By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review

By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review – 100% Honest & Really Detailed

Amazingly Practical Beginner Blogging Course​

Perfecting Blogging is a beginner blogger course by Sophia Lee.

She has an extremely successful home decor blog which she grew from 0 to 100k per month in just around 5 years.


In this article, you’ll find all the needed info to make a decision if the Perfecting Blogging course is right for you.

I’m a student of Sophia’s course (as well as a few other blogging courses) so you can be sure to get the full inside scoop and a really honest opinion!

You may have come across Sophia’s videos on YouTube. She gives advice to beginner bloggers and really knows what she’s talking about.

If you want to start creating your own blog, you definitely don’t want to take years to figure things out yourself. It’s so invaluable to learn from someone who has a working system.

It will literally save you months of work!​

Spoiler alert: Perfecting Blogging is the blogging course that gave me the best return on investment AND the best overall progress.

Because it doesn’t only teach you high-level theory, but really helps you to dial in your own strategy, practically!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read the full disclosure for more information.

Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review


Who is Sophia Lee?


Perfecting Blogging By Sophia Lee course review


Who is the Perfecting Blogging course for?


What is included in Perfecting Blogging?


Tools that Perfecting Blogging teaches


What is Sophia Lee's teaching style?


How long does the Perfecting Blogging course take to complete?


How much does Perfecting Blogging cost?


How much money will you need to follow the strategies in Perfecting Blogging?


Summary: Pros and Cons of Perfecting Blogging


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Who is Sophia Lee?

Sophia is an incredibly successful blogger.

She started her blog, By Sophia Lee, in college, back in 2017.

A year later, she started to earn money from the blog. She made around 1’000$ per month in late 2018, around 10’000$ per month in 2019, and around 40’000 per month in 2020.

From there, it grew even bigger with a team, a blogging course, and other businesses, to over 100k per month.

Who is Sphia Lee from By Sophia Lee?

Image credits: By Sophia Lee

On her journey from student to interior designer, Sophia’s content evolved. She started to write mainly about decor and organization. Going from dorm room to her first apartment, to now her first house (and client house restoration projects in her interior design company), Sophia always wrote about what she knew best, and what she cared most about.

It’s amazing how quickly Sophia found success with her own strategies and the consistency she had from the very start.

The blooming blogging business has set her up for success in her professional life in so many ways.


As she emphasizes in many videos, Sophia treated her blog like a serious job right out of the gate and dedicated most of her spare time to it.

For me, Sophia is the best example that, with consistency and a dialed-in strategy, you are able to eventually establish a very good income from blogging, starting it as a side hustle.

Sophia, as a full-time student, drew inspiration from mommy bloggers who managed to earn thousands of dollars each month on their blog while having very limited time around a household and young kids.

Like those mom bloggers to her, Sophia is a role model to me.

She shows that growing a blog, even on the side of a demanding full-time job, is possible.

…If a full-time student with tons of homework can do it, I can do it too!

If you prioritize working on it in your spare time, and figure out a clear strategy. Strategy and prioritization are key here! You certainly won’t have time to do everything that the internet teaches you you could or should do to grow a blog 😛 .

Perfecting Blogging By Sophia Lee Course Review

Let’s dive into the core, the actual course review of Perfecting Blogging.

If you’re just starting your blogging journey, let me tell you that this is the BEST blogging course that you can take, in my personal opinion. It includes everything that’s relevant and is really practical so you get results without getting overwhelmed.

If you’ve started blogging and are considering taking Sophia’s course curriculum as a 2nd, 3rd, or 10th blogging course on your journey, pay close attention to the details in this review. It will hopefully help you make a decision if the course is right for you or if you have already implemented all that this course teaches.

Best beginner blogging course By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging

Who is the Perfecting Blogging Course for?

The Perfecting Blogging course is made for anyone starting a blog.

It will teach you everything you need to know to not only create a beautiful blog but to write your blog posts in a way to gets them seen (it sounds easier than it is – just think of how many results you get with one Google search and how many pictures are uploaded on platforms like Pinterest every day. You’ll need to stand out from the crowds…) and – if you want to go this route – make money from your posts.

