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Lego flower bouquet review

Lego for grown-ups

What images play in your mind when you think of Lego?

Probably childhood memories, technical structures, and primary colors.

But Lego can do more than that. In fact, some of their newer sets can be considered home decor!

…Like many product designers, I have a special place in my heart for Lego. It was one of my favorite toys as a kind and while my eyes still glow every time I touch some bricks, I hardly build Lego anymore.

That’s why it’s super cool that Lego now does decoration models which blend into a stylish apartment.

Let’s have a closer look at the flower bouquet from the Lego botanical collection:

lego flower bouquet arrangement closeup

Beautiful flowers that make a great gift

The bouquet is an assorted flower arrangement. There are three roses, two snapdragons, an eye-catching California poppy, two daisies, a beautifully detailed aster flower, a lavender, and some grass stems and leaves to round up the unique flower bouquet.

The Lego bouquet is definitely a special and unique gift!

Either as a building kit (who doesn’t love a mindful project for rainy days?) or presented fully built, just like any other cut flowers.

lego flower bouquet - a beautiful gift

The flower bouquet building experience (Lego flower bouquet 10280 building kit)

lego building kit 102080 box


The image on the box has a moody black background (like all the Lego sets which are targeting adults) which perfectly highlights the flowers.

The flower bouquet set comes with an instruction booklet and 6 bags of Lego pieces.

lego flower bouquet unboxing - bags and manual

The booklet features information about the real flowers in nature and how they were designed in Lego and has additional fact snippets spread across the instruction pages.

There is also a backstory about the designers which is interesting to read (more to the behind-the-scenes of this flower bouquet design further down in this article).

The black theme continues in the booklet with black background pages. The darker colors are a little hard to see on a black background but since the build isn’t hard in general, it’s not a problem.

lego flower bouquet, pre-build sorting

Building the flowers


The little flowers are arranged fast, the petals are built in 2 layers of white oval-shaped lego components.

The stems of the daisies and all other smaller flowers and leaves are made from Lego technic sand green axles, in a new sand green color.

lego flower bouquet build: daisies


The nude-toned roses have four layers of petals. It’s fun to see how car elements (car roofs, engine bonnets, and steering wheels) and dinosaur elements (pterodactyl wings) are re-used in a completely different context.

Arranged onto a wheel and oriented the right way, these rather bulky-looking elements make an organically looking shape.

The rose flowers have adjustable petals; you can arrange them either half-closed or in full bloom.

lego flower bouquet build roses

California Poppy

The poppy was the fastest flower to build, it took me around 4 minutes. It features parts from cars and planes.

They were produced in a new color for the flower bouquet building kit – a bright orange that definitely makes the Lego bouquet a more vibrant display.

lego flower bouquet build california poppy


Extremely detailed are the next flowers in the bouquet, the snapdragons. Like in nature, the individual flowers are in different stages of blooming; from light green buds on top to different sizes and shades of pink; 3 in total.

For one of the types of pink flowers, robot heads from Star Wars sets are used.

Despite the level of detail, the snapdragons are easy to build.

Like the roses, the snapdragons have thicker, dark green stems than the other flowers. The advantage of those stems is that they contain angled parts which make some of the flowers bend, while others have a straight stems. This detail adds a lot of play and overall a more organic appearance of the bouquet as a whole.

lego flower bouquet build snapdragon


This is the flower with the most parts and also the one that requires the most patience to build. Assembling the small stems with the single mini flowers is a little fiddly but definitely rewards the overall appearance of the flower.

One unexpected Lego element used in the lavender are golden crowns as a base ring of leaves around each little bunch of flowers.

lego flower bouquet build lavender

Like most flowers, the lavender stem from a long sand green axle has a few thicker dark green stem pieces added on the bottom, making it adjustable in height.

lego flower bouquet build adjustable stems


Like in a real flower arrangement, the Lego version fills the bouquet with greenery: Grass made from bushes and an axle, and long leaves add variety and texture. A fun reuse element is sand green surfboards as tips of the long leaves.

The greenery elements were both super easy and very quick to build; it took me only 2 minutes per piece.

lego flower bouquet build greenery


The final flower of the building is an aster. The aster uses octagonal frames in its core, like the snapdragon. The single leaves are snapped to the frame and the octagonal shape makes the process of adjusting the single pieces symmetrically rather quick.

Like on the roses and snapdragons, you can fine-adjust the little leaves of the aster which are snapped onto the bars in the frame construction, leaving you creative freedom in the details.

The aster definitely has an inspirational design, with a high level of detail, remodeling the complexity of a real plant.

lego flower bouquet build aster

That’s it, around 90 minutes later, all the 10 flowers and 5 greenery fillers are built.

lego set 102080 flower bouquet flower layout_

Arranging the bouquet

With any other set, you are completely done when you have added the last brick to your build. But in this bouquet there is one more step:

Creating your unique display.

The customizable elements in the stems make it super easy to cut flowers that are a bit high or add length to the ones that are just a bit too short – a special feature that I wish was just as easy with natural flowers 😉

As a finishing touch, you can fine-adjust the little flowers, petals, and leaves.

arranging roses of the lego flower bouquet set_

My opinion on the Lego flower bouquet building kit

My own building experience

First of all, this Lego set was a joy to build and rewarded with a stunning display piece.

Before building, I got the pieces separated by flowers, which added a bit of prep time but made the building experience a lot more seamless.

