A Modern Boho Bedroom Tour

Modern Boho Bedroom Tour – Airy Small Apartment Bedroom Inspiration

Boho Vibe Meets Modern Nordic Style

Welcome to this boho-inspired bedroom tour!

This beautiful room is a mix of modern Scandinavian style and boho style elements, creating an airy, playful, and soft atmosphere.

Grey hues, lots of bright white, whitewashed wood tones, and accents in dusky pink – this bedroom decor is a girl’s dream oasis.


Whether you’re looking for small apartment bedroom ideas or just want some fresh decorating inspiration, this article will have something for everyone. Read on for more details about how I designed this inviting bedroom!


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Bedroom Tour

Nordic Furniture + Boho Decor Elements

The centerpiece of the room is a queen bed in driftwood optics, a whitewashed, light wood color.

The organic pattern of the carved wall panel above the headboard brings in a boho vibe and breaks up the clear lines from the bed frame.

The dark grey accent wall color behind the bed brings in coziness and makes the white wall art stand out as a focal point in the room.

Girly boho bedroom tour

DIY With Watercolor Photo Wallpaper

To bring in an individual mood and to make the room more personal, I worked with photo wallpaper: Watercolor spots in dusty pink cover closet and the headboard of the bed.

On one hand, the photo wallpaper breaks up the clean look of the room in neutrals and adds colorful accents to the room.

On the other hand, it’s a good trick to make two pieces of furniture from different furniture lines, in different colors and finishes, match (the bed in wood tomes + the closet which is fully white; PAX from IKEA in its cheapest finish).

Even a third piece, the mirror on the wall, match the look with its white frame and the reflection of the closet.

Bright and Airy Room During the Day

Lots of natural light floods the room from the large window on the foot end of the bed.

The white half-transparent curtains add privacy and diffuse the light in a beautiful way, while the light-colored bedding is reflecting the light additionally.

The niche between the closet and window is used with open shelvings to store personal items.

bright and airy modern boho bedroom

Natural wood through driftwood elements

Even though there’s not too much space for plants, on top of the shelving is the perfect spot to add that little touch of nature.

The DIY-ed driftwood jewelry hangers above the shelves are another organic element that brings natural textures and individuality to the space.

I love how the jewelry serves as an art / decoration piece like this – beautiful, personal, and functional all at the same time!

DIY driftwood jewelry hangers

The driftwood elements are picked up on the wall behind the door, across the room: A driftwood branch, mounted to the wall horizontally, provides practical hanging space for clothes.

DIY driftwood clothes hanger

Rounding up the Boho Decor Scheme With the Piano Niche

The niche between the door and window is just big enough to fit a dresser, or in this case, the piano that did not fit into the living room.

The vintage piano picks up the accent wall’s dark grey color, adding to the neutral grey base palette of the room.

Opened up, it reveals some wood tones which add warmth.

The fluffy woven wool rug in black and white, with its geometric patterns, is another true bohemian element; it’s a souvenir from my travels in Patagonia.

The art above the piano is an element that ties the travel-inspired niche to the color scheme of the opposite wall in dusky pink.

Fun fact: It’s my own landscape photo, photographed through purple-pink-tinted sunglasses.

painted piano inspiration

Transforming to a Moody Warm and Cozy Retreat at Night

I loved to work with different finishes, colors, and textures in the furniture and decor of this small bedroom, making it an airy bohemian oasis.

But what I love most is the moody cozy vibes at night:

With the light grey thick, textured curtains covering the window, reflecting the accent wall’s dark grey tone, the room is rather dark. But the oriental metal lamp casts a beautiful organic, lace-like pattern to all the walls and ceiling.

That small touch of glam makes this bedroom totally warm and inviting.

It’s my absolute favorite mood in this room!

A true bohemian flair…

Bohemian bedroom decor - Carved wood board and oriental lamp

Wrap-up: Going bold for this single bedroom in boho style

Thinking of the room’s lifespan in the design

This is the bedroom of my first apartment – a single apartment.

I could go a bit bolder with the interior design and decor than I would in a future house because the lifespan of a small single apartment is not longer than about 2 to 5 years.

The big furniture pieces are quite classic modern Scandinavian and make a perfect neutral backdrop for the more distinct bohemian style decor elements, such as the wall hangings, the oriental metal lamp, and the carpet from Travels with its ethno pattern. 

An additional textural element is the custom photo wallpaper – it really dyes the room in this bohemian feel and is able to create the illusion of a beautiful natural texture.

How to mix modern and boho decor

To bring the two styles together, I picked up a few elements in different corners across the room:

  • The driftwood pieces – a way to display beautiful natural materials (jewelry hangers and clothing hangers)
  • The pink elements (photo wallpaper on closet and bed, framed picture above the piano) complement the white-grey color palette in a beautiful way and making the room more female and creating visual interest
  • The clean white furniture pieces (closet, mirror, shelving)
  • Dark grey color on the accent wall and on the piano
  • Light grey color on the nightstand, bedding, and the curtains


modern bohemian bedroom decor

I would have a ton more ideas for bohemian interiors that would work perfectly in a room like this one if you have more space to play with.

Here are a few examples:

Plants in wicker baskets (if you have a green thumb and enough light – ps: mix standing plants with hanging plants), layered rugs (if floor space allows), throw pillows with rough woven textures and tassels (for an extra chic vibe) or throw blankets that pick up patterns and textures from other elements in the room.

After seeing this boho bedroom makeover, you should start dreaming up your perfect modern boho bedroom!

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Modern Boho Bedroom Tour – Airy Small Apartment Bedroom Inspiration [14m2 / 150ft2]

Apr 27, 2023 | HOME DECOR, Interior Design Inspiration

by Corinne

by Corinne

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