Canva Color Wheel and Canva's 3 Other Color Tools

A closer look at the Canva color wheel and Canva’s 3 other color tools

Did you know that Canva has 4 different color palette tools?!?

Your personal brand will elevate above the rest quickly on social media and among other blogs in your niche if you use colors consistently and with purpose.

But it’s not always easy to get the colors just right.

Don’t worry, we don’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer.

There are free online tools that help us in a few seconds!

Color picker tools like the Canva color wheel will be a huge help to choose the right colors and make beautiful color palettes for your content.

What is Canva Color

Canva has 4 different color tools available to help you with a color concept for your content:

Along with its Color Wheel, Canva also has a Color Palette Generator, a Color Meanings tool, and Color Palette Ideas.

In this article, we take a closer look at each individual tool.

Let’s dive in!

canva 4 color tools

Canva Color Tools


Canva Color Wheel


Canva Color Palette Generator


Canva Color Meanings Tool


Canva Color Palette Ideas

Canva color tools one by one

Canva Color Wheel

❯❯ The Color Palette Generator

Canva Color Wheel tool
  • You select a color in the color wheel and Canva generates a palette of 2-4 colors, depending on the palette style.
  • You can choose between 5 different styles
    • complementary colors (colors from opposite sides on the color circle – very high contrast)
    • monochromatic tones (the tool will create shades of your primary color – very low contrast)
    • analogous hues (colors very close to the base hue)
    • triadic colors (3 colors, evenly spaced over 3 sectors on the color circle)
    • tetradic colors (4 colors, evenly spaced over 4 sectors on the color circle)
  • The tool will create a color harmony based on proven principles in color theory
  • This helpful function took me a while to find: If you want to fine-adjust the colors, click on the color inside the palette and adjust there
  • As in all of Canva’s color tools, the colors are defined in hex codes below the color swatches
  • You can export the palette as a PDF
  • This page has a great summary of color theory, with very easy-to-understand visual examples
  • An additional cool function: You can directly use this color inspiration to create a graphic in Canva. There is a button to “Create a graphic” which brings you right to Canva’s template page with templates filtered for / adjusted to your selected palette.
Canva Color Wheel

My Opinion on the Canva Color Wheel

This is the best tool to learn and understand color theory!

The color selection dots inside the wheel change as you move the main color, illustrating how colors stand in relation to each other and how the color palette is created.

The article on the page explains the background of the color wheel in detail which is very cool!

No tool on the internet does this better, in my opinion.


To create a more custom color palette, I like Adobe Color better. But for quick palettes that stick to color theory, Canva’s color wheel is great.


The function to directly create something in Canva with your created color palette is just very practical if you work with Canva – it saves you a lot of time entering and adjusting colors yourself.

That’s why the Canva color wheel is the perfect tool to generate color palettes for your social media posts!

❯❯ Color Palette From Photos

Canva Color Picker

The Color Palette Generator is the tool for a versatile color combination!

  • Insert an inspirational photo that you love the colors of
    It doesn’t have to be your own photo by the way …as long as you don’t use the inspiration photo in your content of course!
  • The tool will create a color scheme from that inspiration photo
  • by clicking into the color swatch, you automatically copy the hex code to your clipboard
  • If you want to save the color palette as a whole, screenshot it for reference
Canva Color Palette Generator

My Opinion on the Color Palette Generator 

The palette generator is a convenient way to generate a well-rounded, versatile color palette. Or at least the first draft of it.

Yes, taking colors from an image generally gets you a nice color palette with secondary colors, not only primary colors.


The big limitation of Canva’s color from photo tool is that you can’t edit the selected colors in any way; what the tool automatically creates is what you get.

This drives me nuts and I couldn’t use the tool for serious color selection – I prefer a tool with more control, such as the Adobe color from photo tool.

❯❯ Learn More About Your Color

Canva Color Wheel Tool - Color Meanings
  • Select a color in the offered swatches selection or enter the hex code of your own color
  • The tool literally gives you everything about your selected color!
  • On the right side, you see the color used in different color palettes – both in the color theory-based palettes (the ones from the color wheel) and the human-created color palettes from the ideas tool
  • On the left side, you have detailed descriptions and insights on your color, such as the color’s history, its meaning, and how to use and combine it.
  • On the very bottom, the color is defined in all kinds of color systems (HEX, CMYK, HSL, …)
Canva Color Meanings

My Opinion on the Canva Color Meanings Tool

The color meanings tool is something that can’t be found in other online color tools.

It’s a great resource that gives more context to your (brand) color.

Learning about your color can be very helpful, especially to avoid wrong associations and interpretations, or simply to get more ideas on how to take advantage of its meanings.

That’s the first of Canva’s color tools in this article where I don’t have a downside  ; )

I like it a lot!

Canva Color Palette Ideas

❯❯ Color Palette Inspirations

Canva Color Palette Ideas for Inspiration
  • Do you need inspiration for your brand colors? If yes, the color palette ideas tool is right for you!
  • You are greeted with lots of seasonal and trendy color palettes that you can scroll through
  • If you search for something specific, for example, if the color scheme should include a specific color, you can enter a base color into the search bar and the selection will customize
  • The same goes for moods; type in an inspirational word, like a mood or a feeling, and the tool will show you matching color palettes
Canva Color Palette Ideas

My Opinion on the Canva Color Palette Ideas Tool

I love that there’s an option to just browse existing color palettes and get inspired!

Especially at the beginning of your project, or if you don’t have a clue about graphic design,  it’s very helpful to search existing color schemes instead of creating something yourself.

Now go have a look at Canva’s color wheel and their other color tools, play with them, pick your color combinations, and create beautiful designs!

Still need inspiration? try the following:

❯❯ Play with warm and cool colors (for example in the red-yellow And blue-green ranges)


❯❯ Create a palette with three colors


❯❯ Find a palette that uses the full color spectrum (for example, all primary colors)


❯❯ Find a monochromatic color combination that you love


❯❯ Create a high-contrast color scheme


❯❯ Try to draw attention to your primary color with a versatile selection of secondary color


❯❯ Use the color palette ideas tool next time you select paint colors


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A Closer Look at the Canva Color Wheel and Canva’s 3 Other Color Tools

Apr 13, 2023 | BLOGGING, Product Reviews

by Corinne

by Corinne

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