3 Best Blogging Courses for Beginners
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The 3 Best Blogging Courses for Beginners

Amazing Online Blogging Courses to Go All in With a Blog

Are you thinking of starting a blog but feel overwhelmed?

You have no idea what to write about, how to set up the technical side, let alone get people on your site?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!


Starting a blog can be both extremely exciting and very challenging.

Especially if you’re new to the world of digital content creation.

To set yourself up for success, it’s so incredibly important that you learn the right skills and strategies.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or have started your online blogging journey but need help to get it to the next level, I’ve got you covered.

This is not your average blogging courses list that repeats what’s written on the course’s sales page!

This recommendation page is based on real-life experience, from a paying customer who got the full inside view of those blogging courses.


The following courses are the 3 ABSOLUTE BEST BLOGGING COURSES out there, in my opinion.

I’ve done all the hours of research.

The comparing and reading reviews to make sure they are legit.

There’s a reason that I’ve signed up to them (and paid the full prices), on my own blogging journey.

All of the below information is my personal experience, as a student in the courses.


Here is the shortcuts to the right online blogging course for you:

Top Blogging Courses

Perfecting Blogging, Launch Your Blog Biz, Blog Growth Engine



What is blogging in the 2020ies?


Why you should start your blog


Skills that you need as a blogger


How do bloggers get paid?


Is blogging profitable for beginners?


Can you start a blog with no experience?


What to look for in a good blogging course and how to know if a blogging course is legit?


Paid or free blogging course?


In-Depth Reviews: My Tried and Tested Top 3 Blogging Courses


Perfecting Blogging | By Sophia Lee


Launch Your Blog Biz | Create and Go


Blog Growth Engine | Adam Enfroy


Recommendation and Conclusion: Which beginner blogging course should you get?

What is blogging in the 2020ies?

Have you ever googled a recipe?

Searched how to take care of your plants?

Researched around a health topic?

I’m 100% sure that most of the sites you landed on during your research were blogs. Without you even realizing it.

Blogging is much larger than you might think! It’s a growing industry.

On the other side, there’s self-proclaimed online blogging experts and the general rumors that ask:

Is blogging dead? Is it still worth it nowadays?

…Every person teaching blogging in a genuine way on YouTube will explain that on a regular basis because people apparently keep asking this question.

The answer is: Yes, it’s still extremely relevant.


No, it’s not the same as during the golden age of the first professional bloggers.

They didn’t have as much competition, and social media was a lot smaller (IG didn’t exist), so the content that was working was a lot different. While diary-type blog posts worked well during that time (around 2010), no one will read them anymore nowadays.

But the early professional bloggers also didn’t have so many proven paths to make money with their blogs. Affiliate marketing was new to brands and its value needed to be understood first.


Today, what works is serving with helpful content.

You need to provide it in a way that it’s visual, easy to scan, and easy to act on.

Your blog posts will not be long text paragraphs but short, targeted sentences, mixed up with images, buttons, highlighted sections, and so on.

And you have the option of using advanced software, including keyword research tools and AI writing tools.

You will need to invest in learning strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), to have a chance to be found online. On Google but even on other platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

You’re competing with big media houses who have the capacity to post multiple blog posts a day.

What bloggers often do today is build personal brands, lean into the demand for authenticity, build trust with their audience, and become an authority.

The blog might be one of several platforms that you use to reach people (Pinterest, social media, YouTube, podcasting, e-mail, online communities, or your own teaching programs are typical other platforms and channels).


To summarize: Blogging has evolved a lot over the past 15 years.

It’s bigger than ever but the landscape and opportunities are also a lot more complex.

The way you write content that is found and read has drastically changed and you need to develop your own strategies to make it all work.

Without being super strategic, serious, and driven, I don’t think you will by accident make it nowadays.


All the courses in this article will help you figure out a strategy that works, in their unique way.

Why You Should Start Your Blog

A blog is such a good resource that you can build for yourself.

It’s your home base so to say – the platform that you fully own and control. You can build it, and then expand to other channels. Or you can add it as an additional platform if you already have other online and in-person channels for how you engage and serve an audience.

