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How to Hang Plants From Ceiling in Apartment (Minimal Holes)

This post gives you ideas on how to hang plants from the ceiling in an apartment, without drilling a lot of holes into the ceiling (or even none).

Ready to turn your living space into a lush, calming oasis with hanging plants?

But, let’s be real, the thought of drilling holes in the ceiling to hang those green beauties can be a bit scary, right?

Don’t worry! You can totally create your own urban jungle without risking your rental agreement. We just have to get a little creative 😉

I’ll show you how I made a stunning hanging plant display with only 2 holes in the ceiling!

You Want to Know This Before Drilling Holes in Your Apartment Ceiling or Walls!

Before you start making holes, it’s super important to know what your lease agreement officially allows you to do.

Most rental deals have rules about making changes, so give that a read first. While most landlords allow tenants to make holes in the walls and ceiling as long as you fill them when moving out, there are a few really strict landlords who will charge you for making any holes. In the worst case, you’ll lose your deposit.

So make sure you know what’s ok in your apartment.

In case you’re scared of drilling into the ceiling, go for the alternative option that I mentioned further down. You can make it look almost the same without having to touch your ceiling.

On top of knowing the rules for drilling holes in your home, make sure to use the proper screws, anchors and drill for the wall’s or ceiling’s materials. Make sure you’re drilling into stable structures and that the ceiling or wall can carry the weight of your plant hangers. Using the correct hardware is super important!

Safety first, and make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

Idea for a Green Hanging Plants Wall With Drilling Only a Few Holes in the Ceiling

To decorate this wall, I wanted to create a green, living curtain. With macrame hangers, a variety of beautiful pots, sturdy ropes, and my favourite hanging plant, pothos.

Inspiration for a Hanging Planter Wall

This is my greenery wall and I love it!

The hanging plants can be re-adjusted as you wish and you can add or move them over time.

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I filled it with plants that don’t need super bright light. If you mix different plant types, make sure to put the plants that need more light in a prime spot, at around chest height. Hang plants that are ok with indirect light higher up. In fact, search for low-light plants for the very top because they won’t get a lot of light that high up if you don’t have south-facing windows bringing in a ton of sunlight directly onto the wall.

To Compare: The Traditional Way of Mounting Plant Hangers

That’s the traditional approach to hanging planters: Individually attached to a ceiling hook:

I did that in my last apartment and found it was too inflexible; if you ever change the pot, you’ll need making sure that it works with the exact spacing given. And you can’t adjust the layout and spacing of the hooks after you have drilled the holes.

How I Fixed 5 Hanging Pots to the Ceiling With Only 2 Holes

To stay flexible on how to arrange the hanging plants and how many of them to put up, I was looking for creative ways of fixing the hanging baskets to the ceiling and came to a construction with a stable wooden rod:

2 large eyebolts into the ceiling and a stable round wooden rod are holding the hanging baskets.

I found it most practical to attach each plant hanger with an S hook. This way, you can easily take a pot down if needed.

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

An Alternative Option if You Can’t Drill Into Your Ceiling

If you can’t or don’t want to drill into the ceiling, attach the rod to the wall, like a curtain rod.

It will give you the same minimum amount of holes with the flexibility of where to hang your plants.

More Ideas for styling your apartment with hanging plants with zero holes in walls and ceilings

  • Use your existing curtain rods to hang plants, if you have
  • For small plants in lightweight plants and pots or glass balls; attach them to your curtain rails or on tension rods. Just make extra sure to not challenge the weight capacity too much!
  • Hang them from a high shelf
  • mount a rod in between two high shelves or wardrobes
  • wrap a tension rod around wood or metal beams and hang a plant this way

I hope you have found inspiration on how to hang a plant from the ceiling and can find your own lovely way to hang greenery in your home.

This post showed you ideas on how to hang plants from ceiling in apartment, with only making a few or even zero holes. Have fun building your own jungle wall in your apartment!

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by Corinne

by Corinne

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