since the pieces always come from shows and exhibitions, you’ll be sure to find staple pieces and big designer names like Eames, Bouroullec, Citterio and Morrison on the regular.

Vitra Chairs and Tables

Vitra’s staples are their chairs.

That’s also clear when you enter the Circle store in Weil am Rhein: A whole wall features their iconic chairs, satisfyingly sorted by colours.

They also have tables and sofa tables on the regular.

Vitra Sofas and Other Large Furniture Pieces

At the time of my visit, there were some sofas, armchairs, and other seating options for the living room.

Vitra Office Chairs and Desks

There’s quite a section with office chairs and desks.

Generally, you’ll not have a shortage of chairs of any kind; Since they are Vitra’s staple piece, Vitra will always show them in exhibitions and trade shows.

Vitra Accessories and Wall Decor

There are lots of smaller accessories, wall decor, lighting, vases, and even really small items like napkins and greeting cards. As these low-priced items go more quickly, they might change a bit faster than the large, expensive pieces. But you’ll definitely also find those smaller pieces in the Circle Store.

Artek Products

Like in the Vitra Showroom, Artek products are also sold in the Circle Store.

Freitag Products

On top of the usual products that you also find on Vitra’s home page and in their showroom, there’s also a corner with Freitag products that have small defects.

The Swiss label has produced bags and backpacks from truck tarps for over 30 years and is a perfect product for the circle concept.

Hot Tip: How to Shop at Vitra Campus

I really love the new Circle Store at Vitra Campus, is’t the perfect addition!

For design enthusiasts like me, who stroll the showroom to discover their dream home furniture pieces and daydream of owning them someday, the Circle Store brings an exciting new factor. Maybe you’re lucky and you’ll find your wishlist pieces at the Circle Store, for a good deal, and your dream becomes reality a little faster.

And for design-loving visitors in Basel, it’s another fun stop while touring the Vitra Campus, and maybe the place where you’ll find a unique souvenir.

Visiting the Vitra Campus in future, I’ll definitely stop by the Circle Store first thing. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a good discount off the pieces that are sold for the full price in the showroom and gift shop at the Vitra House.

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods