Is the Create and Go Course for You? My Honest Review of the Pro Blogger Bundle

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Is the Create and Go Course for You? My Honest Review [2023]

Review on Create and Go’s Blogging Courses (Pro Blogger Bundle)

Are you considering blogging as a hobby or to eventually make a (side-) income?

If you’re anything like me, you’re researching the blogging courses you’re considering investing in and you’ve probably stumbled across one of Create and Go’s courses.


First things first: Create and Go’s courses are the real deal!

They’re so valuable, extremely comprehensive, actionable, easy to follow, strategical, enabling, and fluff-free.

I’m a Create and Go student myself – I bought the Pro Blogger Bundle back in 2021 (and am still in the process of practicing, carefully implementing, testing, and tweaking all the learned strategies). So you can be sure to get an honest review that goes into details.


PS: This is a detailed review of all the single courses in the bundle as well as the whole Pro Blogger Bundle.

My overall opinion of Create and Go and my experience with their courses is at the very end. Use the table of contents to skip ahead to the part that interests you most.

Are Create and Go blogging courses legit?

In Short: What are the Create and Go Blogging Courses?

Create and Go’s blogging courses teach you everything to build up a high-quality blog:

You’ll create your own website and start publishing blog posts.

You’ll write content that’s helpful to people, in a high-quality way.

You will learn different ways to make money with your blog (over affiliate links, ads, sponsored posts, or your own products).

You’ll be mastering bringing people to your blog ( = driving traffic), over different platforms (Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and more).



Who is behind Create and Go?


My Journey with Create and Go


Create and Go Courses Review


Course 1: Launch Your Blog Biz


Course 2: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche


Course 3: SEO Blueprint for Bloggers


Course 4: Six-Figure Course Creator (formerly called Six-Figure Blogger)


All Courses in a Bundle: Pro Blogger Bundle


Summary: Create and Go Courses

Who is behind Create and Go?

Create and Go was originally founded by Lauren McManus and Alex Nerney.

She was a CPA in a corporate job, and he was a personal trainer with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Dreaming of a life that offers the freedom to travel and see the world – time and location freedom – they came across blogging as a job that they could incorporate into that dream lifestyle.

Together, Lauren and Alex started their health and wellness blog Avocadu, after a first blog that failed. It became successful quite fast, thanks to the full dedication and their strategic approach; on Avocadu, Lauren and Alex completely focused their content on helping the reader, and they developed a content strategy, along with a strategy to drive traffic to the blog posts.


Create and Go is teaching all that Lauren and Alex have learned on their blogging journey.

From their first course that focuses on setting up your first blog, to the “pro” part that teaches you exactly how to create an online course business, like Create and Go itself.

What I love about their story is that Lauren and Alex truly started from scratch. They didn’t have a social media following that they could get their initial traffic from, or decades of professional expertise. Just two hard-working people in their twenties, figuring it out. That shows that you will be able to figure blogging out too, if you stick to it long enough and go about it strategically.


PS: In mid-2023, Alex left Create and Go and Noah Riggs, their SEO strategist, bought Alex’s part of the company.

Lauren and Alex Create and Go

My Journey with Create and Go

I stumbled across Alex’s video on YouTube when I researched how to create a blog.

What I wanted was an easy-to-maintain blog as an online portfolio (I considered a platform like Squarespace and only searched for inspiration on how to structure it). But a few of Alex’s videos down the rabbit hole, I had much bigger dreams:

What if a blog was not my portfolio for only a few people to see but its own thing where I could help and inspire tons of people out there?

It became clear that if I wanted to do it the right way (getting found on Google and over other channels), I needed to be much more strategic than I had planned.

And I needed to set that blog up in WordPress, no way around it.


After thorough research on Create and Go and the type of blogging course that was right for me, I signed up for the Pro Blogger Bundle and started my blogging journey…

My Journey With Create and Go

Create and Go Courses Review

Create and Go has a whole collection of blogging courses.

You can take them individually – whatever you exactly need at your stage in the blogging journey.

Or, if you’re really serious, the bundle with all the courses might be the best option for you, as it was for me.


Here is a breakdown of each individual course.

PS: At the end, I’m summarizing price and value, an overall opinion on Create and Go, and the Pro Blogger Bundle (the bundle with all courses inside).

