Cozy Boho Bedroom Decor – 15 Amazing Furniture & Decor Pieces

Cozy Boho Bedroom Decor – 15 Amazing Furniture & Decor Pieces [Re-create That Boho Vibe]

Bright And Airy Modern Bohemian Bedroom

Boho is such a fun style for a bedroom!

The style uses eclectic elements and is a mix and match of different patterns, textures, and materials.

These elements make a room cozy.

And that’s exactly what we want in a bedroom.


Most typically, boho comes in beiges and earth tones. But this room shows that boho can work just as well with cooler grey and white tones and a touch of dusky pink (and the pink is not a must here – exchange it for any other color you like).

The boho decor pieces in this room are mixed with classic modern furniture – pieces you might already have at home (for example a plain white IKEA PAX).

Full Boho Bedroom Tour

If you want to have a closer look at this bedroom, there is a full room tour article:

Bohemian modern scandinavian bedroom inspiration and tips

And here you can find all the furniture and decor products to re-create a similar room:

Modern Boho Bedroom Decor Pieces


DIY closet with photo wallpaper


Wall Art: Boho Style Carved Wood Panel


Oriental Metal Lamp


Nightstand: Hocus Pocus Concrete Side Table


Classic Modern and Timeless Picture Frame, Mirror, and Curtains


Modern Boho Rugs


Driftwood Jewelry Hangers


Tumbler Alarm Clock


Decor: Flower Paperweight

Boho Bedroom Ideas

When you see the bedroom through the open door, the element that greets you and pulls you in is the oversized dusky pink watercolor stains on the back wall of the room.

It’s a photo wallpaper that’s covering the closet.

Focal Point: DIY With Watercolor Wallpaper

DIY photo wallpaper wall (custom closet upcycle idea)

Basic Closet (perfect to DIY) – IKEA PAX System by IKEA

Closets can get really expensive really fast. Especially if you want to have nice finishes.

Because this is a single apartment, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. But I still wanted something beautiful and cozy.

That’s why I went for the IKEA PAX system with the cheapest doors. They are just plain white and the perfect ground to DIY with wallpaper.

Watercolor Photo Wallpaper – Dusky Pink Watercolor Wallpaper by Mural on Hovia

For a custom touch to the closet and the headboard of the bed, I chose a photo wallpaper in watercolor optics. The oversized watercolor breaks up the clean lines and adds lots of texture to the room (or at least the illusion).

That’s the exact wallpaper I got: Dusky Pink Watercolor Wallpaper by Mural on Hovia.

I love how the closet and bed better appear like they were made to fit together with this trick, even though they weren’t.

Typical Boho Decor Elements

The two main elements that make the room decor boho style are the wall panel art piece over the bed and the oriental metal lamp.

boho chic bedroom inspiration

Boho Style Carved Wood Panel

A whitewashed carved wood panel is a staple piece for the bohemian decor style. Their ornaments are so beautiful to look at and the hand-carved look adds tons of texture and personality to the room.

I couldn’t find the exact wall panel I got for this room. But if you search “carved boho wall panel white” on Google, you will find similar ones.

Before you buy, make sure the size is correct (sometimes, panels look a lot smaller or bigger on the online shop picture than they actually are so have a look at the measurements in the product details).

Also, check if your wall can carry the weight – a thick piece of wood in the size you see in the picture is quite heavy. It might be too heavy for a plaster wall, so check the material of your wall and the weight of the panel.

Oriental Metal Lamp

This lamp is just so beautiful!

It casts the lace-like pattern of the small holes onto the walls and ceiling and totally transforms the room at night.

So calming to look at – looking at the ceiling at night is one of my favorite ways to calm down and get mentally ready to sleep.

You will find lamps similar to this in a local oriental lamp shop near you (that’s how I got mine) or search for it on Etsy. There are plenty of resellers for every region in the world; I will link 2 examples:

boho interior design accessoires

Modern Decor Elements That Fit a Boho Room

modern fluent side table from concrete - grey boho decor

Concrete Table as Nightstand – Hocus Pocus Table by Eternit

Another fun and individual element is the nightstand.

