Stunning Red and Tan Minimal Modern Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Stunning Red and Tan Minimal Modern Bedroom Decor Inspiration

How to style a red and tan bedroom with clean minimal furniture:

The popular modern minimal style goes so well with beige and white colors. The tan tones give a calm look a bit of warmth but keep it minimal and neutral at the same time.

Muted light red tones – or darker tones that go into browns – will be a perfect addition to add some contrast to your room.

Pair some red accessories with beige walls (or white walls with beige furniture) and natural elements which will create depth and warmth in the room, while keeping a soft overall atmosphere.

Muted red and tan is such a beautiful pairing for a clean, modern minimal bedroom with clean lines!

Get inspired by these bedroom decor ideas and enhance your space with some new accessories:

Inspiration: Red and Tan Modern Bedroom Ideas

Style board red and beige bedroom decor
You’ll see in those pictures that the biggest statement piece in those rooms is the accent wall: Beige walls, muted light red walls, or a cream color. These tones are creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

But even if you can’t or don’t want to paint your walls, you can create the same type of atmosphere with a few more accessories in beige and red colors.

The general rule to meek that minimalism look:

If you paint your walls, go light with additional decor pieces in the same color. Rather go for white and cream colors for your bedding for example, with only a few additional pieces in red or beige, on the bed or around the headboard.

If you keep your walls white, go all in with beige and red accessories, to create the same sense of warmth in the room. Also choose light colored wood furniture (oak is perfect) to avoid a sterile look and add some texture.

Red and Tan Bedroom: Shop the Look

Modern Minimal Bedroom Decor for White Walls

Red and Tan Modern Bedroom Furniture for White Wall
The blankets and pillows make the bed a cosy place, the classic oak furniture balances out the cool wall color, and the decor pieces in bright rust turn a boring clean room into a relaxation oasis.

Modern Minimal Bedroom Decor for Red or Beige Walls

Red and Tan Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas for Red Wall
The textures of the wool carpet and the bed throw add some natural elements, the artwork with simple black lines embrace the clean look, and the brass detail on the night stand lamp gives a subtle feeling of luxury.


PS: If your walls are beige, mix and match the items in the lists above and below for a fun mix.

This post was all about Red and Tan bedroom decor ideas.

Have fun styling your minimal style bedroom in warm shades!

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by Corinne

by Corinne

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