Romantic Vintage Red and Tan Bedroom You Will Love

Romantic Vintage Red and Tan Bedroom You Will Love

Are you looking to add some fresh colour accents to your vintage-style bedroom?

Red and tan bedroom decor items are a fun choice!

This colour pairing is both timeless and versatile and creates a cosy yet elegant atmosphere that’s perfect for an upgrade of your romantic vintage interior style.

In true mix-and-match manners, just add any of the suggestions below to the furniture you already have and create a subtle romantic atmosphere in your room.

Creating a totally new vintage bedroom?

In that case, go search for some new vintage pieces at your local thrift stores and mix them with a few red and beige decor pieces (the list below will serve as inspiration). And in no time, you’ll have a beautiful room with authentic vintage flair.



Go with more timeless furniture items and subtle patterns and soft paint colours on your walls if you’re designing your master bedroom.

If you’re upgrading a guest room, you can go a bit bolder, with floral wallpaper, bold colour choices, and a unique statement piece or two as a focal point – for example, a true vintage dresser or nightstand in dark wood.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

These vintage bedrooms combine a vintage feel with a romantic touch and a contemporary decorating style.

I personally think that, especially in historic homes like the ones in the photos, when styling a bedroom that’s furnished with vintage pieces, you best highlight the unique pieces by adding calm modern decor pieces. For this example, we’ll go with different shades of reds and beiges.

The other way around, in a new-build, thrift some eclectic vintage furniture pieces to bring that vintage look into your brand-new house’s bedroom.

Classy Red and Beige Accessories for your Vintage Bedroom

moodboard for a red and beige bedroom in french vintage style

These bedroom decor accessories will turn your vintage space into a beautiful calm and romantic bedroom.

Play with textures and fabrics in different shades of red, pink, rose and beige.

Layer throw blankets and pillows to upgrade your bedding.

Seasonally, add some real or faux flowers.

Style the bedroom with a cosy rug.

Frame your favourite botanical prints and hang them above the bed.

Incorporate some vintage decor that you find in your local thrift store.

This post showed you red and tan bedroom accessory ideas for your vintage-style bedroom.

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by Corinne

by Corinne

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