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Sneakers for every day and (almost) everything

Vessi waterproof sneakers review


Shoes that keep your feet dry every day, through snow and slush, through sweaty sun and heavy rain.

Vessis are 100% waterproof lightweight knit shoes. If we believe their home page, they are the only pair of shoes we need for daily life and to travel.


First things first: I’m a big fan!

I’m on my second pair and wear them as my favorite everyday shoes from the day my first order arrived back in the fall of 2019.


Of course, no more soaked socks sounded too good to be true. But optimistic as I am, made me buy a pair anyway. (And if they were not waterproof, at least I had knit sneakers).

❯❯ This review is based on my experience with the Vessi sneakers in the “everyday” design in black.


A new and fresh design

Vessis are definitely more than a random knit sneaker. Their design is unique, with waveforms on the sole and zig-zag laces over the instep (cityscape and everyday designs).

Why they can get so creative with their lace pattern you ask?

Because Vessis don’t need laces at all! They’re just decor.

The knit material is so stable that it provides a snug fit around your foot which feels as stable after a year of intense wear and tear as it did on the first day.

The fact that they offer a version with no laces – the slip-on design – proofs just that.


The knit material with its snug fit, paired with no hard materials (you know, that cardboard so many shoes have around the heel), makes Vessis extra comfy.

And on top, it makes them easy to pack small.

vessi everyday shoes

The big question: Are Vessi really 100% waterproof?

Short answer: Yes!

Yes, they are waterproof.

Not only water-resistant under XYZ circumstances and up to a certain point.

100% waterproof.

Yes, I not only dipped my toes into water numerous times throughout the year to test that but also wore them during countless rainy days and did not get wet socks.


BUT, full transparency: I’m on my second pair because the first one started to leak after a few months.

Since waterproofing is in the material and not the coating (which could be refreshed), it’s uttermost important that the material doesn’t get damaged. At all!

And, well … playing around the base of the office chair with my toes every day must have worn out the knit material too much so that eventually, the waterproof layer must have gotten damaged a bit. Eiter on top of my toes or where it’s glued to the sole.

Dipping toes for a few seconds I was still fine but 10min+ walking in medium to heavy rain (rain + puddles) were too much.


With pair 2 I resisted to wearing off the knit part around my toes and after a year, they are waterproof as on day 1. Even after 30 minutes of toe dipping and splash photos for this blog post 😉

So to all the dog people out there: Make sure your Vessis are always stored away safely. A bite into the knit material might be enough to break it.



Comfort 10/10

Of course, comfort is based on personal preference. But the way the material fits, with a flexible, soft heel part and a snug fit adapting to your foot shape, the design enables comfort in the best possible way.

Waterproof 10/10

Truly waterproof, as advertised!

As long as the knit material stays intact. Pay attention to not damaging or wearing out the knit material. The shoe might leak if the knit material is damaged.

vessi skyrocketing startup

Brand experience and availability 2/10

Communication, branding, and web presence are a 10/10. Sympathetic, relatable, innovative, and cool.

But Vessi suffers from their fast success and high demand:

  • They currently ship to 8 countries in North America and Asia-Pacific. Since I saw their first IG post 2 years ago, they promise to expand to other countries soon. With a global reach on social media and the hype they generate, this is not enough and unfortunately rather slow for a lifestyle brand with their potential.
    I currently get them to Switzerland over a package forwarding service.
  • Common sizes sell out all the time. Even with permanent designs, you might have to patiently wait a few weeks until they are re-stocked.
  • Limited-edition colors sell out even faster (in common sizes).

Versatility: 9/10

I wear them literally for everything, every day: In the city, in the forest, in all conditions. My favorite everyday shoes.

In snow there’s a limit (even the best sneaker can’t replace a proper winter shoe) and on hot days they get too warm. Also, in my opinion (agreeing with their FAQs), not a sports shoe – not great for jogging.

But for everyday: Unbeatable!

vessi everyday shoes on grass

Wishes for the future

The biggest and most urgent thing to get sorted for Vessi at the moment is to fully come out of the startup phase and get a truly global brand, solving above listed issues with stock and shipping.


On top, I would hope for a larger portfolio – more color options for all designs:

Since I’m a devotee for their signature designs, I wish that they evolve them as much as the weekend design (their newest design, an homage to 90ies sneakers. In my opinion, the look is too similar to knock-offs).


To see even more fun, versatile colors in the future would be nice – not only for limited editions and certain designs but on stock (for 2-3 years), for all designs.


All in all, I hope Vessi continues to do what they do so well: Providing us with cool everyday sneakers that keep our feet dry in all conditions. They are the perfect every-day shoe for rainy seasons and a great companion for travelling.

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Vessi – Sneakers for Every Day and (Almost) Everything

Apr 1, 2022 | LIFESTYLE

by Corinne

by Corinne


Vessi homepage

FYI: All products described in my Vessi articles I have bought myself.

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