With this course, you’ll start your blog the right way.

Which is so invaluable!

If you don’t take a solid course, you’ll piece things together from free blogging tips out there, find out that it doesn’t work as wished, and (if you don’t give up at that point) invest in a solid blogging course anyways.

Because this course is so practical, I also highly recommend it to someone who has set up their blog but hasn’t found the right system yet to drive traffic, isn’t in a seamless groove of creating content, or thinks there is a puzzle piece missing in their strategy.


Sophia doesn’t stop at general information but literally shows you all the steps and all her thinking behind creating a blog post.

This helped me to find what I could improve, bringing theoretical knowledge to practical skills.


Lastly, this course is for anyone who is in a visual niche.

Think home decor, DIY and crafts, art, etc.

So many blogging courses don’t teach you how to make things look good. In fact, I was astonished at how successful a lot of blogs are without focusing on design. BUT if you are in a visual niche, chances are high that your audience, just like you, has the expectation that things are presented in a nice and stylish way. It just belongs to the package. So if you’ve missed this part in other courses, definitely take Perfecting blogging.


In summary, this course is especially relevant for:

  • completely new bloggers
  • influencers on social media who want to level up and create a blog on top of social media
  • bloggers who struggle with finding a formula (strategy) that works, who don’t have a lot of views or no clear strategy yet
  • bloggers who are looking to monetize their blogs, especially with affiliate marketing
  • anyone in a visual niche
BLS Perfecting Blogging Pro and Contra

What is included in Perfecting Blogging?

Almost all the chapters in this course are video lessons, along with notes or transcripts. You will also get printable worksheets that make your process a lot easier in the beginning.

Introduction Chapters

Already in the first two chapters Sophia cuts the fluff and gets straight to the point.

You are given a good overview of what the course is about, what to expect, and how you should work yourself through it.

And what I love: She covers some of the most important strategy topics right at the beginning.

That way you will not follow along with an uncompetitive idea (for example about your niche) only to find out later in the course that your choice was not such a good idea.

The main topics covered:

  • Introduction to Sophia Lee’s course and herself
  • How to access the private Facebook group
  • Big picture strategy
  • The 2 most important things to keep in mind when starting your blog
By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review-introduction chapters

Setting Up a WordPress Website And Design Your Blog

The next chapter goes over how to set up your own website.

It covers your blogging strategy as well as the design of your blog overall.

The details that are not covered here are how to set up your host and install WordPress click by click but that’s things that you better Google anyways, to be sure to have the exact information relevant for your chosen products (there are tons of free tutorials out on YouTube).

Some of the most important topics covered in this chapter:

  • Naming of your website
  • How to make your blog look good
  • What to look out for when getting a website theme so that you don’t unintentionally limit your design options
  • How to make your own graphics in Canva
  • Other branding basics (where to get fonts and images)
  • Which pages you need on your blog as a beginner blogger
  • What to spend time on and what is not worth your time in the beginning
By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review-how to set up a website

Content Planning and Keyword Research

This section is all about planning out your content which is so important to get blog traffic on every platform.

You will learn how to research topics to write about and how important using the right keywords is.

These lessons are full of technical SEO and online marketing strategy but Sophia broke it down so extremely easy to understand and actionable.

Sophia also explains which types of posts she writes and pretty much gives us her blog post templates by commenting on her own posts in detail.

That’s why Sophia Lee’s courses are so extremely valuable! While so many bloggers would stay vague, she goes into all detail, explaining the full strategy behind every decision.

What is included:

  • How to come up with blog post ideas
  • Content planning and content calendar
  • Content planning strategies
  • Keyword research (Google SEO – search engine optimization)
  • How to write for the reader
  • Post structure for the 3 types of blog posts Sophia writes
  • Content creation and content update strategy
  • Worksheet templates (printable PDFs)
By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review-content planning and keyword research

How to Write a Blog Post

This section is all about the details of writing blog posts.

It’s filled with strategy and over-the-shoulder videos that take you along the process.

Some of the best blogging resources and tips you can get as a beginner!