Here are a few examples of why a blog might be helpful for you:

  • As an avenue to start an online business. Tip: Affiliate marketing will be a good first way to make money with your blog.
  • To build a home base for your personal brand that is not relying on someone else’s platform. If you’re starting fresh or already have a following on social media, YouTube, podcasting platform, or a customer base on Etsy.
  • To create a portfolio for yourself. That positions you as an expert in your field, or to showcase what you are creating.
  • To share your knowledge with the world.
  • To build trust and position yourself as an expert. From the ground up or if you already are a coach, professor, or other kind of expert.
  • To expand your reach as someone working in person, as a coach or trainer.
  • To build a passive income stream, if you’re a coach, speaker, or other kind of expert.
Blogging Content Schedule

Skills that you need as a blogger

As a blogger, you need a wide range of skills.

You might be surprised but creative writing is not even one of them!

Blogging courses will teach you exactly how you will need to write and it’s not what you might know from school.

You can follow a standardized, templated approach, and be strategic, to be easy to read and found online.

Here are a few other skills that are invaluable if you want to become a blogger:

  • Writing clearly, consistently, engaging, and in good language
  • Content planning and structuring
  • Technical skills, to build your own website on WordPress (It’s less scary than it sounds! You will not need to know how to code, you’ll use themes and templates)
  • Basic photography and graphic design skills
  • Time management
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and other strategies
  • Research, including keyword research
  • Analytics and data interpretation
  • Self-reflection, awareness on how to make outside forces like algorithms work for you, and willingness to adapt your approach (if you think you know better, you won’t get un-stuck)
  • Readiness to learn and improve
  • Understanding audiences
  • Basic digital marketing
  • Basic professional relationship-building

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

Bloggers can get paid in many different ways. It depends a lot on their niche and the strategies they follow.

The most common ways to monetize a blog are:

  • Ad revenue: Bloggers can display ads on their website. They earn a small commission, based on how many people see the ads or click on them.
  • Affiliate marketing: Bloggers can share links to products or services and if their readers buy through those links (and those links are affiliate links), they get a commission.
  • Sponsored content: Bloggers collaborate with companies, create content, and get paid for featuring the company and their products.
  • Digital products: Some bloggers make their own digital products, like printables, presets, eBooks, or online courses, and sell them to their audience.
  • *Physical Product Sales: Some bloggers have an online store and sell physical products like T-shirts, books, art prints, or others related to their niche. This is a different animal than the ones above so not a beginner strategy!

Those revenue streams are rather passive (except for sponsored content); meaning once you’ve created the content, you can continuously make money from it, without trading time for money.


Bloggers can also offer their services and skills.

  • Offering services: Bloggers can offer services like web design, photography, marketing, writing, or SEO services to other businesses.
  • Consulting and coaching: If someone’s an expert in their field, people might pay for their advice or guidance, in-person or online.
  • Speaking engagements: The same goes for speaking. Once someone has established expertise, they might get paid for giving presentations.

These revenue streams are closer to an active time-for-money business model of traditional jobs.

Is Blogging Profitable for Beginners?

Let me be real: You will put in a lot of work before you even get close to earning anything with your blog.

Blogging is definitely not a way to make money fast. Everyone who tells you something different is not telling the full truth or working with strategies that will not serve you in the long run.

All the experts in the blogging courses I took say the same:

People think it’s easy to blog and to make money blogging.

Many people start really motivated but only a small percentage sticks with it long enough to become successful.

Most people totally underestimate the work it takes and they quit only a few weeks or months in.

So it’s not profitable right from the start and it’s definitely not easy.


However, if you compare it to other ways to build a business – like selling physical products online or in a brick-and-mortar store – you have an extremely low upfront investment cost and a really high earning potential in digital marketing.

This high earning potential is also what makes a blog – or any other online content business for that matter – lucrative compared to a corporate job where you have a glass ceiling.

Blogging can become a highly profitable business in the long run. But you’ll need to put in serious work first. Without finding a strategy that gets your content seen, you’ll not earn a dime.

