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2024 Top Trend: Chrome Home Decor

Chrome is on trend in 2024!

After years of raw and textured surfaces and neutral tones, chrome is thrown into the mix as a welcomed balance and fun decor element.

Chrome embraces the maximalist style with its shiny look.


Let’s have a closer look at the new home decor trend and get some ideas on how to bring chrome into your home!

What is Chrome?

Chromium is a metal known for being very resistant to corrosion which makes it a perfect finish for appliances and other functional elements around the home. That’s why we are very familiar with seeing chrome in the kitchen and bathroom.

Chrome in home decor and interior design usually refers to chrome plating, a thin chrome coating on objects. It’s a popular surface finish and is mostly used on smooth surfaces.

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Chrome is coloured silver and very reflective – like a mirror (in fact, it’s one of the materials that is used to make mirrors). So the appearance colour is more of a fluid mix of silver, black, and white.

That’s why chrome-coated objects look shiny, lustrous, polished, hard, and cold.

A perfect eye-catcher!

Chrome in Interior Design and Home Decor

Shiny metal surfaces, specifically chrome, are one of the top 2024 trend predictions by Pinterest. Also, all big trendspotters in the industry, like Architectural Digest, have chrome in their 2024 trend list. It’s definitely becoming one of the new “it-colours”.

With the new trend, chrome is definitely not only used for its function but simply as a beautiful decor element:

On metal decor pieces, like mirror frames, chrome is a rather subtle finish. Especially against white walls.

In the kitchen, chrome is usually used so a more bold chrome piece, like a kettle, blends in well.

More bolder, chrome is seen on lamps, chairs, and side tables.

Also, smaller decor pieces are seen fully coated in the shiny finish. For example candle holders, bowls, and vases.

chrome home decor trend inspiration

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Styling the 2024 Top Home Decor Trend: Chrome Accessories

Here are a few ideas on how to introduce chrome to your home decor in a classy way this year:

Introduce Chrome step-by-step

Bringing chrome into your home can be a subtle transformation.

Like bold colours, hard and shiny objects like the trending chrome decor pieces can be “too much” really fast so go step by step, adding one item at a time.

chrome living room ideas

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Go for only a few distinct decor pieces

A subtle transformation is key when it comes to adding chrome to your home decor: Choose very few distinct chrome decor elements that you can easily swap out or move around if you don’t like them anymore.

Decor pieces for the shelf, side table, fruit basket, or centrepiece decor items are good starters.

Think vases, bowls, and decorative elements.

If you’re gifting a chrome decor piece to a friend or family member, these kinds of objects will make a great gift!

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Pair chrome with neutral tones

Like with every bold decor element, keep your base furniture colour neutral and timeless and add some exciting statement pieces to the mix.

Warm and light colours like white and beige look amazing with chrome.

Make sure that you’re balancing the hard surfaces with soft materials and textures.

chrome couch table accessories with neutral furniture

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Style chrome decor with natural materials

I love the combination of chrome decor with rough, natural materials with tons of texture. Natural colours get reflected and balance out the polished look of your chrome piece. The opposites create an interesting mix and add extra character to your home decor.

This makes chrome home decor perfect to combine with the minimalist style and with reduced down-to-earth Scandinavian home decor.

chrome home decor contrasting with natural materials

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Play with reflection

When decorating pieces with chrome details, pay attention to the reflections:

Let your pieces reflect colours, maximize light, or simply play with the mirroring.


PS: When you’re using chrome decor pieces as props for filming or photographing, be aware that the behind-the-scenes, or yourself behind the camera might mirror in your decor piece. Just clean up any mess or unwanted pieces in distinct colours if you don’t want your viewers to get distracted.

chrome table decor with reflection

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This post was putting a spotlight on 2024’s chrome home decor trend and gives you some ideas on how to incorporate it into your home. Have fun hunting for some new decor pieces and making them look amazing in your home!

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by Corinne

by Corinne

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