This chapter covers:

  • Plugins and other tools Sophia uses to write blog posts
  • How exactly to title your posts, including Sophia’s title formula
  • Where to include keywords in your post (= on-page SEO)
  • Multiple lessons on how exactly to write your posts
  • Printable blog post checklist (PDF)
By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review-how to write good content

Affiliate Marketing

Once you understand the basics, it’s time to learn how to make money from your blog.

This chapter goes into monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing and ads.

From joining your first affiliate program to advanced tactics.

Sophia’s blog is highly profitable and the big junk of her blogging income comes through affiliate marketing. She includes quite a lot of products in her posts and on social media but her audience always asks for more details and for her links  – she masters being very effective without being salesy at all.

So you definitely learn from the queen of affiliate marketing here!

Main topics:

  • How to make money blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads and ad networks
  • Affiliate marketing strategies (where and how to include affiliate products on your blog)
By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review-how to monetize your blog

Worksheets and Printables and Bonus Section

The worksheet section is a fast access to all the printable worksheets spread over the online course.


The last section – quite a large bonus chapter – covers all the frequently asked questions that Sophia and her team got from the blogging course students. They are add-ons to the lessons in this course and some are all-new topics, like business management and social media.


Some of the topics covered here:

  • All WordPress plugins that Sophia uses on her blog
  • More strategies on how to rank on Google
  • How to read your stats in Google Analytics
  • How to deal with negative comments
  • Mindset to navigate algorithm changes
  • How to stay motivated
  • Backend organization
  • Social media strategy
  • Making money with digital products
  • How to grow your blog into a real business
  • Hiring team members
By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review-printable worksheets

Tools that Perfecting Blogging Teaches:

Because Sophia started her blog as a broke college student, most of the tools that she recommends to use are free or very affordable.

Here is a list of the tools she recommends and teaches how to use in the course:

  • Hosting: Bluehost (starting at 3$ per month)
  • Web content management: WordPress (free)
  • WordPress Theme: Amelia theme by 17th Avenue Designs (59$, at time of writing this article)
  • Graphics: Canva (free)
  • Keyword research: Google Trends, Pinterest (free)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics (free)
  • Driving traffic: Pinterest (all organic = free)

What is Sophia Lee’s Teaching Style?

The course is based on video lessons. The main parts of the videos are talking-head (just like on Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging YouTube channel).

The Perfecting Blogging course is giving you an over-the-shoulder look at all parts of content creation – from keyword research to writing and publishing blog posts and Pinterest pins. All those parts are screen captures with Sophia explaining everything in real-time.

Throughout the whole course, Sophia builds the same example blog (one in a different niche than her own blog) so every practical over-the-shoulder lesson is working on a part of the example blog.

Sophia’s teaching style is really straightforward:

  • Her explanations of dry theory are super easy to understand. You truly see that she has taken many courses, studied the topic well, and speaks from experience
  • She is very honest and transparent, sharing a lot of her own thinking, considerations, and struggles along the way
  • Sophia’s course is completely fluff-free, offering valuable detailed content and – most important – Strategy
  • The course is very practical, giving you not only theory but applying everything directly to practice
By Sophia Lee - Perfecting Blogging Review

How Long Does the Perfecting Blogging Course Take to Complete?

From a technical point of view, Perfecting Blogging’s course curriculum has a total video length of 4+ hours and a few written lessons.

From a practical point of view, it will take you a lot longer than half a day to go through the content in a serious way, for all Sophia Lee courses by the way.

For me, it took a good month of learning a few lessons, taking detailed notes, and then learning to apply the theory to my own content. *Keep in mind that I already had my blog running so I only had to pay attention to the details in the section teaching you how to build a blog and did not have to figure things out building from scratch (which is the most time-consuming part of starting a blog).

If you are a brand new blogger, I would calculate 1 to 4 months, depending on how much time you can invest in implementing the learned and how long it takes you to find your zone of genius (your blog’s niche and content pillars).