Course 1: Launch Your Blog Biz

For Beginner Bloggers

If you’ve never run a blog, this course is gold!

Launch Your Blog Biz starts at the very beginning and takes you through all the steps to set up and run your blog.

This course is so much more comprehensive than many other beginner blogger courses that implementing all strategies will take you months or years (it’s a complete guide including beginner strategies and many ways to drive traffic to your blog) so you get a lot more than with ohter beginner blogging courses.

Create and Go - Launch Your Blog Biz - Image Credits Create and Go

What You Will Learn in Launch Your Blog Biz

You will really learn how to set your blog up from the ground and teach you all the strategies on how to get people to find your blog:

  • The right mindset to approach blogging with
  • All the details on how to create your blog, from a technical and design point of view
  • How to publish your first blog posts
  • How to drive traffic to your blog (focus on Pinterest)
  • How to optimize your blog posts to be found on Google and Pinterest
  • How to talk to your ideal audience (in blog posts and on Pinterest)
  • How to monetize your blog (focus on ads and affiliate marketing)
  • How to build an email list
  • Which channels to add over time (Podacast, Youtube)

Launch Your Blog Biz Content – What’s Included?

This course is really comprehensive. Let’s have a look at the full list of modules:

The first sections are all about what happens inside your brain – the mindset work, and selecting a niche to blog about.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 1to3

Once the topics above are out of the way, you’re guided through the technical setup of your homepage, with Bluehost and WordPress. You’ll also set up and design your whole homepage alongside the detailed tutorials.

If you’re choosing the Divi Theme, you can literally follow along the tutorials click by click. But also if you’re using another template, this chapter has so valuable information!

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 4to5

Next, you’ll learn how to create content. From finding topics to write about to finding the correct keywords to cover in your posts, to actually writing your content – and how to write well.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 6

In this chapter, you’re guided through setting up an email list.

With the great email trust funnel templates, you’ll learn how to create an email sales funnel.

This chapter is literally like a separate course that you get on top of the blogging course for free.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 7

This is how you make money blogging: You’re learning the most typical monetization strategies with blogging – placing ads and affiliate links.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 8to9

Next is a deep-dive on how to increase blog traffic: The ‘building your audience’ chapter explains the difference between free traffic and paid traffic (and why you should focus on free in the beginning). It also goes through differences in search platforms that you can drive traffic with (Google, Pinterest, YouTube), and gives you the needed info to make your own choice on which platform to focus on.

In the Pinterest chapter, you’re learning the basics about Pinterest. If you really want to focus on Pinterest as your main traffic platform, there is a follow-up course that goes more into detail: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 10to11

This part is sooo important as well: It goes over the basics of SEO, search engine optimization.

For SEO as well: There’s a full course on SEO that goes more into detail. I highly recommend taking it after this course! LINK

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 12to13

Lastly, you have all kinds of bonus chapters: Additional platforms (YouTube and podcast), as well as some lessons about the business side of blogging.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Launch Your Blog Biz - Chapter 14-to16

In addition to the modules, you also get access to the Create and Go community Facebook group, which is very helpful, especially in the very beginning.

What I Like / What Could Be Better (Pros and Cons)

The most comprehensive beginner blogger course

I love that this course truly walks through all the steps needed to set up your blog.

Many courses skip this level of detail. But Lauren explains the whole technical side in a way that’s not scary at all, and has easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials on how to set things up exactly (you will profit the most if you use the same blogging theme that Lauren recommends – Divi).

It’s the best hand-holding you can wish for. I haven’t seen this done this detailed in any other blogging course!


Covering not only blogging but the basics of many platforms that help drive traffic

Another extremely positive point about Launch Your Blog Biz is that this beginner blogger course covers so many topics that other providers have additional courses for (or don’t and you have to figure out you need it by yourself).

I mean, Pinterest, e-mail, even a peak into podcasting and YouTube… It’s truly amazing what you get for your money in this course!

PS: To really dive into Pinterest, they have a whole second course on Pinterest.


I missed SEO but now it’s in the course!

I have to say, what was negative at the time I took the course was that it didn’t include too much SEO (I only realized that after more research). That was because Lauren and Alex didn’t really include an SEO strategy in the beginning, they had so much success with Pinterest alone.

In the meantime, however, they dove deep into implementing SEO and have launched an SEO-specific course. They have also updated Launch Your Blog Biz with SEO modules so it will be part of your learning experience if you take the course now.

