Red and Tan Bedroom - Vibrant Accents

Red and Tan Bedroom – Vibrant Accents

Get ideas on how to style your bedroom in red and tan this year!

The combination of red and tan is trending right now.

The duo is a rather bold choice for bedroom decor. But with the maximalist style on the rise, it’s time to make some fun and bold decisions for our home decor!

3 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Style Red and Tan Accessories in Your Master Bedroom:

inspiration board for red and tan bedroom

1 Go for Muted Colours

Full bright red can be overwhelming quite fast.

While red can be associated with warmth, love, and confidence, the colour red can also trigger some negative emotions like aggression, anger and stress. Other connotations, like energy and drive, are not bad objectively, but they are simply not the right emotions you want to trigger when you enter your master bedroom and wind down at the end of a busy day.

Avoid bright red – the primary colour we know from street signals and toys!

To style your bedroom in warm colours in a balanced and inviting way that calms you down, go for more warm neutrals and muted reds:

Think of terracotta and earth tones, dusky pinks, and more neutral colours like beige tones.

Tan, or beige, is the perfect secondary colour for a red bedroom because it’s a calm and neutral colour.

In combination with red, tones in beige, sand, ivory, and linen, you can perfectly balance out your red statement pieces, while you keep your space in an all-warm colour scheme.

2 Style With Accessories

When you search for red bedroom ideas on Pinterest, you’re bombarded with inspo images that feature solid colours. Stark colours, fully red rooms, a red accent wall, or dark red curtains. That’s a bold accent!

If you don’t want to make such a permanent decision or are not allowed to paint your walls, go for accessories.

The bedroom is a perfect room where you can have your permanent furniture in neutral tones and then add fun decor items in bold colours and distinct styles for a few years or a single season.

That gives you a versatile colour scheme to play with and you don’t have to paint an accent wall or the entire room.

Decorate your bedroom with red and tan linens, pillows and throws, add some printable wall art to your walls, put fun accessories on your nightstand, or display your red clothes and accessories on an open rack for some extra accent colour.

3 Stay within a certain style

When you’re styling rooms by a colour theme, you’ll find all kinds of products in home decor shops.

It might be tempting to just buy anything that comes in your selected colours.


But wait a second!

Choose a certain style on top of your colours for the best results.

This will make it so much easier to get a really cool designed room, instead of a “nice try” mix.


For a red and tan bedroom, these styles could work perfectly:

Red and Tan Bedroom Decorating Ideas in Different Home Decor Styles

The tone-in-tone concept of red and beige is so incredibly versatile!

Muted red walls make a room feel warm and inviting, and tone-in-tone accent colours in different shades on accessories like throw pillows are a great way to fully embrace the warm tones.

Try combining the red and tan colour scheme with one of these 4 home decor styles:

Modern Minimal

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Colour ideas for a modern minimal red and tan bedroom:

  • Nudes and a splash of earthy red tones
  • modern minimal room in mainly white, black and nude tones
  • neutral tones for the large bedroom furniture pieces
  • red pieces styled with contemporary art in black and white
  • light beige walls
    Red and Tan Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas for Red Wall

    Styling ideas for a modern minimal bedroom:

    • Paint your walls: Muted red hues make great accent walls
    • Use light-coloured wood and other natural materials
    • Keep the big furniture pieces white or neutral
    • Use light and lamps as decorating items
    • Add some fun abstract artwork

    Romantic Vintage

    French vintage style bedroom decor in red and beige

    Colour inspiration for a romantic vintage bedroom in red and beige:

    • Dusky pink tones, and red details mixed with a neutral white  (white sheets and white bedroom walls are a perfect combination for the red decor elements)
    • bright and dark red accents
    • Twinkle lights and candles, to add some extra warm hues at night
    • Dark brown tones for the big furniture pieces
      Romantic Vintage Red and Tan Bedroom

      Styling ideas for the romantic vintage interior design style:

      • mix French vintage furniture pieces, a popular choice for the romantic vintage look, with some new modern decor pieces
      • add some beautiful textured day blankets and throws to your white bedding
      • use floral designs on textiles, artwork, or on the feature wall


        boho home decor style ideas for bedroom

        Ideas on colours and patterns for a red and tan boho bedroom:

        • A range of muted lighter red tones that go into terracotta orange and yellow hues are the best colours for this look!
        • creamy whites
        • geometric patterns on pillows, throws, and rugs
          Terracotta boho bedroom

          Styling ideas for a bohemian bedroom:

          • get accessories in natural materials (wall decor, woven baskets, bamboo furniture, pampas grass)
          • decorate the space with hanging plants in macrame hangers
          • Layer your favourite boho artwork – there are more than plenty of printable art options on Etsy!


            geometric western home decor ideas

            Patterns and textures that fit an ethno style bedroom in a red, black, white, natural colour scheme:

            • Dark red rugs
            • geometric patterns on decorative pillows and throws with a great mix of different colors
            • natural linen textures
            • brown tones in leather and wood
            • Balance with a light blue accent colour
              ethno western style bedroom decor inspo

              Styling ideas for Ethno home decor:

              • An oriental rug is a must for all ethno style bedrooms!
              • Assemble an eclectic mix of vintage and industrial or boho furniture
              • Decorate with a mix of natural materials (leather, wood, marble, metal, …)
              • find a fiddle leaf tree or cactus and get a huge, beautifully patterned pot or basket
              • Leave the window without curtains
              • Play with wild patterns on pillows and throws on the bed
              • Get some Western style art or wall rugs onto white walls

                This post gave you ideas on how to use a red and tan colour scheme for your master bedroom.

                Go to the individual posts to get the full list of decor pieces!