For inspiration, here are a few inspiring examples of highly profitable blogs (that made it relatively fast):

  • Mia Brox – She Dreams All Day: Mia is a Create and Go student. between 2019 (the year she went all in) and now, she found her unique voice and created products that bring her hundreds of thousands page views and 10 to 20k monthly income.
Blogger Mia Brox
  • By Sophia Lee: Sophia started her blog as a college student in 2017. Until mid-2019 she made up to 10k per month and by graduation in 2020 she made 40k+ per month.
    Today, Sophia and her team make over 100k per month with her blog.
By Sophia Lee Blogger
  • A Self Guru: Amira based her blog all on legal templates for bloggers and made money right from the start. In 2022, she made a regular 60k per month.
A Self Guru Amira
  • The Savvy Couple: Wanting to build their own business, Kelan and Brittany started their finance blog in 2016. Within 2 years they made 10k+ per month and in 2023, they make over 100k per month!
Savvy Couple blog example
  • Adam Enfroy: Adam took his digital marketing, business, and startup knowledge and applied the principles to his blog. It started earning him income within only a few months. Nowadays, he and his team generate around 400k per month (!) with his blog.
Adam Enfroy Blogger

Can you start a blog with no experience?


You don’t need any experience in writing, digital marketing, or website building to start building your successful blog.


You will need to be eager to learn and willing to invest a lot of time to get your blog up and running. And then more time to keep publishing new posts regularly, over years.

Blogging is definitely not an easy way to make money online fast or to build a large following.

It usually takes a long time (several months at least, but usually years) until you find that things “click”.

The question if you’ll make it as a blogger is less defined by whether you are good or bad. But a lot more if you’re willing to put in the work until you see results or if you give up before.

What to Look For in a Good Blogging Course and How to Know if a Blogging Course Is Legit?

Of course, around a highly popular topic, you will have lots of people claiming they’re experts. It’s really important that you closely check from whom you buy a blogging course to not get disappointed or scammed.

These are the minimum points I would check when buying a blogging course is:

1 | Proven Success

Does the person teaching have a successful blog?

There are many people out there who go into teaching something before they know how to truly make it work themselves. You’ll want to check if they have a blog with good-quality articles.

In my experience, most legit blogging course creators will be quite transparent on how they have grown their own blog and will show some of their own stats or tell you about their journey and speak from personal experience rather than telling you what to do without context.


2 | Monetization

How is the person making money with their blog?

If you want to create a profitable blog, have a close look into how the person offering the course teaches to make money with their blog. There’s no right or wrong here. But you want to buy a course from someone who uses a model that you think could work for you too.

For example, there are pages that make only money with ads. To make that model profitable, you’ll need lots of articles that rank high in Google and very high traffic (=page views).

Others make money with affiliate marketing which might be a much better model to start out.

But again here, have a close look into the type of blog they have and the strategies they use.

Among the courses in this review, Adam Enfroy and By Sohia Lee both have extremely profitable blogs ($100k+ per month) and both focus on affiliate marketing. But the content they write and the strategies they teach are really different.


3 | Strategy

Which content strategies do they use?

I touched on it above: There are countless different ways to get to a successful blog. I would first and foremost go with a blogging course that teaches you not only the step-by-step but also the strategy – the “WHY” – behind those steps.

You’ll need to understand the mechanisms of content and engagement to make things work for yourself and you’ll need to strategically choose how to build your content up over time.

There’s a huge difference between someone who built up a blog from nothing (no audience, no credibility) to a coach with lots of credibility and professional relationships and an influencer who already had an audience on social media and added a blog on top.

Also here: There’s no right or wrong.

You’ll just need to make sure that you pick a teacher who was in a similar position to you when they started out.


4 | Testimonials

On top of researching if the person teaching has a legit blog, you’ll also want to look out for testimonials.

Did their course help others build a successful blog? Are their student’s websites legit and in the quality and style that you could imagine for yourself?


Bonus: Niche

This is not a must. You can make strategies work really well across niches. But it’s always a little easier if you’re following the steps of someone who is in the same or in a similar niche as you.

