Candles - Top Favorite Winter Home Decor Essential

Candles​: Top Favorite Winter Home Decor Essential

From gorgeous candles over beautiful candle holders to the cutest enlightened little houses, you’ll find everything around candles for your winter home decor.

When the nights get longer, the air gets cold and crisp, and winter’s around the corner, there’s no better home decor item than candles!

Wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping on a hot tea and the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air – that’s how to embrace the long and dark evenings during the autumn/winter season in my opinion.

My go-to decor items are candles. The softly flickering natural light source of a lit candle is just so calming and beautiful at night, and the arrangements look super cosy throughout the day too.

And the best thing: It’s really easy to decorate – you can never go wrong with candles!


Here are a few decorating ideas for winter:

  • Use soft natural tones or throw in some trendy colors
  • Arrange assorted candles on a large tray and style it with some branches or dried flowers
  • Decorate your couch table with some good books and a few large candles, and put some cute throw blankets on your couch
  • Create a winter wonderland landscape with tealight houses
  • Add them to your go-to Christmas table decor

Let’s dive right into this carefully curated selection of candles and candle holders.



Stick Candles & Scented Candles


Tealight Houses


Candle Holders

Classic Stick Candles and Scented Candles

hygge canldes on Connox

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturer: Hay, Bloomingville, Audo

Nothing goes over a home filled with the soft warm light of candles.

Whether you prefer classic candle sticks in a beautiful candle holder, or candles with scents in a wide glass that spread a soothing home fragrance – or a mix of both – you’ll find your favorite one here I’m sure 😉

Stick Candles and Scented Candles on Connox

Stick Candles

1 | Spiral Stick candles in beige, by Hay

2 | Candle for Kubus Micro in white, by Audo

3 | Candle Set, by Audo

Scented Candles

PS: These will make a great gift in winter!

4 | ILLUME scented candles (Sea Salt scent, Santal Fig scent, Lemon Verbena scents), by Bloomingville

5 | Olfacte scented candle (various scents), by Audo

Tealight Houses – The Cutest Winter Home Decor Item!

Tealight houses winter home decor on Connox

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturer: Bloomingville, Kähler Design

Those miniature houses are just the cutest thing ever!

They remind me of a crafts project I did as a kid, but they are just a lot more classy in ceramic and metal. With a tea light inside, they spread the cozy atmosphere of walking around a cute neighborhood in the snow, all inside your own home.

There are so many different designs to pick from!

They will be my favorite decorating item for this upcoming Christmas season. And they will stay up until long after the holidays for sure 😉

tealight houses on Connox

Metal Tealight Houses

1 | Heidrun Lantern, gray (set of 2), by Bloomingville


Ceramic Tealight Houses

Urbania Tealight Houses, by Kähler Design

2 | Light House City

3 | Church

4 | Basilica

5 | Town House

I’m sure you’ll get obsessed 😉

Candle Holders – The Must-Have Basic You Can Use Year-Round

Canlde holders for winter on Connox

Photo credits for this section: | Manufacturer: Andersen Furniture, Iittala

These classic candle holders I truly love – they are a decor staple around fall and winter, but you can easily use them the whole year, even in summer!

They will blend in with every home decor style and will help transform every room, shelf, and table in your home.

Candle holders and tea lights on Connox

Tea light holders from glass

I love the rich colors of these. Combine them in a fun way!

1 | Tealight valkea holder, by Iittala

2 | Kastehelmi Votive, by Iittala 

Candle holders from wood

3 | Firewood candle holder, oiled oak, by Raumgestalt
for both, tea lights and stick candles

4 | Create Me Candleholder, by Andersen Furniture

Lanterns – Decorate for Winter Around Your House

Lanterns are a true Scandinavian staple when it comes to winter home decor.

They add so much style to your home and spread a cosy mood.

Small or big – select the size that best works for where you want to put the lanterns; on the dining room table, in the corner of your room, or outside the door on your porch.

Lanterns on Connox

Photo credits: 

1 | Lyra Wind light in pine wood, by Bloomingville

2 | Lantern, black (set of 2), by Hübsch Interior

This post was all about giving you inspiration for home decor with candles in this year’s winter season.

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Candles: Top Favorite Winter Home Decor Essential

Sep 20, 2023 | HOME DECOR, Autumn - Winter Decor

by Corinne

by Corinne

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