I highly recommend not rushing through the lessons because you can’t possibly comprehend the details if you’re not working on your blog in parallel; in theory, things often sound easy, mastering all in practice is a lot harder though.

If you love to learn or want to know things ahead of time to get the full picture, consider going through the course twice:

  • Once to learn everything and to take notes.
  • The second time to apply things in real time and to complement your notes with your own experiences.

I’ve heard from many blogging students in blogging Facebook groups who did this and they liked this approach a lot because it gave both, the big picture understanding and perfect guidance to implement everything.

How Much Does Perfecting Blogging Cost?

Perfecting Blogging Course Price

Perfecting blogging costs 247 $ (as of Nov. 2023) which is more than fair.

While comparable online courses might have more content, Perfecting Blogging doesn’t only give you the theory and instructions BUT ALSO the strategies and the nitty-gritty details of how to exactly apply those strategies in your content creation game.

For me, this made all the difference and is the reason why this course was an absolute game-changer.


On top of the high-quality content, Perfecting Blogging includes the standard that other good blogging courses offer:

  • video lessons you can take at your own pace
  • lifetime access
  • free updates
  • a private Facebook group where you can connect with other bloggers

If you’re a completely new blogger or someone with a bit of experience but haven’t cracked the nut yet in terms of writing, ranking on Google, or attracting an audience, this course will be invaluable for you.

What’s next after Sophia Lee’s Perfecting Blogging Course?

To build a successful blog from the ground up (from not a single blog post to a seasoned pro in the blogging world), you will most probably need Pinterest or E-Mail, most likely both, too.

Further down in this course review, you’ll find details about Sophia’s courses on Pinterest and email marketing and a link to buy all the courses in a bundle.

How Much Money Will You Need to Follow the Strategies in Perfecting Blogging?

As mentioned under tools, this course teaches you how to create a high-quality blog without a big investment.

Sophia was on a tight student budget when she started out so all she recommends is extremely budget conscious.

You will have one or two small investments for your website – for example, a hosting plan, possibly a WordPress theme (if you choose to go for a paid one; Sophia also shares free alternatives), and some legal templates (to make sure you’re blogging legally) – and for the rest you will get away with free tools, at least in the beginning few years.

I love that Sophia is not recommending a ton of fancy tools that are expensive. She doesn’t even take her own pictures which saves you the investment into camera equipment or lots of products (she shows you how you can write about products without buying everything). The only things she recommends investing in are hosting, the WordPress template, and courses to learn how to blog (her largest upfront investment actually was on courses).

Her philosophy is that you should start on a minimum budget. Later, when you have figured out how to blog and decided you stick with it, you can add paid tools and equipment as you need. But by that time you will have affiliate income so the blog should pretty much finance itself.


I did not take another blogging course that teaches all the strategies with so little investment.

And I really like Sophia’s mindset of proving the concept on a minimal budget before investing a lot. That’s why this is definitely the number 1 course if you’re on a budget.

Perfecting Blogging Summary: Pros and Cons of Perfecting Blogging

These are the good and the bad sides of the Perfecting Blogging course:

What is missing in Perfecting Blogging?

Disadvantages of the Perfecting Blogging course:

1 | If you want click-by-click instructions for literally every detail of the process of building your WordPress blog, you want to look into other courses. But know that everything that’s not covered can be easily googled and Sophia covers a lot more valuable topics (detailed strategies) that are NOT covered that way in other bloggers’ courses

2 | If you’re looking for a lot of background theory (for example on technical SEO), this course will not be for you. Sophia summarizes all the technical stuff and focuses to teach the practical side.

3 | While Sophia mentions how to make sure you’re blogging legally, she’s not a lawyer (not allowed to give legal advice) so you will need to research the legal side on the side of this course (there are great resources mentioned though)

4 | Not really a disadvantage but something to keep in mind: You will need follow-up courses, for example on Pinterest, E-Mail marketing, or social media.

What is the Perfecting Blogging Course especially good at?

Advantages of Perfecting Blogging by Sophia Lee:

1 | This course takes you from having no idea about blogging to a high-quality successful blog

2 | Shows you how to create a good-looking blog (important in a visual niche!)

