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2024 / 2025 Minimal Monthly Planner Printable You’ll Love

ever felt like finding that perfect, minimalist planner is impossible?

If you’re on the hunt for a clean and simple monthly planner that makes you stay organized you’re right here.

I created this monthly calendar template for my personal use and love it so much that I would like to share it with you!

Monthly Calendar Templates in a Minimal Design

This monthly planner is a simple 24-month blank calendar template, including the full calendar years 2024 and 2025. Each month is displayed on a single page, in landscape format.

The layout is super simple and minimal, with large spaces to enter your appointments, to-dos and important dates.

Dated Monthly Calendars for 2024 and 2025

The dated pages make it super fast for you – simply print out your calendar and you’re ready to plan.

I love blank calendars that are dated. They are super versatile and you can make them fit the way you like to plan your life.

Fill in your schedule, add icons for important calendar events, or colour the boxes.

The less busy a calendar template is the better, in my opinion.

How to Get Your Printable Calendar Template

You can get the printable calendar template in our Etsy shop. PS: It’s only a few bucks.

After purchasing the digital templates, you’ll receive a download link to get the calendar files. They are all in PDF format.

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Made to print Black & White

The simple design has an advantage: It’s designed fully in black so you can print it in black and white printer settings, on any paper you like.

Pro tip: If you go to a professional print shop to print your calendar they might offer you a price reduction if you order a black and white print!

Comes in A4 and Letter Paper Size

The printable calendar template comes in the two standard paper sizes: A4 (Europe) and Letter (US).

Sunday Start & Monday Start – Whichever Way You Like It!

Which is the first day of the week? It’s up to personal preference whether the answer to that question is Sunday or Monday.

We got you covered whichever option resonates with you – we’ve made sure that our printables are available in both preferences because the best planner is the one that feels just right for you. For each paper format, there’s a version with a Sunday start and a Monday start.

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

A Few Ideas How to Use Your Printable Calendar

  • Use it as a daily planner, for your private life or personal calendar at work
  • Print and hang it as a wall planner
  • Print it with a ring binding or on thick paper and put it up as a desktop calendar
  • Print it large and use it as an appointment calendar for your family – mark special dates, holidays, birthdays, important events and each person’s schedules
  • If you run a small business, use a large printed calendar as an office planner, vacation planner, or company calendar, for your whole team. You’ll probably use it in combination with other calendars but it will be nice to have the most important things up on the wall, for everyone to see
  • Print it in a mini size, to have it at hand to write down your most important daily tasks at all times
  • Use the PDF as a digital planner

I’m sure you’ll come up with the best way to use this simple monthly calendar and make your busy life a little more organized.

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

A Simple Calendar Can Be Your First Step to Higher Productivity

It’s crazy but if used right, a simple monthly calendar can become such a powerful tool in your productivity journey:

With little time investment, you can map out the most important activities of each week or month. This will keep you on track, whether it’s at work or for the small tasks around your house that make you feel overwhelmed when you don’t seem to have time to do them all.

Simply make it a habit to sit down for a few minutes each week, reflect on your goals, and then make sure all important things are reflected in your calendar.


I personally love to work with a mix of physical and digital calendars.

At work: While I use my digital calendar for detailed task management, scheduling meetings, and time blocking, I love to use a physical calendar for goal setting, as a vacation planner, and for big-picture project planning.

At home: Again, I love a shared calendar with my partner for detailed appointment planning and our grocery list but have a printed calendar for birthdays, vacations, and other events.

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This post was all about this minimal, modern monthly planner printable calendar for 2024 & 2025. I hope it makes staying organized a bit more enjoyable!