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Best Kitchen Bulletin Board Ideas for a Super Organized Life

Here are the best elements to add to your kitchen bulletin board for a super organized everyday life:

Are you planning to make your own kitchen memo board?

A bulletin board, also called a memo board or message board, is such a practical organization tool. It will help you be more organized in your household – no matter if you live with a partner, housemates, or a big family.

9 Elements You MUST Include On Your Kitchen Bulletin Board

  • Menu planner
  • Grocery list
  • To-do list
  • Calendar
  • Clamps for receipts and coupons
  • Basic stationery items
  • Area for messages and notes
  • Basket for Mail
  • Hooks for the random item
  • Area for decor

Structuring your memo board is key!

Use these ideas to customize your board to make it practical for your own life.

When selecting the elements you need for your perfect board, keep the dimensions of the board you have or the space that’s available in mind, to customize your personal board and have it ready for use.

No matter if you are planning to section your corkboard, want to DIY a fabric bulletin board, have an existing pegboard, a framed bulletin board, or add some extras to your kitchen chalkboard these building blocks will work on every board material. You just might need to customize it a bit 😉

Menu Planner

Planning your meals in advance not only simplifies your grocery shopping but also gets rid of the daily ‘what’s for dinner?’ panic. Plus, it usually leads to healthier choices.

You can fill in the planner for the whole week ahead, or, as I love to do it, one or two days in advance, on a rolling basis.

Your menu planner can be as simple as a printable clamped to a peg board, a chalkboard section labelled for each day, or a sophisticated grid system for multiple meals.

Whatever is most practical for you!

Grocery List

A kitchen memo board is incomplete without a dedicated space for your grocery list.

No more paper scraps.

Ensure a smooth restocking process by pinning down a list that can be added to as you run out of items. It’s a place where all members of the household can contribute, keeping everyone in the loop on what’s needed for the next trip to the market.

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The family calendar is for birthdays, holidays, and rough planning of the month.

Also for calendars, you can draw your own table or grid with permanent marker, or search for a cool printable that suits your needs.

To-Do List

A central to-do list for the household keeps the whole family on track with chores.

I love to have sections in my list – one for every member of the household, and a general section with to dos that anyone can grab when they have some extra time at hand.

Writing your to-dos on a central list also adds a bit of pressure and it keeps you accountable for following through: My partner will tease me if I’m never completing what I put on the list and only knowing that works magic.

Clip for Receipts and Coupons

I hate to have receipts lying around and coupons never in my pocket when I need them.

A dedicated space to drop receipts and one to hold all coupons will help you stay organized.

Use clips, magnetic pockets, or containers to store bills, receipts, and coupons.

Eventually, you’ll create the habit of referring to this section of your memo board before and after every grocery haul. You can batch-clean these drop areas once a week or once a month which is easier than staying on top of things in the busy everyday.

Basic Stationery Items

Keep a small container on your bulletin board with basic stationery items, like pens, pencils, and scissors. This ensures that everything you need at hand a lot in your kitchen, or to jot down a quick note or update the board is always at hand, avoiding the frustration of a wandering pen when you need it most.

Basket for Mail

Mail can clutter your home fast if you don’t have a dedicated space for it. Yet it tends to get lost in the shuffle of a bustling home life.

A mail basket on your board makes sure envelopes, letters, and invitations have a home until the person they are addressed to has time to open and file them.

It also prevents letters and important papers from getting mixed up with other papers or tossed away accidentally.

Hook for Random Items

Somehow, there are always some odd items or an extra set of keys that are lying around in your home. Rather than letting these things add to the clutter of your home, install a few hooks on the kitchen bulletin board to hang them.

You’ll not clutter your space, and usually, items on display will be stored in their proper place a lot faster than put into a corner or (the worst thing you can do: put into a) drawer.

It’s the small things like these that contribute to the overall organization and tidiness of your kitchen and home.

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Area for Decor Because Aesthetics Matter

Make your kitchen memo board more than just a functional tool for organization!

A beautifully designed board can turn a mundane task into a joyful one. The finishing touch of making your memo board pretty will make you want to use it more and will give you better productivity results, I’ll bet on that!

Use some decorative elements like photos, choose stylish materials and colours for details, or even add some plants or herbs to the area.

Frame photos, pin postcards and children’s drawings, and choose pins and clamps in materials and colours you love. Make it all fit and look amazing.

A kitchen memo board doesn’t need to be an uninspiring task list, it can become an inviting style element!

And a final source of inspiration:

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My DIY Kitchen Bulletin Board: Result

I used the IKEA SKADIS peg board in black, with all black accessories.

Go to this inspo board on Pinterest for more kitchen bulletin board inspiration!

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by Corinne

by Corinne

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