In my opinion, SEO needs to be part of your content writing process from day 0 and would be much more time-consuming to implement later in your blogging journey so definitely go through that chapter right after learning how to write blog posts.


Big learning: It’s not about a pretty website

What I was shocked about is how basic the design of a blog can be to still make great money. I don’t mean this in any disrespectful way at all. But with my design background, I had an extremely high bar for how my blog should look (a.k.a. professionally designed websites).

When I saw how Lauren only used very basic designs, my first reaction was that I can’t spend this little time and effort on the design and that that’s not the standard to strive for with Pinterest pins either. But then I saw student blogs in the community that made money and not one of those blogs was designed in a way that was anything close to what I thought the standards had to be. But they were all strategic with their content, monetization, and driving traffic (maybe a non-professional-looking pin design even resonates more with your ideal audience!).

My learning was that – at least in the beginning – a beautiful design will not be a good investment of your time!

What you should focus on instead, is writing content that helps people, and using the right strategies (SEO) to get people to your website. As hard as this pill was to swallow for me, it was also freeing and helped me overcome the hurdle of getting that website first published.

But still the downside: Beautiful design is something I will have to figure out myself in the future.

create and go course notes

Is Launch Your Blog Biz the Right Course for You?

This course is hands down the best resource you can invest in when starting a blog, right at the beginning of your blogging journey in the best case.

You’ll save yourself so much headache trying to set up the technical side of your blog.

The one big thing that Create and Go cover uniquely well is teaching the basics about the legal side of blogging (many other blogging courses skip the legal side so you don’t even know that it’s something you should do!).

I had no idea what goes into that and it’s so extremely important that you cover this side from the start, to not run into problems because you simply didn’t know.

Create and Go is partnering with a professional lawyer on this module of the course so you can be sure that the information is good quality.

Also if you’ve set up your blog already but don’t get many views yet, this course will be great for reviewing all the things that go into blogging and finding the missing puzzle pieces. Like writing posts that are helpful for your readers, driving traffic, and the next steps you should start to learn about.

Course 2: Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

The Course That Teaches All About Marketing Blog Posts on Pinterest

The Pinterest avalanche course teaches you literally all the details on how to use Pinterest to get people onto your blog!

It’s a well-structured course that doesn’t only teach you how to do things step by step, but also the strategies behind everything.

Create and Go - Pinterest Traffic Avalanche - image credits Create and Go

What You Will Learn in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

  • Understanding the Pinterest platform and how the algorithm works
  • How to create and set up a Pinterest account
  • Which type of content to create and why
  • How to create and design pins (using Canva)
  • Pinterest SEO: How to optimize your pins to be seen
  • Pinning strategies
  • How to schedule pins (using Tailwind)
  • How to use analytics (Pinterest, Tailwind & Google Analytics)

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Content – What’s Included?

The beginning of the course introduces you to Pinterest as a traffic platform for your blog.

And it cleans out all the frequently asked questions right at the start, so you don’t have to panic when your stats go up and down.

brainstorming workshop full group discussion - design thinking methods

These modules take you through the core basics of Pinterest: The technical setup (how to create an account, and how to set everything up the right way), and SEO (how the Pinterest algorithm works).

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Pinterest Traffic Avelanche - Chapters 4-5

Next comes the strategy behind your pins: Which types of pins do well and what makes sense for your blog (which types of pins will give you a return).

I love that Lauren breaks down the different types of traffic – viral traffic and search traffic – and explains the differences.

You’ll also learn how exactly to design your pins in Canva (a design and layout platform).

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Pinterest Traffic Avelanche - Chapters 6-7

Did you know that with Pinterest you can schedule out your whole content months in advance? This section teaches you how to do that, with Tailwind (the top Pinterest scheduler platform).

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Pinterest Traffic Avelanche - Chapters 8-10

Lastly, there are some short chapters around the money side, bonus tips on how to create helpful content, and a sneak peek into the next course, Six-figure Course Creator.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 Pinterest Traffic Avelanche - Chapters 11-15

In addition to the modules, you also get access to the Create and Go community private Facebook group.

What I Like / What Could Be Better (Pros and Cons)

Like the blogging course, the Pinterest course walks you through the full process, literally step by step.

