Find the Perfect Lego Flowers Set!

Photo credits: Lego

Find the Perfect Lego Flowers Set!

​Unique Adult Building Sets for Spring

This post is all about the most aesthetic LEGO flower building kits.


Did you also like to build LEGO as a child?

Building something from those tiny bricks was always so much fun for me!

But then you get older, life gets busy, and building LEGO stops being a thing you think of doing.

What’s the point anyway if the objects are rather bulky and bright colored …a.k.a. not something you would be proud of building let alone displaying in your home.

Well, that last part isn’t true anymore!

LEGO has come up with so many creative sets for adults now.

One of the big themes is flowers. They are remarkably imitating nature and are just the perfect unique display piece in your home!


And a great gift; giving and receiving beautiful flowers is so fulfilling. And giving LEGO flowers is something unique.

You will surprise your loved ones for sure 😉


From small, affordable, and fast botanical collection sets to build LEGO flower sets to higher priced LEGO Icon series sets…

These are the top LEGO flower-themed building kits:

LEGO Flowers Building Sets






Wildflower Bouquet


Flower Bouquet


Dried Flower Centerpiece




Bird of Paradise

Best Flowers from the LEGO Botanical Collection and the LEGO Icons Series


LEGO Daffodils building kit 40646

The daffodil, a timeless springtime flower, is famous for its vibrant yellow petals and delicate trumpet shape. LEGO’s Daffodils building kit perfectly captures the beauty of this flower with its vivid colors and intricate design.

LEGO Daffodils

Photo credits: Lego

These beautiful spring flowers are one of the older LEGO flower sets.

The Daffodils set is beginner-friendly and relatively fast to build.

If you’re looking for a fun evening project to get into the right mood for spring, this is your perfect choice!

What’s included in the Daffodils LEGO set

The set comes with four flowers; two yellow ones and two in white.

They each have two leaves on their stem.

LEGO set#40646

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Daffodils building kit

Just like the natural version, LEGO’s Daffodils are rather large and simple.

The perfect building kit for you if you’re an entry-level LEGO builder or consider yourself not very patient 😉

If you’re looking for a challenging build, go for a more complex set with more flowers.

I like how diverse LEGO makes even a simple kit; the variety of colors adds play and a more natural look.

LEGO Daffodils spring flowers set

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego


 LEGO roses building kit 40460

Red roses are the classic. With their amazing scent and stunning beauty, they make a perfect Valentines Day gift or a gift for your spouse on a random weeknight or their birthday.

Your next Valentine’s Day could get creative – how about gifting a set of roses to build together instead of getting real flowers?

LEGO Roses building kit vase

Photo credits: Lego

Did you know that the LEGO roses are from parts that were first used in car building kits?

Car roofs, engine bonnets, and steering wheels are parts that are used completely out of context here, forming beautiful red roses.

What’s included in the Roses LEGO set

The botanical collection set includes two red roses with two small leaves each.

You can adjust the posable petals to recreate different blooming stages.

LEGO kit #40460

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Roses building kit

Of course, LEGO created their version of this timeless flower gift!

I love how it re-uses parts from totally unexpected other objects (cars), this perfectly shows that you only need imagination to build something stunning from LEGO pieces.


Tip: Either wrap the roses like a flower shop would wrap them (with transparent foil and a small ribbon) or gift them in a cute box, with the instructions, and make the collaborative building experience part of the gift.

LEGO red roses set

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

Wildflower bouquet

LEGO Wildflower Bouquet Building Kit 10313

For those who love a more whimsical and natural look, how about a wildflower bouquet?

These flower bouquets typically feature a mix of flower types and colors. Just like the organic diversity we can find in nature.

The impressive flower display from LEGO brings all that a natural flower bouquet brings, with a unique flavor.

LEGO Wildflower bouquet idea

Photo credits: Lego

After single flower sets and the popular flower bouquet, LEGO has created yet another beautiful bouquet. This time themed around wildflowers.

It is beautifully colored, with vibrant hues going from dark blue over purple and pink to yellow tones.