3 | Teaches how to start making money blogging (with affiliate marketing and ads)

4 | You can start on a budget

5 | Sophia’s strategies will work to blog as a side hustle (on top of school, a full-time job, kids, or whatever else is going on in your life)

6 | Easy to understand and easy to implement

7 | All of Sophia’s courses are really straight-forward, zero-fluff teaching style

8 | Condensed knowledge: Sophia went through many blogging courses and in hers, she teaches exactly what she has implemented on her own blog and how she did that

9 | Detailed blogging strategy

10 | Sophia’s blogging course shows you exactly how to do things and her thinking process behind everything

11 | Worksheets and templates

12 | Perfecting Blogging Facebook group community who can help answer questions

13 | As every Sophia Lee course review out there shows: People get results with this online course!

14 | Strategies and suggestions are carefully tested and proven to work …the best anti-algorithm-panic pill!

15 | Sophia regularly updates the course (until now, at least every year)

By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging course

Image credits: By Sophia Lee

More By Sophia Lee Blogging Courses

To create an amazing blog, you will need to look into other platforms eventually.

After the Perfecting Blogging master course (the main part and foundation for everything), there are other online courses you will need. If you’re serious with your blogging idea, you might want to start with the whole bundle right at the beginning, in order to save money, so read until the end to get the best deal!

Perfecting Pinterest

Learn How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog With Pinterest

If you are starting fresh and don’t have a following on social media, you will probably want to have the Pinterest course too.

Pinterest is the best and quickest platform to get your initial traffic from.

Especially in a visual niche, Pinterest is a great place where you can share content related to your blog posts and then link to your posts, as a strategy to get visitors to your blog.

Perfecting Pinterest goes into the deep details of your Pinterest strategy.

It teaches you everything you need to know about designing pins that people will love, when and how to post them (keyword and SEO strategies, scheduling strategies, and a lot more), and what else to do or not do on Pinterest.

Because Pinterest is such a popular platform for bloggers, there is tons of advice out there in the blogging community which is not always helpful. Some of the tactics are totally outdated, and others will just not work or are not good advice for long-term success. In this course, Sophia teaches you everything that works for her so that you can skip the confusion and implement a trusted strategy.

You can buy the Perfecting Pinterest course separately but I highly recommend that you invest in one of the bundles to save money!

By Sophia Lee Perfecting Pinterest course

Image credits: By Sophia Lee

Beginner’s Blogging Bundle

Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Pinterest

The Beginner Bloggers Bundle includes the blogging course and the Pinterest course.

This bundle will be exactly what most beginner bloggers need to start out and get their blog from an idea to a profitable blog.

By Sophia Lee Beginner's Blogging Bundle

Image credits of the images in this collage: By Sophia Lee

Perfecting Email

Once things start working with your blog, you will need to look into email marketing.

With email marketing, you are adding a great way of keeping in touch with your readers.

Also, it’s the way you get your printables delivered to your readers (a strategy that Sophia teaches in the Perfecting Blogging course.

Perfecting E-Mail goes into the depths of your email marketing strategy and offers you tons of value.

By Sophia Lee Perfecting E-Mail course

Image credits: By Sophia Lee

The Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle

Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Pinterest + Perfecting E-Mail

The Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle – That’s the bundle offer with all the Sophia Lee courses in one.

Pro tip: Invest in the full bundle right from the start to get a reduced price compared to buying the separate courses (you’ll save around 20% compared to buying all 3 courses separately).

By Sophia Lee The Ultimate BSL Blogging Bundle

Image credits of the images in this collage: By Sophia Lee

Psst: You want to invest fast! While I saw the price of the single courses go up in the past months, the price of the bundle has stayed the same. But I guess it’s only a matter of a few weeks or months before this price rises too so be fast to get the best price!

This was my super honest By Sophia Lee Blogging Course Review. Have fun blogging – wherever you are in your blogging journey!

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That’s my article introducing and comparing 3 blogging courses for beginner bloggers – Perfecting Blogging and two others.

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Sophia’s YouTube channel is so helpful and a great sneak peek into her courses:

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