For example, if you want to start a food blog, I would learn from a food blogger who has built a successful recipe blog. Their tips and step-by-step guides will be a lot more helpful for you in your food blogging endeavors than if you only learn the basics in a course and need to piece together the recipe-specific things by yourself.

…This is why for me, the by Sophia Lee course was so helpful: She doesn’t have the most comprehensive course out there but she teaches exactly what I needed and couldn’t find elsewhere! The tiny details of how she does things helped me big time (she’s in a visual niche too).

Paid or free blogging course?

You can get lots of free blogging advice. On YouTube or in countless blogging tips or even in a free course on how to build your blog.

What you’ll NOT get if you search all the parts individually or only take free blogging courses is a blueprint that works, with all the strategy parts pieced together.

Yes, you might be able to google your way to a blog. But you might miss the most important strategy parts, and get overwhelmed by all the different advice you get from different sources (“Do it like this!” “No, do it like that.” …).

Don’t look at free blogging courses and free pieces of advice out there and rely on the strategies that are proven to work, which will cost something.

So if you want to speed up the process – and definitely if you want to have a successful creative blog that eventually makes money – do yourself the favor and skip endless trial and error with free courses and get a good-quality blogging course.

In-Depth Reviews: My Tried and Tested Top 3 Blogging Courses

This blog post reviews and compares the blogging courses of Create and Go, By Sophia Lee and Adam Enfroy.

I am a student of all three blogging courses.

I have enrolled in their courses at different stages in my blogging journey, to deep-dive into different practical and strategic aspects, to ultimately find a strategy that works the best for my own blog.


All three courses I can highly recommend – for different reasons and to different kinds of bloggers.

Let’s dive into the courses and find out which one’s best for you!

Perfecting Blogging By Sophia Lee

For Visual-Heavy Blog Niches

Perfecting blogging is hands-down the best blogging course out there when it comes to visual blogs.

That’s the part that I dearly missed in other courses (actually, it shocked me how other blogs are so successful without a beautiful website which was a learning too).

But Sophia’s course doesn’t stop at beautiful visuals:

It teaches a very comprehensive strategy for the average blogger (including content planning and affiliate marketing) and hints at what you should focus on in the next steps – there are follow-up courses.

Really, all that beginner bloggers can wish for!


To be comparable, I’m focusing on the beginner blogging course, Perfecting Blogging. But know that there are more courses (mentioned below, under “What will you need after this course?”).

By Sophia Lee - Perfecting Blogging Review

Who Is Perfecting Blogging Made For?

Sophia created this beginner blogging course for new bloggers exactly like herself in her early years – students on a budget. So you know that you’ll be able to run your blog with limited time in the week and with a limited budget.

But foremost when you’re in a visual niche – design of any kind, craftsmanship, beauty, fashion, or luxury for example – this is the blogging course of your dreams!

Perfecting Blogging online course by BSL

What Is Included in Perfecting Blogging?

  • What you will need to run a blog and mindset
  • How to chose your niche
  • Set up a website that will serve your readers and how to select the right theme
  • Keyword research
  • Content planning and blog post ideas
  • How to write blog posts (in-depth instructions with examples, including 3 templates)
  • Keywords, content planning, and writing heavily focus on SEO (which is important)
  • How to make money from your blog (affiliate marketing and ads)
  • Bonuses: Digital products (printables), Google analytics, social media strategy, growth path (how to turn a blog into a business)
BLS Perfecting Blogging Pro and Contra

What Is Perfecting Blogging Best At?

Sophia is truly amazing in explaining what strategies worked for her, giving extremely detailed instructions, examples, and reasons why things work or don’t work.

It’s what I missed in other courses that teach the strategies but then don’t go into detail on the implementation side.

Apart from strategy, as mentioned above, this is the only course I found out there that is both strategic and teaches you how to build a visually appealing website.

So if you’re in a visual niche, this is the course you’ll need to get. And it could be the only course bundle you’ll need to build a successful blog.

perfecting blogging best actionable tips

How Much Money Will You Need to Invest to Follow the Strategies in Perfecting Blogging?