What’s included in the Wildflower Bouquet set

The Wildflower Bouquet includes 8 different kinds of flowers. To top the flowers off, there is also greenery in this kit.

  • 2 Cow Parsley
  • 3 stems of Cow Parsley greenery
  • 2 Welsh Poppies
  • 2 Lupins
  • 2 Gerbera Daisies (in different colors)
  • 1 Larkspur
  • 2 blue Cornflowers
  • 1 white Cornflower
  • 2 small Lavender
LEGO Building Kit #10313

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Wildflower Bouquet building set

LEGO’s cut flowers are such a beautiful example of how single building kits can be evolved and combined:

The wildflower bouquet set makes a stunning bouquet by itself, with beautiful flower and leaf varieties, but also offers the opportunity to expand the set with more cut flowers. You can make one big bouquet or create new combinations with all your LEGO flowers.

The perfect next creative project for any skill level!

LEGO flower bouquet with wildflowers

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

Flower Bouquet

LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet Building Kit 10313

This is your typical flower bouquet from cut spring flowers.

The perfectly curated flowers are a great mix of flower species and colors.

Whether you want to display it in your home or give it as a unique gift, this flower bouquet will surely brighten up any space.

And the best part? Unlike real flowers, the LEGO flower bouquet will last for years to come.

LEGO flower bouquet set

Photo credits: Lego

Did you know? The Flower Bouquet was the first LEGO flower set that came as a complete bouquet.

And it became popular really quick.

No wonder that this LEGO building kit is all over the internet!

What’s included in the LEGO Flower Bouquet set

You’ll get:

  • 3 Roses
  • 2 Snapdragons
  • 2 Daisies
  • 1 Lavender
  • 1 California Poppy
  • 1 Aster flower
  • 3 leaves
  • 2 grass stems
LEGO #10280

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Flower Bouquet building kit

First of all: Let’s appreciate the beautiful flower leaf varieties and the realistic petal shapes!

This set is a good mix of easy flowers and more complex, fiddly parts.

I would say, the two flower bouquets are the absolute best LEGO flower sets to build with a group of friends.

You can sort the flowers ahead of time (attention, there is more than one flower in each bag of bricks so you would need to sort them manually), cut apart the manual and you’re set for a fun evening with your besties!

016 - Lego flower bouquet review XS
LEGO original flower bouquet decorating ideas

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

Dried Flower Centerpiece

LEGO Dried Flower Centerpiece Building Kit 10314

If you love to host dinner parties, this flower set is your must-have!

The Dried Flower Centerpiece resembles a carefully made table centerpiece of dried flowers. It comes fully fall-themed in the perfect fall colors – oranges, muted dark reds, and beige tones.

It’s an eye-catcher for sure, with its vibrant fall colors, and the beautiful arrangement!

LEGO dried flower centerpiece table decor idea

Photo credits: Lego

It comes with two manuals so that each person can build their own half that in the end will make the full centerpiece.

PS: There’s also an option to make an even bigger centerpiece by combining two or even three of the Dried Flower Centerpiece sets into one large dried flower wreath.

What’s Included in the Dried Flower Centerpiece

The impressive flower display includes:

  • 1 dark red gerbera
  • 1 rose
  • 4 dark red leaves
  • around 10 stems with small flowers in various colors
  • around 16 stems of greenery and grass
  • additional small parts 
LEGO dried flower centerpiece

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Dried Centerpiece building kit

I truly love the vibe of this LEGO kit!

It’s such a beautiful piece of home decoration (table art, to be more exact) and the colors are so well-balanced.

Fun detail: The intricate rose in this piece is different from the roses in the Rose kit and the Flower Bouquet kit. Several elements are new in there compared to the other roses.

A refreshing detail if you have built other roses before!

unique festive dining table dried flower centerpiece from legos

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego


LEGO Orchid Building Kit 10311

Introducing the exquisite Orchid!

Flower lovers across the world have loved to collect those delicate flowers over centuries. They come in so many shapes and colors, each species having their unique features.

The exceptionally detailed LEGO Orchid kit resembles a classic white-pink species that is found in many households around the world. It’s an absolute must-have for passionate flower enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike.