It’s so rare to find a course that goes over the technical side, all the practical steps in that level of detail, and explains the whole strategy behind everything.

I have to say, what could be better is the visual side of things. If you’re in a more visual niche like me, there are some parts of your Pinterest strategy that you’ll have to piece together yourself. The type of content that Lauren takes as examples in this course is the one of online coaches and experts.

What I love about this course is that it combines Pinterest and SEO (for Pinterest) and really gives you a successful Pinterest SEO strategy.

More about SEO for Google in the next course.

Pinterest Traffic Avalance course for bloggers by Create and Go

Is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche the Right Course for You?

Pinterest avalanche definitely is the right course if you’re at the very beginning of your Pinterest journey, or if you’re struggling to see results, or if you’re panically trying out different types of content that drive traffic, without a real strategy.

The type of bloggers that the specific content example focuses on are online coaches. But actually for all types of bloggers the information is absolutely relevant and the strategies laid out in this course are worth the investment for sure!

Course 3: SEO Blueprint for Bloggers

The Course that Helps You Rank on Google

If you don’t know what SEO is and why you need it – in simple words, it’s how you get found on the internet, especially on Google.

It’s the best strategy to implement if you want a sustainable blogging business – after all, you will need traffic on your blog (= people seeing your content, in less techy terms).

The SEO Blueprint for Bloggers training course is such a good entry into the topic of SEO! It truly is the perfect blueprint for any blogger and takes you step by step through the process of search engine optimization of your blog.

Create and Go - SEO Blueprint for Bloggers - image credits Create and Go

What You Will Learn in SEO Blueprint for Bloggers

  • Understand all basic terms and principles around SEO
  • Revisiting niche selection and home page setup
  • Keywords: How to find the right keywords
  • Blog post structure: How to implement keywords into your content
  • Domain Authority: How to improve your DR
  • How to SEO-optimize content (improve and update existing content)
  • Linking and backlinking strategies, including outreach
  • How to use SEO software to create content (Surfer SEO, Ahrefs, …)

SEO Blueprint for Bloggers Content – What’s Included?

This course includes all a blogger needs to know about SEO.

It’s structured in 3 main sections: SEO 101, SEO 201, and SEO 301. Those sections can be seen as a pyramid; you have to build a stable foundation with the first section before you can build the next one on top, otherwise, your stack will crumble down.

The first part reviews what you already have: Your blogging niche and your website setup. It teaches you everything that’s important to rank in search and helps you bring everything to a good level, to build a stable foundation.

Pro tip: If you’re just starting out with your blog, you want to implement this section immediately, while getting set up.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Blueprint for Bloggers - Chapters 1-3

101 – your SEO foundation: Keywords are the most important concept you need to understand when doing SEO. Those 2 chapters are all about how to find keywords. It also introduces Ahrefs, a platform that helps with keyword.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Blueprint for Bloggers - Chapters 4-5

The next chapters go deep into how to write good content that ranks: Implementing keywords, how to write titles, and what else to pay attention to (= link building).

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Blueprint for Bloggers - Chapters 6-7

SEO 202, the second level of the pyramid, goes into advanced SEO strategies: Link building, HARO, and writing truly helpful content.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Blueprint for Bloggers - Chapters 8-10

The tip of the pyramid, SEO 301, goes into perfecting your blog content to get even more out of SEO: Repurposing content across platforms, how to get backlinks, and using Surfer SEO, a content writing software.

It also teaches how to outsource SEO and work with contractors or team members.

Some bonus lessons from the next course around business round up the course.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Blueprint for Bloggers - Chapters 11-13

Like with all Create and Go courses, you’ll get access to their private Facebook group with students from all their courses.

What I Like / What Could Be Better (Pros and Cons)

The way the course visualizes the three sections of SEO in a pyramid is so helpful: Without a solid base, the building blocks in the higher layers (= all the small tips and tricks you catch up by researching SEO yourself) will not get you a stable end outcome.

Like with blogging and Pinterest, Create and Go creates such comprehensive and complete high-quality courses; they are leading blogging industry courses for a good reason!

There are literally only good things I can share about this course.

Just maybe my experience, to set expectations: Implementing the shared strategies will take you months if not years until you master them (I’m still in the process of dialing everything in, after a good year). It’s extremely comprehensive tactics and a complete guide. So don’t expect results in a few days or stop before you’re finished. It takes time to implement and then it takes time again to see if your way of doing things actually works (that’s just how Google works). Trust the process and stick to the blueprint that this course lays out for you!