Sophia started her blog as a college student and that’s why she’s super budget conscious. Almost all resources she teaches are free. The only things you need are a domain and host (she recommends Bluehost which is under 3$ a month), your theme (for a one-time cost or free), and the price of the blogging course.

Tools That Perfecting Blogging Teaches:
  • Hosting: Bluehost (starting at 3$ per month)
  • Web content management: WordPress (free)
  • WordPress Theme: Amelia theme by 17th Avenue Designs (59$, at time of writing this article)
  • Graphics: Canva (free)
  • Keyword research: Google Trends, Pinterest (free)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics (free)
Sophia Lee Course Canva Template

Cons | What’s Not Included?

Sophia is the queen of teaching you only everything that is relevant for you, to practically apply on your blog.

She did tons of blogging courses and brings her learnings in a close-to-practice way.

If you’re keen on learning the technical side on a more theoretical level (for example all the background information on SEO), you will need additional courses that cover that.


Also, Sophia really only includes blogging and affiliate marketing in the Perfecting blogging course.

For Pinterest and Email she has follow-up courses:

What Will You Need After This Course?

Perfecting Blogging is the first course in the blogging course bundle By Sophia Lee. The courses that build on the first one are:

Perfecting Pinterest, teaching you all about content marketing and how to use Pinterest search traffic to your advantage.

If you don’t have a traffic source yet (a social media following for example), you’ll need to drive traffic to your blog. And until you get traffic from Google which takes a while (in general and for each new post), Pinterest is the best platform to leverage.

PS: There’s a discounted bundle for the By Sophia Lee Course Bundle (including Perfecting Blogging + Perfecting Pinterest)


Perfecting Email, teaching exactly how to start with email marketing.

For email marketing platforms you’ll need some extra monthly budget so it makes sense to invest in email if you already made your first income with your blog or if you have some money to invest while you’re building up your website’s traffic.


Pro tip: If you’re serious, go with the BSL Ultimate Blogging Bundle and save around 20% with the bunlde offer.

By Sophia Lee Courses - all courses to start a blog

PS: I made an entire By Sohpia Lee course review. Here is the full review:

053 | By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging Review XS

Launch Your Blog Biz by Create and Go

For Hobby Bloggers and Coaches

Create and Go are a big staple in the blogging course world.

Their beginner blogging course is one of the most comprehensive ones out there. And that’s not all: They have three more courses, to help you in different stages of your blogging journey.


PS: In late 2023 / early 2024, Create and Go’s courses were practically re-done. All courses received major updates, including all new video lessons.


To be comparable, I’m focusing on their beginner blogger course, Launch Your Blog Biz. But know that there are more courses (mentioned below, under “What will you need after this course?”).

Create and Go Launch Your Blog Biz Review

Who Is Launch Your Blog Biz Made For?

Launch Your Blog Biz is made for all kinds of beginner bloggers. It teaches blogging basics really comprehensively and always gives options for people on a tight budget.

The type of beginner bloggers that this course is best tailored towards are coaches and experts. Because Lauren and Alex, the duo who started Create and Go, have run a successful health and wellness blog, what they teach from experience is best aligned with other online coaches.

Create and Go blogging course launch your blog biz

What Is Included in Launch Your Blog Biz?

  • The mindset needed for successful blogging
  • How to select what to blog about (select your niche with your future audience in mind)
  • How to start your website (the technical side with WordPress, host, etc.)
  • How to structure your website (the exact pages your blog needs to have)
  • The legal side of blogging (most comprehensively taught, compared to the two other courses)
  • How to design your website (easy-to-follow step-by-step guides on the Divi theme)
  • How to write blog posts
  • How to optimize blog posts to be found on Google (SEO basics)
  • How to drive traffic to your blog (focus on Pinterest)
  • How to monetize your blog (focus on ads and affiliate marketing)
  • Additional channels and traffic sources (e-mail, podcast, YouTube)
best blogging course for online coaches by create and go
By the way: I made an in-depth Create and Go review. Find more details to the course content in there:
046 | Is the Create and Go Course for You? My Honest Review XS

What Is Launch Your Blog Biz Best At?

