How to create a color palette from image fast and easy

Color Palette From Image Easy and Fast

How To Extract Color Palette From Photos

Photos are an awesome resource for colors and even color palettes. They capture color in real-life scenarios.

There’s a huge variety of colors, hues, and shades in an image and they are more nuanced and authentic than if you select colors from color swatches.

By using a color picker tool, you can easily extract a color palette from image.

The color picker tool will analyze the picture and find the image’s primary colors, different color hues, tones, and shades, to create a well-rounded color palette.

By hand, you can tweak it until it’s perfect.



With those easy steps, you can extract a color palette from your own photos:

1. Find the right tool

There are many color picker tools out there.

For this example, we’ll go with the Adobe color wheel:

Another popular tool is the Canva color palette generator.

adobe color extract color scheme from image

2. Upload image

You will need your photo ready to upload (the image file on your device should be in jpg or png format. Some tools also support other formats or an image URL).

To upload the image into the tool, simply drag and drop it from your files manager into the online tool.

drag and drop photo - color from image step 2

3. Get your color scheme

In split seconds, the color palette tool will generate a color palette based on your input image.

It searches for predominant colors, interesting color combinations, and color variation.

extract color palette from image in color picker tool

4. Tweak your color palette

In any good color picker tool, you can tweak the first generated color scheme by hand.

In Adobe Color, simply drag around the color pickers (the little circles on your photo) to change the colors.


PS: You can also change the sequence of the color swatches in the palette shown below, by dragging a color swatch to another place.

adjust color tone in adobe color - color from image step 4

5. Get the HEX codes

Your colors will usually be defined with a color swatch and a HEX code.

HEX codes start with a #, followed by 6 numbers or letters.

For example: #1B1D36


HEX is the standard how colors are defined in digital format (learn more about HEX code here).

HEX code in adobe color

6. Save your color palette

Once you’re happy with your color scheme, save it.

The easiest and quickest way for this is to screenshot the palette including the photo.

Some color picker tools let you export the palette in different formats. Adobe Colors offers the option to save your palette to your Adobe Library.


Whatever file format you choose, just make sure that you have your palette including the HEX codes saved.

save color palette - color from image step 6

That was it, now you know how to extract a color palette from your images.

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Color Palette From Image Easy and Fast

Mar 30, 2023 | BLOGGING

by Corinne

by Corinne