Believe it or not – it’s made from one concrete sheet!

…Yes, that grey texture that looks like fabric is concrete. The material is called Eternit fiber cement and is usually used for roofing and facades.

Their Hocus Pocus table is a collaboration with designers Fries Zumbühl and shows off the industrial material in a totally different setting.

Pay attention to 2 things:

  • There are 2 different sizes of the Hocus Pocus table – the smaller one that I used for this room, and one that is lower and wider. Make sure you choose the right one.
  • The table is one piece and quite bulky (not the right fit if you move a lot).

I have to admit it’s not the most practical nightstand in the world (no drawers, and you have to pay attention that you don’t bump into the creases) but it’s just so beautiful and playful, adding a lot of character to the room, that I love to use it nevertheless.

Classic Modern and Timeless Picture Frame, Mirror, and Curtains

Like the closet and the shelving, the mirror and picture frames are plain and classic. I had some of them from a previous room and will be able to use all of them in a future apartment, in a totally different way.

I love how they fit so many different styles. In this room, they bring calmness – they balance the bolder bohemian decor pieces.

Picture frame, mirror and daylight curtains are all IKEA.

Cozy Rugs That Combine Modern and Bohemian Style

modern bohemian bedroom decor tips

Modern Boho Rugs

For the big rug, I tried to find one that has playful patterns, brings brightness to the room but doesn’t look old-fashioned or un-stylish.

I found a thin but very comfortable one that has a patchwork of different ornamental and geometric patterns in a very greyish marine blue color printed on: Codosera Cotton rug by Maisons du Monde.

It perfectly picks up the ornamental pattern style of the wall art and the lamp but still has a light and clean look to it.

I especially love that I can machine wash it whenever it gets dusty – very practical!

The small rug by the piano I’ve found in a small local shop on my travels in Chile. But here is another small rug in black and white, with a diamond pattern: Ecru Cotton Rug with Black Graphic Print.

painted piano inspiration

Bringing a Hint of Nature Into the Bedroom

boho aesthetics

Driftwood Hangers

A detail I’m obsessed with in this room is the driftwood elements.

I love how they are equally practical and beautiful!

The driftwood jewelry hanger is hanging off the curtain rail, in the corner of the room. Touching the walls on either end, the branches are just a hint more stable which makes putting on and taking off jewelry easy.

modern bohemian bedroom decor inspiration

On the opposite side of the room, there’s a wall-mounted clothing rail from driftwood.


I collected the driftwood on a lake (tip: late winter is the perfect time to search for driftwood on beaches) and built the jewelry hanger myself, DIY style.

But if you prefer to buy a jewelry hanger, I’ve found similar ones on Etsy: Made to Order Driftwood Jewelry Organizers by Curiographer.

driftwood aesthetics

 Modern Minimal Boho Bedroom Decor

Minimal clock – Tumbler Alarm Clock by Norm Architects

I was searching for a classic alarm clock that’s completely silent AND beautiful to look at for so long. I hate to hear the ticking of a clock (no way to unhear it once you noticed), and especially for the bedroom, I wanted a clock that doesn’t tick at all.

I’m so happy I’ve found this beautiful piece by Norm Architects.

It’s elegantly balancing on its rounded bottom and to turn it off, you just turn the clock upside down.

I have to admit, the Tumbler Alarm Clock is a decor piece for me but it doubles as a backup alarm clock if I ever leave my phone somewhere or lose it…

DIY driftwood jewelry hangers

Flower Paperweight – Dandelion Clock Paperweight

This piece is really just beautiful to look at!

It’s a dandelion, perfectly intact, captured in epoxy resin. No idea how they did it, it’s just very fascinating to me that that’s even possible..!

The Dandelion Clock Paperweight is made by Hafod Grange Paperweights.

boho chic bedroom accessories
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Cozy Boho Bedroom Decor – 15 Amazing Furniture & Decor Pieces [Re-create That Boho Vibe]

May 4, 2023 | HOME DECOR, Shop the Look

by Corinne

by Corinne

Full Boho Bedroom Tour

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