I truly think that once you’re mastering all that this course teaches you, you’ll have a successful blog business.

SEO Blueprint for Bloggers course by Create and Go

Is SEO Blueprint for Bloggers the Right Course for You?

Whether you’ve just started a blog or you’re a successful blogger, chances are really high that you will benefit from this course. A few hits that this course is the right fit for you:

  • You have no idea about SEO
  • You have researched SEO but have no clear strategy that gets you results yet
  • You have focused on driving traffic to your blog over Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram and would like to learn how you can generate traffic over Google on top
  • Any of the above + you’re willing to test and experiment and put in the work

Course 4: Six-Figure Course Creator (formerly called Six-Figure Blogger)

Start an Online Course Business

The Six-Figure Course Creator course will bring you from a side-hustling intermediate blogger to a full-time blogger.

It’s all about creating an extra income stream with online courses and/or e-books.


Create and Go - Six-Figure Course Creator - image credits Create and Go

What You Will Learn in Six-Figure Course Creator

  • Business mindset & what it takes to convert and sell as an online business
  • Affiliate marketing
  • How to find the topic of your online course (or e-book)
  • Researching your future audience
  • How to structure and draft your course
  • Branding & how to finalize your course
  • Selecting the right online course platform
  • How to create sales pages
  • How to create content that generates sales
  • Detailed e-mail marketing strategy around course sales (trust funnels)

Six-Figure Blogger Course Content – What’s Included?

As every course, at the start of six-figure blogger, there’s a mindset chapter that explains the bigger picture around making money with a blog and online courses.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Six-Figure Course Creator - Chapters 1-2

The next part is all about the strategy around your future online course business and how to get there.

There is a full chapter about affiliate marketing – a great way to test your marketing skills and a channel to make money and have a profitable blog before you have your first product (course or e-book) finished. This part alone could get you a six-figure blog if done right.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Six-Figure Course Creator - Chapters 3-4

The main part of the course dives deep into idea generation and content drafting. It teaches you how to serve your ideal audience and how to speak to them.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Six-Figure Course Creator - Chapters 5-6

Once you have your course created, you’ll learn everything about selling it. High-converting sales pages, driving traffic, and the strategy behind all of that.

Create and Go Review Screenshots - Course 1 SEO Six-Figure Course Creator - Chapters 7-8

A full comprehensive chapter teaches you everything about e-mail marketing in your course (including templates!). E-mail is the most effective traffic strategy so this chapter is really important.

In the end, there are a few bonus chapters, including more e-mail templates, tracking blog financials, and an Instagram crash course.

What I Like / What Could Be Better (Pros and Cons)

From my experience so far, this course is – like the other courses – almost everything you could wish for when you start an online course. Especially the strategies and tactical puzzle pieces that are so hard to figure out yourself are laid out in a perfect blueprint.

I love that they have added multiple ways to monetize a blog – courses, e-books, and affiliate marketing.

Worth mentioning that this course also teaches you things that you wouldn’t have known that you need to know. For example, analyzing and speaking to your target audience or the importance of e-mail marketing.

What is not really covered in this course is the practical side of delivering the course (different formats, how to record yourself, etc.). But that’s topics that you can easily research on YouTube.

Create and Go Six Figure Course Creator course review

Is Six-Figure Course Creator the Right Course for You?

Six-figure course creator is definitely made for bloggers who already know what they are doing. Only if you have an audience (=traffic to your blog), it will make sense to dedicate the time to create your own product.

If you’re looking into creating your first online products, especially courses, this course is the perfect blueprint for you!

Also if you have created a first product but struggle to sell, this strategy-heavy course might have the missing few pieces to your puzzle to make the full strategy work.

All Courses in a Bundle: Pro Blogger Bundle

What’s Included in the Pro Blogger Bundle?

The Pro Blogger Bundle simply is all Create and Go’s courses in one.


The Best Deal if You’re Starting and Serious

Even if you’re not planning to create your own products, the Pro Blogger Bundle will be the best deal if you’re really serious about blogging:

How to start a blog: You will definitely need a solid foundation

SEO: Is a MUST if you have a blog (it’s the foundation to get seen everywhere, not just on Google)

Pinterest: Still is a great avenue for blog traffic that is more evergreen than social media.

