Stunning Postcard Frames Ideas

5 Stunning Ideas for Postcard Frames

How to Frame a Postcard – Budget-friendly Inspirations

Looking for a way to display your favorite postcards in a cool way?

Too many times we get postcards from family and friends, or buy our own ones on travels and in museums and then don’t do anything with them.

I totally agree that sticking them to the fridge is not the most beautiful way to display them. You can make your postcards look a lot more fancy if you treat them like photos or paintings.

Like art, your notes from loved ones, memories from past trips, and quotes you love tell a story and make your home feel more lively and personal and will add tons of character.


So let’s grab that stack of postcards in your junk drawer and get inspired with new ways to highlight the beauty of each card and turn your cards into wall art.


I’m sure there is something for every home decor style and every type of space. You might just need to get a little creative and make the ideas work for yourself.

Postcard Frames


How to Decorate With Postcards


Postcards in Picture Frames


Postcard Picture Frame


Postcards Collage in a Picture Frame


Cheap and Easy DIY Postcards Display Ideas 4


Simple Wooden Postcard Display (DIY)


DIY Chicken Wire Postcard Display


Postcards Chain With Paper Clips

How to Decorate With Postcards

The best way to showcase your cards is to treat them like photos or art pieces.

Framing them or hanging them on the wall like paintings adds so much appreciation to the single pieces and totally elevates them.

I love how you can mix and match postcards with different styles or even with photos and other art pieces.

They will be a nice addition to every space – whether it’s the kitchen, your desk, a hallway, or even your living room. Just experiment which of the shown options is working best in each room in your home.

How to Frame a Postcard

Postcards in Picture Frames

Picture frames are the most classic way to frame anything – from art pieces over printables and photos to postcards.

Picture frames are the perfect way to make your pieces look sophisticated and legit.

And the cool thing when framing postcards: You don’t need a picture frame where your cards exactly fit. You can tape them to a background paper and make any size frame working with your photos or postcards.

Postcard Picture Frame

If you have a single postcard to display, you’re going to look for a smaller size picture frame.

You’ll want to make sure that the picture frame is large enough for your postcard and not way too big. But it’s okay if the frame isn’t exactly the size of your card – you can make it look fitting with a background paper or a mat (the ultimate way to make your framed art look expensive).

postcard frame
Color-wise, you can never go wrong with a black frame. If you want to play a little more, try to pick up the color scheme of the postcard, go for metal colors (gold is classy and timeless), or go minimal with a white frame.
postcard in frame

Postcards Collage in a Picture Frame

If you have a group of postcards that you would like to frame, think of making a collage.

It’s a great way to capture your travels, a phase of your life, photos of your wedding, or inspirational quotes.

Simply find a frame that’s large enough for all the postcards in a collage and create your version of a gallery wall.

I personally don’t like the types of frames that already pre-define the collage layout (those that look like a collage of single picture frames) and rather work within a larger frame.

postcard collage in frame
Tip: It helps to bring your postcards to the store and roughly lay them out to better estimate if the frame fits your vision. Or if you shop online, measure a square in the exact display size of the frame on your table or floor and lay the postcards out this way.


How do you arrange your postcards?

Try to arrange your postcards in a gallery grid, overlapping, or without a pattern. Let your creativity flow!

making of postcard collage

Cheap and Easy DIY Postcards Display Ideas

Now let’s get to the more budget-friendly ways to display postcards.

These ideas will need just a little bit of DIY but they’re incredibly easy to make and will be giving your home this custom look and feel that you are looking to create.

To be honest, these ideas were born spontaneously over the past years, whenever I wanted to display photos or postcards. Instead of going out to buy another picture frame, I’ve created something with what I’ve found in my house and it worked perfectly.

Simple Wooden Postcard Display DIY

This is such an easy DIY that will bring lots of texture to your gallery wall:

Take a wooden board and pin your postcards to it.

When selecting the board you want to make sure that you go for rather soft wood – basically you want to check if you can get pins into the board (hard wood types and knotholes make it harder). Further, you want to cut the board to the right size, if it doesn’t already come in the perfect size.

postcard pinned to wood
For the postcard display shown in the photo, I used a board from an old shelf.

If you don’t have old boards lying around, you could thrift some or ask for offcuts at your local hardware store with cut-to-size service.

Wood is such an amazingly stable ground – just like a picture frame – that you can easily lean against the wall, on a photo ledge, or dresser.

postcard upcycle idea

DIY Chicken Wire Postcard Display

Another fun way to display photos or postcards is with this fun and unique postcard display from wire – chicken wire or hardware cloth.

You only cut the grid to size, and you have the perfect ground to showcase your postcards in no time.

modern postcard display in metal
Get the full step by step guide here:
040 | Stunning DIY Postcard Display for the Modern Home XS
This display is rather unique and will blend so well with a modern home decor style or an industrial home design style.


Tip: Put it on a book shelf, photo ledge, dresser, or sideboard, leaned against the wall.

postcard grid idea with hardware cloth

Postcards Chain With Paper Clips

Last but not least the fastest, easiest and most budget-friendly way to display postcards on a wall:

Clip some black paper clips to your postcards and hang them on the wall on a small nail.

postcard clip hanger idea
If you have more than one postcard, you can create a chain. I used holiday ornament hooks but basic paper clips, thin wires or threads will work as well.

I love how you can evolve, change and expand your postcard collection and the way you display it over time so easily with this approach – with minimal damage to your walls. Your chains get longer and if you want to go full out, create chains that go from ceiling to floor.

how to hang postcards easy and fast

I hope you got inspired by these options on how to showcase your postcards and have found the perfect way to turn your own postcards into wall art.

postcard display inspo
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5 Stunning Ideas for Postcard Frames

Oct 15, 2023 | HOME DECOR, DIY & Guides

by Corinne

by Corinne

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