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Throw Blankets, the Hygge Must-Have for Coziness

The best throw blankets in 2023

The air is getting crispy and trees change from green to warm colors.

The winter season is arriving with big steps as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

Let’s embrace this time to go inwards. To cuddle up on the couch, with a comforting drink, and a good book.


The ultimate home decor philosophy during the colder months is hygge.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term before, it’s been trending for quite a while. But…

What is the hygge style of decorating?

Hygge (pronounce it “hoogah”) originally comes from the Danish and Norwegian languages and describes taking time away from the daily rush. It’s connecting with friends or cozying up on your own. It’s about enjoying a quiet, safe, and warm surrounding.

In the past years, hygge has trended far beyond Scandinavia and has become a home decor trend.

What are hygge home decor items?

The hygge home decor trend embraces pieces that create a cozy environment, like:

  • candles and lanterns
  • throw blankets
  • throw pillows/cushions
  • warm, indirect lighting, from multiple light sources
  • faux fur throws and fluffy rugs
  • natural materials, texture
  • knit and crochet items
  • a cozy chair and sofa/couch
  • baskets and ladders to style your blankets and throws
  • mugs, books
  • hot comfort drinks: hot chocolate, tea,

Hygge goes hand in hand with the classic reduced and timeless Scandinavian home design aesthetic.

How do I incorporate hygge into my home?

The cool thing: Even if you don’t have a Scandinavian or modern home decor and furniture style, you can incorporate hygge without a problem. The hygge home decor philosophy fits every style – farmhouse, vintage, maximalist, mid-century modern, minimalist, you name it.

Start to decorate with what you have at home; simply select a few of the above-mentioned items and create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Then, you will know what’s missing and can buy the right items.

Decorate your living room, reading nook, or bedroom to start.

journaling at home - hygge home

❯❯ My personal favorite hygge decoration items are:

  • An indirect, warm light source
  • candles on the coffee table
  • textured throw pillows
  • and a fluffy and cosy cuddle blanket


I just love how you can add happiness to your every day when you take 2 minutes to consciously decorate, step away from the business of the day, and re-center yourself mentally.

A heartwarming hot drink will be the cherry on top for a calm and cosy evening at home.

Hygge throw blankets in 2023

In this article, I’m featuring the absolute staple piece of hygge home decor: Throw blankets.

They are so incredibly multifunctional: Use them as a throw on the couch, as a bed throw, or to cozy up in your (home) office on a cold day.

Must-haves for every hygge home.

Soak up that extra warmth and relax!

Your must-have Netflix companion

That one’s my absolute favorite blanket of all time!

It embraces the essence of hygge perfectly; stylish modern on one side, and incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside (the fleece side).

Just the perfect throw to keep you warm on cold, long winter nights on the sofa.

It’s made from high-quality cotton (outside) and polyester fleece lining (inside).

Atlas Fleece-Lined Trow by Pokoloko
Atlas Fleece-Lined Trow by Pokoloko hygge inspiration

The one for your living space

This throw in cream white is the more reduced version of those chunky knit blankets that have trended a few years back; it has a knit texture and seamlessly integrates with every home decor style and color.

It will make every couch and comfortable chair look styled and will look amazing stored away on a ladder or throws basket.

I’m in love with the details of this beautiful blanket!

Elvang Basket Ceiling off white-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Elvang

Elvang Basket Ceiling off white-ambient-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Elvang

Cozy bed throw

If you want a super practical throw, the Crincle Bedspread by Hay is what you were dreaming of: It’s from cotton so you can easily wash it, and the crinkle look just makes it look good no matter how you throw or style it.

Style your bed with an extra layer of texture, use the throw as a thin blanket on the couch, or outside as a picnic blanket in the garden in summer.

Hay Crincle Bedspread antracite-ambient-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Hay

Hay Crincle Bedspread cool grey-ambient-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Hay

For cold winter nights when you are feeling cold

Wool blankets are just the best if it comes to keeping you warm.

Icewear, an Icelandic brand, knows exactly how to turn high-quality wool into functional and beautiful blankets that keep you warm on cold winter nights.

I’m not exaggerating, it’s fascinating how warm this blanket keeps you once you snuggle yourself in.

Hlyja Wool Plaid by Icewear
Icewear Hlyja Wool Plaid inspiration image

The perfect addition to your reading nook

This stunning throw is designed by renowned designer Hella Jongerius. It features a well-balanced blue shades color palette, in a minimalist design. An addition that will level up your apartment for sure.

The Colour Block Blanket is an incredible focal point, drawing you to whatever you decide to decorate with it – a cosy reading nook, or your home office chair for example.

itra-Colour-Block-blanket black-blue-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Vitra

itra-Colour-Block-blanket black-blue-detail-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Vitra

The one in many colors

If you are picky when it comes to colors, and have a balanced warm or neutral palette in mind, you have to stop in here!

The Classic Throw by Elvang is a perfectly simple uni-colored wool blanket. It’s a staple piece to style all around your house, to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

It will safely fit all interior design styles and, with the many color options, add to every home decor color theme.

Definitely, the right choice to bring inspiration, warmth, and coziness to the hygge decor around your beautiful home.

Elvang Classic Wool Blanket-beige-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Elvang

Elvang Classic Wool Blanket-ambient-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Elvang

With a simple modern pattern, in many color options

Horizon is a beautiful throws blankets series that comes in many colors (red, yellow, terracotta, browns, greens, blues or grey). So, if you like to decorate your home bright colorful, have a look – you might find the color that you were looking for.

The reduced but distinct clean and modern pattern elegantly adds contrast and playfulness.

I love that Elvang makes their throws with high-quality fabrics; the Horizon series is made from wool.

Elvang Horizon Ceiling-botanic green-grey-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Elvang

Elvang Horizon Ceiling-ambient-image credits Connox

Photo credits: www.connox.de | Manufacturer: Elvang

I hope this inspirational, carefully curated selection of high-quality throws blankets helped you find your new all-time favorite blanket.

Make yourself an oversized mug of coffee, snuggle into your new blanket, and enjoy the calm winter evening.

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Throw Blankets, the Hygge Must-Have for Coziness

Aug 31, 2023 | HOME DECOR, Autumn - Winter Decor

by Corinne

by Corinne

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