The total time the set took me to complete was 2 hours.

While building the flowers, I definitely appreciated the assorted arrangement.

Not only was it more interesting to learn how the different flower designs were structured, but it was also a far more enjoyable experience, with fewer repetitive steps than if it was a bouquet with only a few types of flowers.

The adjustable stems are a handy element when arranging the flowers: You can easily create different arrangements by highlighting one or the other flower, letting it stick out; no need for filler materials inside the vase.

Overall impression

Speaking of vases, there is no vase included in the building kit. I like to use my own vase anyways, to make the bouquet really fit my decoration style, just one thing to be aware of when you gift this set to someone (or if you don’t have a vase).

The flower and leaf varieties are interesting to look at time and time again, and they create wonderful arrangements.

The designer did an absolutely amazing job picking colors. The roses, for example, are light nougat, not a plain bright red. Greenery elements come in a nice sand green, and the snapdragons feature 3 different pink shades. The color choice makes the set look more sophisticated, leaning on colors that you would actually pick for your home decor.

All in all, a fun project, a great gift for flower lovers, and an eye-catcher for your home.

finished lego flower bouquet set

Who is the Lego flower bouquet set for?

The botanical collection is one of Lego’s adult-oriented sets (fun fact: The box indicates this set as 18+). I would say, kids from the age of around 10 are able to build flowers.

I would rate the building process as beginner friendly. The flowers are not too complicated to assemble and the steps in each flower are repetitive (you figure a step out once and repeat it a few times). Also, you don’t have a large structure where you run into the risk of making a mistake in the early part of the build which brings you into trouble later.

So if you’ve never built a Lego kit before, don’t hesitate to try this one!


PS: It’s a good Lego kit to build with more than one person – for each of the flowers, there are a number of the same kind of pieces to assemble. While it’s a fairly quick and easy set to build and wouldn’t necessarily require help, it gives 2 or 3 people something to do at the same time.

Have fun designing your own beautiful bouquet of Lego flowers!

7 interesting facts about the lego flowers

  • This set contains 80 different types of pieces and a grand total of 756 pieces.
  • Several elements are made from sustainable material: Plant-based plastic from sustainably sourced sugarcane is used in 5 of the 80 different pieces in this kit at the moment. The Lego Group is on a mission to eventually make all Lego bricks from sustainable materials in the coming years.
  • Lego rates 17 of the used shapes used in this kit as “unusual shapes”
  • Brick built flowers are a popular gift at the Lego company and they are spread all across their offices.
  • There is a range of other flowers in the other sets of Lego’s new botanical collection: Orchids, a bonsai tree, and an arrangement of succulents among others.
  • The flower bouquet-building kit is inspired by an apprentice at Lego who started gifting (Lego) flowers to colleagues. She is part of an internal Lego program that helps employees with a physical or psychological setback. A designer then developed it further into a building kit.
  • Some of the interesting shapes used in this bouquet come from Lego building kits completely different from flowers: Parts from cars, airplanes, robots, and dinosaurs among others.

Watch Lego’s designer interview for more details on the design:


Answers to the top questions around the Lego flower bouquet

How many flowers come in the Lego flower bouquet?

There are a total of 15 stems in the set: 10 flowers and 5 greenery stems to round up the bouquet.


What type of flowers is in the Lego bouquet 10280 building kit?

You will get

  • 3 roses
  • 2 snapdragons
  • 2 daisies
  • 1 lavender
  • 1 California poppy
  • 1 aster flower
  • 3 leaves
  • 2 grass stems


How long does the Lego flower bouquet take to build?

The flower bouquet kit build took me around 2 hours from start to finish.

The flowers took 5 to 12 minutes each and the greenery around 2 minutes, with the pieces for each flower sorted before the build (totals to around 20 minutes of sorting time, 90 minutes of building time, and 10 minutes to design the arrangement).


Is the Lego flower bouquet hard to build?

As with every Lego set, the bouquet comes with clear instructions: The manual walks you through the building process step by step. They always show all parts that are added in a given step and the 3D view of how they are assembled. The pieces come in 5 small bags which avoids a tedious sorting marathon in the beginning.

Compared to other Lego building kits where you build one large structure, the flower bouquet is on the easy side; with each flower, you start fresh. You don’t run into the chance of a mistake causing problems further in the build.

If you like to build things and follow the instructions, you will have fun building the Lego flower bouquet, also without any previous experience with Lego. And if you don’t like building things, well … Lego is not for you.


Is a vase included in the lego flower bouquet set?

No, there is no vase coming with the Lego set. I recommend using a normal flower vase you have at home. This makes the bouquet blend in with your home decor style perfectly.

The stems can be adjusted in height. This nice detail gives you more options for arranging the flowers in your own vase.


Why is the Lego Flower Bouquet 18 +?

Lego wants to become more attractive to adults. That’s why they make sets that adults will enjoy building and displaying. So the age suggestion is not connected to the difficulty to build but to the target audience which Lego wants to attract with the set.
Other sets for adults are themed by pop culture, popular games and movies (Super Mario for example), and art (e.g. a painting by Vincent van Gogh).

lego flower bouquet home decor idea - dining table decor
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Lego Flower Bouquet Review

Nov 10, 2022 | HOME DECOR, Product Reviews, Spring - Summer Decor

by Corinne

by Corinne


FYI: I have bought the lego flower bouquet set myself.

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