Online products: There are valuable lessons in the six-figure course creator course on how to sell your own digital product.

Online courses: That’s the best way to get a high income from a blog, from what I see done by successful bloggers.

 The bundle teaches you all of that!

Create and Go - Pro Blogger Bundle - Image Credits Create and Go

Pros and Cons of the Full Bundle

The best things about the bundle:

  • You get a 20% discount compared to purchasing all courses separately
  • Even new courses are included!

I got super lucky and purchased the bundle a few months before their SEO course launched. So basically I got the SEO course for free (paying the bundle to the old price). But even without a future course, the bundle will be the best investment if you’re serious about blogging and are starting from zero (or could not figure things out with your own research)!

The only con of the bundle (when I wouldn’t recommend to buy the full bundle) would be if you’ve started blogging and seriously don’t need more than one of the courses.

Is the Create and Go Pro Blogger Bundle worth it?

Is the Pro Blogger Bundle the Right Course for You?

Create and Go’s courses are so comprehensive that even if you already do some of what they teach, the courses will still be great resources for finding the missing puzzle pieces.

They offer a full strategy, not just part of the solution.

I would say, the pro blogger bundle course is the least for you if you’re looking for a quick fix or a get-rich-quick thing (because blogging definitely is not a quick way to make money online). Or if you’re really proficient in for example SEO, sales, and marketing.

Create and Go Pro Blogger Bundle honest opinion

Summary: Create and Go Courses honest review

What are Create and Go Strong At?

All in all, Create and Go’s courses are so rich in content and strategy. And they are an extremely detailed guide to how to apply strategies in practice.

I love how examples are shown all throughout the course and explain why something did or did not work.

One of the strong points, especially in the blog biz course, the SEO course, and the Pinterest avalanche course, is the detailed step-by-step guides (sometimes they are to the click-by-click detail level). When you purchase a Create and Go course, the research on the side will be kept at a minimum; so much is taught inside the course already.

Seriously: So many other course providers would split the lessons up into many more sub-courses (for example e-mail marketing or sales pages).

But with Create and Go you’ll get what’s written in the course title and then so much more strategy and value that’s not even prominently mentioned. Just have a look at the “What’s Included?” sections of each course above or directly on Create and Go’s course description pages (they have a full list of modules listed there).


Time-wise you’re completely free: You can start the course any time, right away after signing up. And you’ll get lifetime access to both the courses and the Facebook group.

Good to know: Create and Go does NOT offer a strategy for social media (Instagram and TikTok). They don’t do it themselves so they don’t teach it. Except for a 10-minute bonus that is taught by one of their students who is mastering IG.

Create and Go blogging course review

Success Stories and Testimonials

One of the points that sold me on the pro blogger bundle course is the many student testimonials:

Create and Go has a number of students who have created a thriving online business. For example Natalie, Amira or Mia. They do not only make money blogging with affiliate links or ads but create a real connected audience over podcasts, coaching programs, memberships, and courses.

It’s so inspiring to hear their stories – they go into detail in their interviews on YouTube and on the Podcast.

Pricing and Value

Pricing of the Create and Go courses is more than fair.

The value that you’ll get from these courses is extremely high (you’ll be able to create a successful blog that makes money and pays for the courses in retrospect) and compared to other courses that are priced in the same range, Create and Go’s courses are just more comprehensive and dense in content.

So all in all: A good investment.

My Final Thoughts

Of course, purchasing this blogging course (or any course for that matter) does not do all the work for you:

  • You have to be willing to work on yourself and your skills and analyze your content and strategies.
  • You’ll have to continue researching yourself outside the courses, to make strategies completely work for you and your niche.
  • You’ll have to put in a lot of consistent work to dial in your blog (speaking of months and years).

So if you’re truly willing to put in all the hard work, Create and Go courses will be a really good place to start (or continue) your journey.

…It’s easy to say that I’m fully convinced of Create and Go’s courses.

I truly have to thank them for all the work they have done – they are the reason that I know what I’m doing on my blog!

I’m sure you discovered the perfect course to create your online business – wherever you are in your blogging journey!

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Is the Create and Go Course for You? My Honest Review [2023]

Sep 25, 2023 | BLOGGING, Product Reviews

by Corinne

by Corinne

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