LEGO Orchid

Photo credits: Lego

What’s Included in the LEGO Orchid Set?

The LEGO Orchid kit comes with two Orchid stems with moveable side branches and multiple flowers each of which have pretty realistic petal shapes.

Five leaves and two roots complete the plant.

The kit comes with the typical stakes, mulch, and a fluted blue pot.

LEGO set # 10311

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Orchid building set

It’s amazing how nature-like this set is!

The details are just stunningly nature-like. For example the buds and the different leaves. Lego components combined in exactly the right way.

I especially like about this kit that you can evolve it over time; you can really let your imagination bloom and adjust or even move around branches and leaves and the posable petals as you like; they can attach easily in different arrangements.

Just really well done!

LEGO Orchid building kit

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

Bird of Paradise

LEGO Bird of Paradise Building Kit 10289

One of the most exotic and extravagant flowers in the world, the bird of paradise, has been added to the LEGO house plants collection.

This arrangement features vibrant orange and blue petals, as well as realistic leaf pieces. The end result is a stunning display piece that will surely be an eye-catcher.

LEGO bird of paradise home decor idea

Photo credits: Lego

What’s Included in the Bird of Paradise building kit?

The Bird of Paradise contains 3 flowers and 8 large leaves.

The set also includes a pot and the LEGO version of plant granules. 

LEGO set #10289

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

My opinion on the LEGO Bird of Paradise building set

While LEGO was making flower kits specifically for adults and was naturally attracting women with the flower theme, I think they have made an extra effort to speak to men with this set.

Just like all more complex LEGO flower kits, some pieces are adjustable and movable. In this set, it’s the green leaves and the direction of the flower heads.

I love that you can twist and tweak the finished build over time. It makes for such a more natural appeal!

LEGO Bird of Paradise

Credits for the photos in this collage: Lego

Are LEGO Flowers Something For You?

There are lots of advantages to LEGO’s beautiful artificial flowers building kits.

If you’re indecisive about whether they are something you should try, here are a few hints that you could enjoy them:

  • You love house plants but have absolutely no green thumb
  • You like to always have a fresh flower bouquet on display but find it wasteful to buy a new one every few days
  • You are looking for something that’s not the usual artificial flowers
  • You are searching for a unique gift
  • You want to surprise your favorite person with an original flower gift
  • You are on the hunt for a fun creative project with your friend or significant other
  • You would love to do a crafty project but don’t think you are creative
  • And the most obvious one: You’ve loved to build LEGO as a kid but haven’t done it in too long
finished lego flower bouquet set

Are LEGO Flowers Worth It?

Oh yes, definitely!

It’s such a joy to assemble your own (a little different) artificial flowers and create wonderful arrangements.

If you’re into building, creating something, or mindful activities, LEGO flower sets are a must-try.

The flower building kits offer a unique and fun designing experience that lets you appreciate nature’s intricate details.

Plus, they’re a peaceful and stress-relieving activity.


And the best part?

The flowers you build are decorative home accessories that stay beautiful forever without any maintenance!

…besides dusting every now and then.

Perfect for adding elegance to any room. Whether for yourself or as a gift, LEGO flowers are a good conversation starter whenever you have friends over.

The only downside of LEGO flowers can be the price – not going to lie, some of the building kits are rather on the pricy side.

So I recommend really researching which type of LEGO flowers you would not only enjoy building but which one will be best looking as a home decor piece in your house.

Search the right LEGO flower set for the corner you want to decorate, look for the perfect accessories (like a porcelain vase), and then enjoy your building experience!

lego set 102080 flower bouquet flower layout_

Do LEGO Flowers Come With a Vase?

Except for the houseplant building sets where the pot is part of the building set (you’ll also see it on the building set’s picture), LEGO flowers don’t come with a vase.

You’ll have to buy your own vase.

I prefer that over one from bricks though; putting the LEGO flowers into a normal vase makes the flowers look just a lot more real and the whole arrangement will perfectly match your home decor style.

arranging roses of the lego flower bouquet set_

This was the ultimate guide to LEGO flowers building kits.

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by Corinne

by Corinne

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