Enchanting Fall Color Inspiration For a Warm Aesthetic - Autumn Color Palettes

Enchanting Fall Color Palette Inspiration For a Warm Aesthetic

Stunning Fall Color Palette Ideas for Your Home Decor

Welcome to a world of enchanted warm color palettes as we step into the season of fall.

As nature’s paintbrush sweeps across the landscape, it creates a breathtaking tapestry of hues that inspire comfort and joy, inward focus, and rest.

It’s the season of pumpkin spice lattes.

The time of cozy home decor.

Time to pick autumn leaves beneath a colorful tree.

The season of celebrating nature.


Whether you’re looking for color inspiration for fall home decor, fashion inspiration, a graphic design project, another DIY project, your fall wedding, or Thanksgiving table decoration – these images will give you some beautiful color palettes for any project.

To copy the color palettes shown in this article, simply copy the HEX codes 😉


Get ready to cozy up and sip a hot beverage, as we get into the mood of this earthy season with some beautiful fall shades.

Top Trend: Monochrome Red Color Palettes

Beautiful Earthy Red Tones

Inspiration from New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023/2024

The New York Fashion Week collections for autumn and winter show lush, earthy red tones – tone in tone.

This inspo image picks up on the color trend.

Fiery reds, mixed with dark tones; these vivid colors represent true autumn spirit.

The gorgeous color palette in monochrome red tones will add depth to your project and will for sure pull plenty of eyes to those rich colors.

autumn leaves bright red color palette
autumn leaves bright red color palette hex code

HEX Codes:

  • #2B313F
  • #D04443
  • #814145
  • #BF1B1B

Light Autumn Colors

Natural Beige and Orange Tones

These very light shades make just the perfect color scheme if you’re looking for a bright and airy, yet earthy color scheme.

What a beautiful color palette for fall weddings!

The intense burnt orange is balanced with two subtle golden beige shades and topped off with a beautiful light blue fall shade.

I just love how these colors work together, balancing each other out in a beautiful way!

boho dry flower wedding bouquet
boho dry flower wedding bouquet light fall color palette

HEX Codes:

  • #BF5C06
  • #BB8B59
  • #DFD3C8
  • #BAD6D9

Pro tip: If you use these colors for home decor, it’s very easy to fade into winter and even spring:

For example, if you have throw pillows in these colors, simply swap out the two darker colors with other tones, and keep the light beige and light blue pillows to combine with the new colors.

Those tones will perfectly work in a winter or spring color palette!

Bright Autumn Morning Sun

Another fall color palette with lighter shades:

This picture really brings in the atmosphere of a soft autumn morning, with fresh air and warm sunlight.

A cool grey tone is balanced out with three orangey reds; a bright red with a hint of orange, a muted peach tone, and a saturated, warm orange.

This bright color combination will bring a light touch to your fall table decoration.

At the same time, the complementary shades bring incredible warmth and groundedness into your room – just beautiful fall moods.

fall home decor color palette
fall home decor color palette red tones

HEX Codes:

  • #C9CED0
  • #BF3601
  • #F2B591
  • #D97823

Dark and Moody Fall Colors

Autumn Leaves Scenery in Muted Tones

The typical autumn color palettes always have saturated reds and oranges.

This one is a slightly muted variation, picked from this beautiful digital art piece.

The darker shades – a very deep forest green and red that’s close to the brown family – perfectly add contrast to the lighter shades – a bright light orange and a cold beige, close to skin tones.

Try implementing these typical fall shades in your everyday wardrobe, your fall home decor, or a self-made seasonal invitation card.

autumn landscape color inspiration
autumn landscape color inspiration red orange and nude tones

HEX Codes:

  • #2F4141
  • #F27F3D
  • #A62C21
  • #DEC69A

Classic Pumpkin Spice Fall Color Scheme

Who doesn’t absolutely love the cozy feeling that comes with a good pumpkin spice latte?!?

This hot beverage is the ultimate autumn staple drink and it doubles for some pretty awesome color schemes.

A deep brown that’s almost red, a rusty mix of orange and brown, a bright and slightly muted orange, topped off with a golden brown.

These fall colors are an absolute classic!

An all-time favorite.

pumpkin spice latte inspired moody fall color palette
pumpkin spice latte inspired moody fall color palette

HEX Codes:

  • #591902
  • #A63F03
  • #D96704
  • #C08850

Moody Fairy Light Inspired Fall Palette

If you’re looking for some different shades than oranges and reds, an inspo picture can give you the right color palette.

Like this cozy dark autumn scenery with some stunningly simple but beautiful fall decor. You can find color inspiration in the background or the decor – pumpkins, cozy throw pillows and blankets, and warm lights from countless candles and twinkle lights.

The color palette gives some bold shades that are not your standard orange-red color palette:

A neutral nude/peach tone, the typical slightly de-saturated muted orange, a dark brown-red, balanced by a dark and moody teal tone.

Pick those colors up in a piece that is around year-long, or use it for a bit of a different autumn home decor palette.

cozy fall home decor inspiration
cozy fall home decor inspiration red tones and muted teal

HEX Codes:

  • #D9A384
  • #E18D46
  • #8B3828
  • #436A73

Moody Paper-like Landscape Autumn Color Palette

These dramatic hues make for some pretty awesome fall shades.

Neutral tones combined with bright colors that embrace fall:

A burnt orange, combined with a light mustard yellow, and a dark and moody deep green. Your accent color is a light and soft beige/yellow tone.

Moody and dark but warm tones.

I love this color scheme and would definitely use it for example for throw pillows and blankets throughout the fall and winter seasons.

fall inspired paper art landscape light autumn color scheme
fall inspired paper art landscape light autumn color scheme

HEX Codes:

  • #F2E1C2
  • #3C4E4E
  • #F2B05E
  • #D36B2E

I’m sure you got inspired by these beautifully balanced fall color palettes!

Tips to Create Your Own Fall Color Combination

How to Best Combine Colors

It can be hard to know how to come up with a nice and balanced fall color palette yourself.

Rule of thumb:

For an awesome fall color scheme: Combine three shades that are tone-in-tone, and balance them with a contrasting tone (it will usually sit opposite the matching shades in the color wheel).

Whether it’s dark shades on the cold and muted spectrum (navy blue, dark and warm greens) or the classic fall colors inspired by fallen leaves and the harvest season (bright red and orange, brown tones, golden yellows, beiges), pull inspiration from whatever autumn shades you love the most!

How to make a fall color palette from photo

How to Create Your Own Color Palettes, from Scratch

If you already have your perfect inspiration pictures, it’s totally easy to create color palettes from them!

Just select your photo, drop it into an online color picker tool, and go from there.

The best online tool to pick colors for sure is Adobe.

Next to their color wheel, they have a function where you drag and drop your photo into their online tool. And within split seconds, you have a really well-balanced color palette, in line with professional color theory.

The HEX codes will be below each color card, to copy and paste.


To learn more, read my blog post about exactly how to do it:

028 | Color palette from photo easy and fast - XS
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Enchanting Fall Color Palette Inspiration For a Warm Aesthetic

Jul 27, 2023 | Autumn - Winter Decor, HOME DECOR

by Corinne

by Corinne

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