Modern Scandinavian Christmas Home Decor Inspiration for Living Room

Modern Scandinavian Christmas Home Decor for Living Room

Beautiful Advent Decor in the Natural Nordic Style

It’s that time of the year again!

Christmas season is just around the corner.

There’s something truly enchanting about this time of year, isn’t there? The twinkling lights, the cozy gatherings around a roaring fire, and of course, the fantastic decorations!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll keep the baroquesque grand gilding, the glossy colorful decorations, and most of the glitter out of the house and go for more natural elements, with an accent sparkle here and there. We’re talking about embracing the simple natural, the elegant modern, and the oh-so-inviting warm accents of natural light.

I love how the Scandinavian-style Christmas decor is both so classy and natural at the same time! It’s where tradition meets modern aesthetics, and the result is pure holiday charme.

Just the perfect mix for a cozy living space during the holidays.

This article highlights a few Christmas home decor ideas in a rather neutral palette that feels festive yet natural and cozy.



Paper Stars for the Holiday Season


Advent Wreath Ideas


Stocking & Advent Calendar Inspiration


Christmas Tree Alternative


Must-Have Hangers for Christmas Tree

Paper Stars for the Holiday Season

Neutral Living Room Window Decor

neutral reduced chrismas window decor

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturers: House Doctor, Broste Copenhagen

Foldable paper stars are one of my all-time favorite decor items during the holiday season and in winter in general.

They are a warm welcome to the house, just plain, or enlightened with twinkle lights around. I love the patterns and textures, especially the ones shown here – in natural paper and wood.


Décor tip: Put them up on your windows, hang a group of stars into a corner in your house, on a plain wall, or on your front door. The subtle touches will not feel too styled but spread this beautiful warmth around your home.

4 stars to decorate your window for the holiday season

Paper Stars for your Winter Windows

1 | Clip Star 60cm white, by House Doctor

2 | Capella Paper poinsettia, 70cm natural, by House Doctor

3 | Venok Decoration Star 70cm Funghi, by Broste Copenhagen

4 | Venus Star Pendant, by Broste Copenhagen

Advent Wreath Ideas

Traditional Living Room Christmas Home Decor

Traditional Living Room Christmas Decor advent wreath

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturers: Kähler Design, House Doctor, Yunic, Philippi, Design Letters

An advent wreath is such a beautiful item that not only makes a stunning centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table but also invites the family to gather for a moment every night and be present. A welcome slow-down during this season when life often feels so hectic and stressful.

The hand-picked advent wreaths are basic, with clean lines. Leave them as they are for a super reduced modern look, or add some fresh greenery, pine cones, a few beautiful baubles, and little decor pieces to the neutral base, for more texture and a more traditional living room look and feel.

Modern Scandinavian Advent Wreath ideas

Photo credits:

1 | Nobili Advent Candle Holder, by Kähler Design 

2 | The Ring Candle Holder, by House Doctor

3 | 4 Flames Candlestick, by Yunic 

4 | Cubo Teapot Warmer, by Philippi 

5 | AJ Mini Mug Set, by Design Letters


If you’re on the hunt for the perfect candles and tealight holders to top your advent wreath or Christmas table, look at this article:

045 | Candles - Top Favorite Winter Home Decor Essential

Stocking &  Advent Calendar Inspiration

That goes beautifully with a Scandinavian Interior Design Style

graphical stocking and advent calendar ideas in a reduced minimal style

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturers: Broste Copenhagen, Liewood, House Doctor

An advent calendar in the living rooms corner and stocking on your mantel are the ultimate signs that Christmas is just around the corner.

I’ve found some beautiful ones if you love the modern, graphic style and nice textures!

Modern Nordic Stocking &  Advent Calendar ideas

1 | Karla Advent Calendar, by Broste Copenhagen

2 | Karla Christmas Stocking, by Broste Copenhagen

3 | Basil Christmas Sock, by Liewood

4 | Noel Christmas Stocking, by House Doctor

Christmas Tree Alternative

For a Small Apartment

If you have a small apartment or are just not a fan of Christmas trees, skip the stress of buying a real tree, save the space in your cellar for a fake tree, and simply go with a Christmas tree alternative.

We’ve seen them trending over the past years and you can get them in every material and shape.

This one’s on the smaller side and makes for a great focus piece on a large coffee table, next to your fireplace, or on a sideboard in your living room. I love how you can decorate it with tea-light candles and bring in some warm natural light at night!

Small Christmas tree alternative

Photo credits: | Manufacturer: Raumgestalt

1 | Tree Set, by Raumgestalt

Must-Have Hangers for Christmas Tree

Beautiful Natural Christmas Ornaments

beautiful wooden christmas tree ornaments in a natural style

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturers: Rosendahl, Architectmade, Remember

There are just sooo many ornaments for Christmas trees and buying new ones every year can get out of hand quickly (where in the world do you store all those baubles year round?!?).

This selection, except for the foldable honeycomb baubles, is made from wood. Those ornaments in natural materials are classy and timeless and can be combined with whatever ornament selection you might already have at home.

I’m sure with these, not only your christmas tree, but also your table, bookshelf, garland, and front door are well decorated.

Modern Scandinavian Style Wood Hangers for Christmas Tree

Karen Blixens Christmas Nordic Tales Trailer – Rosendahl

1 | Sparrow

2 | Acorn

3 | Owl

Jul Christmas Tree Decorations in Oak, by Architectmade

4 | Heart, set of 3

5 | Fir tree, set of 3

6 | Christmas Tree Decorations, by Remember

This article was all about Scandinavian design Christmas home decor in natural and muted tones. Have fun decorating during this year’s holiday season!

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Modern Scandinavian Christmas Home Decor for Living Room [2023]

Oct 10, 2023 | HOME DECOR, Autumn - Winter Decor

by Corinne

by Corinne

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