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Exactly What I Used to Make This Kitchen Bulletin Board (Black IKEA SKADIS Pegboard & 5 Accessories)

You’ve probably seen this IKEA pegboard all over Pinterest and in the background of many YouTube videos. The IKEA SKADIS pegboard.

The SKÅDIS pegboard is such a versatile product system; I’m sure it’s currently an IKEAS best seller when it comes to organization!

It’s a perfect storage to organize and sort just anything in your home for a small price; from your office desk over a workstation to the practical things in the kitchen.

Mount it to a wall or door, or buy the connectors to mount it to a surface, for example, your desk.

I’ve used the black pegboard to create a kitchen bulletin board where I can drop things, and get organized for my day-to-day.

The Exact Products I Used for This Black Kitchen Bulletin Board [IKEA SKADIS]

Here are the details of which items I have used from the SKÅDIS pegboard collection (with a direct link to each product page):

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

What to Know When Building Your SKÅDIS Pegboard

I wasn’t aware of this at the beginning but there’s one big thing you must consider when planning to buy your memo board: Orientation.

You can only use the IKEA pegboard in one orientation. If you mount it horizontally instead of vertically, you can’t attach the accessories.

IKEA offers different pegboards in different sizes. Just make sure that the measurements fit your space – in the pre-defined orientation.

I was lucky that vertical orientation worked better for the space I mounted my bulletin board to anyway…

My Building Experience

How Much Time Does It Take to Assemble the SKADIS Pegboard?

It’s really simple to assemble the bulletin board! To unpack and mount all items, it took me around 10 minutes.

To mount the pegboard to the wall, it takes another maybe 20 minutes, depending on how well-versed you are with a drill and screws.

How Hard Is It to Build the SKÅDIS Pegboard?

The hardest part is mounting the pegboard to the wall, with screws and dowels. Besides the mounting, it’s super easy and fast to assemble the pegboard – you simply click the items into the grid.

If you’re not good at mounting, don’t have a power drill, or are not allowed to make holes into your walls, consider mounting your pegboard to your table, with connectors.

What Are Must-Have Items For a Kitchen Bulletin Board?

Read the full article here, to get all items I put on my kitchen bulletin board, the perfect organizer for my household!

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

This post listed all the materials I used to build my wall-mounted kitchen bulletin board with the black IKEA SKADIS pegboard system.

I hope you got inspired to build your own.