Summer Color Palette Inspiration

Summer Color Palette Ideas

Soft and warm tones that perfectly capture those summer vibes

Summer color palettes bring incredible warmth and brightness to our projects. It just makes us feel happy and ready to go relax and soak up the sunshine!

Are you looking to bring some brightness into your room this summer?

On the hunt for flattering color inspiration for your wardrobe?

In need of a color palette for your social media posts in summer?


From earthy tones to soft pastels to the tried and true warm tones summer palettes – here’s the perfect inspiration for you! :

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Trendy Summer Palettes in 2023


Earth Tones


Vibrant Summer Colors


Warm Summer Color Schemes - Tride and True Summer Colors


Muted Summer Palettes


Pastel Palettes for Summer


Tropical Summer Moods


Soft and Light Summer Tones


Contrary Colors Palettes for Summer

Your Summer Palette Inspiration

Trendy Summer Palettes in 2023

Summer is the season of fun!

In 2023 summer fashion, trends are all about embracing bold and vibrant color palettes.

Colors are vibrant and contrasty; PantoneĀ features warm shades, along with different greens and blues as summer colors this year.


These color palette ideas both express the hunger in going out to explore and the trendy summer colors of 2023:

Bright Summer Day

Trendy Summer Palettes 2023 - Bright Summer Day outdoor inspired color palette

2023 Summer Palette

Trendy Summer Palettes 2023 - 2023 Summer Color Palette

Southern Heat

Trendy Summer Palettes 2023 - Muted Summer Palette

2023 Beach Vibes

Trendy Summer Palettes 2023 - 2023 Beach Vibes

Earth Tones

Earthy colors are an absolute classic when it comes to summer colors. They feel homey and spread warmth.

And the best about them: You can’t screw up your earth tones color palette!

Terracotta, mustard, skin tones, warm browns, red clay, beige, warm greys, light neutrals – combine these warm colors in any saturation and you got yourself your unique earth tones color palette.

Top it off with ethno patterns or boho elements, and you’re set for summer vibes all year round.

Desert Rose

Earth Tones Summer Color Palette - Desert Rose - feminine rose and sand tones


Earth Tones Summer Color Palette - Green blue sand summer plaette

Beach Vibes

Earth Tones Summer Color Palette - beach vibes color palette


Earth Tones Summer Color Palette - canyon inspired color palette

Cactus Dune

Earth Tones Summer Color Palette - cactus dune

Vibrant Summer Colors

These summer palettes combine warm tones with cool colors.

Red or purple, bright yellow, mixed with cool undertones like light blue, greens, and very light colors – think of that ultimate refreshing feeling when you’re dipping yourself in cold water on a hot summer day.

Vibrant Summer Tones

Vibrant Summer Colors - vibrant summer tones

Summer Sunset

Vibrant Summer Colors - summer sunset muted orange tones

Ocean Breeze

Vibrant Summer Colors - Ocean breeze pastel summer palette

Tropical Paradise

Vibrant Summer Colors - tropical paradise cold summer color palette

Girly Summer Palette

Vibrant Summer Colors - girly summer palette

Warm Summer Color Schemes – Tried and True Summer Colors

These are the true summer classics – full palettes of warm hues.

From deep dark red over pink, orange, and medium brown to shades of yellow and even pure white – warm summer tones capture the warm air and golden light of your summer evenings like no other palette.

Red Sky

warm summer color palette - red sky color scheme - warm brand colors

Summer Sun

warm summer color palette - summer sun warm pastel summer palette

Dune Sunset

warm summer color palette - dune sunset muted color palette - feminine summer brand colors

Beach Vacation

warm summer color palette - beach vacation inspired color scheme

Muted Summer Palettes

Over the past years, we’ve seen a lot more depth in summer color palettes and muted colors came into the game.

Warm tones mixed with dark blue undertones, or simply the muted version of your typical summer palette – muted colors are warm, cozy, and refreshing all at the same time.

These are a few muted palettes, inspired by true summer vibes:

Cloudy Mountains

muted summer color palette - cloudy mountains - coral and teal moody feminine color palette

Dreamy City Eve

muted summer color palette - dreamy city eve - red to blue

Rose Mountains

muted summer color palette - rose mountains - pink and beige - bright feminine color palette

Yellow Desert

muted summer color palette - sand tones and blue

Venice at Night

muted summer color palette - red to dark blue

Pastel Palettes for Summer

Light or dark pastels – these summer tones could double as a warm spring palette and give that light summer feeling.

Pastels are as flattering for fashion as they are for home decor.

For your pastel summer palette, dare to mix in dark or even light blue in a muted hue!

Dreamy Desert

pastel summer color palette - dreamy desert - light girly rose and beige palette - feminine brand color scheme

Green to Rose

pastel summer color palette - green to rose

Pastel Ocean Sky

pastel summer color palette -pastel ocean sky - pastel orange to muted blue

Tropical Summer Moods

When we think of summer palettes, warm reds, and yellows come up I’m sure. But what about a tropical rainforest? Thick, dense leaves, golden undertones, humid air, rivers, and waterfalls.

These palettes show how beautiful cool summer colors can be!

Also with these greens and blues: There are no wrong colors – just mix different shades and decide on a more bright or muted look.

Tropical Greens

tropical summer color palette - tropical bright light green

Rain Forest Dream

tropical summer color palette - rain forest dream - light green to teal

Tropical Jungle

tropical summer color palette -tropical jungle - moody green color scheme

Vibrant Cold Summer Palette

tropical summer color palette - bright green and bright blue tones

Soft and Light Summer Tones

Throw bright colors and pastels in a pot, mix them and you got some awesome soft and light summer colors.

These soft summer color palettes mix warm and airy colors with blue undertones for refreshing summer vibes.

Candy Sky

soft and light summer tones - candy sky - girly pink orange blue color palette - kids color palette

Sunrise Breeze

soft and light summer tones - light muted summer colors

Soft Desert Tones

soft and light summer tones - soft and airy desert beige and blue - boy bedroom color palette

Contrary Colors Palettes for Summer

If you’re on the search for contrary color summer tones, these color schemes are for you:

Green and orange, blue and orange – either with a medium beige and muted dark colors or in a more saturated version with warm tones – or a bright purple and green palette.

Green and Orange Summer Palette

contrary colors summer palette - green and orange summer palette

Summer Night Sky

contrary colors summer palette - summer night sky muted orange and blue color scheme

Abstract Jungle Art

contrary colors summer palette - fresh purple and green summer paleette

From warm yellows and reds to purple, green, and light blue – Those color palettes are the perfect inspiration for your summer projects.

PS: I made all the amazing inspiration illustrations with an AI art generator.

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Summer Color Palette Ideas

Mar 2, 2023 | HOME DECOR, Spring - Summer Decor

by Corinne

by Corinne

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