Create and Go are really good at providing a big-picture overview of what all goes into a blogging business.

Many courses don’t include some of the topics that are taught here, or only in a second course.

If you have never worked on a website before and are nervous about doing so, you can really benefit from the click-by-click instructions on how to use the Divi theme and WordPress (if you also choose to use the Divi theme!).

create and go course notes

How Much Money Will You Need to Invest Monthly to Follow the Strategies in Launch Your Blog Biz?

If you’re on a tight budget, you can start your blog for the upfront cost of the blogging course and WordPress theme and a hosting subscription of 3$ per month.

If you have more budget or start to make money over time, the course shows good upgrade software and services you might want to consider.

So if you want to make full use of the advice offered in this course, you’ll need a bit of extra money.

Tools That Launch Your Blog Biz Teaches:

  • Hosting: Bluehost (starting at 3$ per month)
  • Web content management: WordPress (free)
  • Graphics and Pinterest pins: Canva (free)
  • Keywords: Google Trends, Pinterest, Ubersuggest (free), Ahrefs (99$ per month)
  • On-page SEO: Surfer SEO (starting at 69$ per month)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics (free)
  • Email marketing: Convert Kit (basic free version / starting at 9$ per month for paid version)
best course for online coaches by create and go

Cons | What’s Not Included?

What I was missing in Launch Your Blog Biz was detailed examples and look over the shoulder lessons where strategy is practically applied.

The details that are shared and shown are more connected to the technical “how”, not the strategic “why”.


While the course is very good at teaching for different bloggers, no matter their niche, advice around strategy is rather broad.

It can understandably not be as targeted as the two other courses in this review that focus on teaching their exact strategy only.

What Will You Need After This Course?

Launch Your Blog Biz is the most comprehensive starter blogging course I have seen out there, with many hours of video lessons and instructional tutorials to build all aspects of your blogging business.

Create and Go have follow-up courses you might need to invest in, to create a successful blog:

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche teaches everything about Pinterest. If you don’t have a traffic source yet (e.g. social media), you’ll need a way to how to drive traffic to your blog. Pinterest is the best beginner-friendly way to do that so I would recommend focusing on Pinterest, shortly after you’ve built your blog.

SEO Blueprint for Bloggers is a detailed SEO strategy course. To build a long-term stable blogging business, you’ll want to leverage search engines like Google to get traffic. I would invest in an SEO course from the start too, to build your blog and write your posts the right way.

Six-Figure Course Creator teaches you how to turn your knowledge into an online course. This is either something you can start early, if you’re a coach or expert in a field, or it might be a product idea (monetization strategy) that you’ll choose further down the line when you already are a professional blogger. But definitely a bonus and not a must in your blogging strategy.

Tip: Get all 4 courses in the Pro Blogger Bundle for a discounted price.

Create and Go all blogging courses - blogging course, pinterest course, SEO course, online course course

Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy

For People Who Want to Make Serious Money Blogging

Adam Enfroy’s course is only for beginners who are dead serious about wanting to make serious money blogging (fast) and are ready to put in all that it takes.

It’s the most hardcore blogging course out there (with a full business course and the best-ever SEO writing masterclass-style chapter inside), with the most engaged, helpful community.

Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Review

Who Is Blog Growth Engine Made For?

BGE is sold as a full course on how to start a blogging business.

In fact, it’s one of the most detailed and best SEO-focused blogging courses online.

HOWEVER, it’s not at all your typical beginner blogging course!

This course is a masterclass in how to monetize a blog, from beginner strategies to very advanced strategies and that’s why I would highly recommend this course to any blogger who is looking into how to make more money blogging, even experienced bloggers!

Your premium blogging course so to speak, that’s well worth the money for intermediate bloggers to expert bloggers.

What you need to be aware of though: The type of blog posts that Adam teaches to write are quite dry and transactional. I personally didn’t fully click with this type of content and therefore got at least the same value from By Sophia Lee’s blogging courses (which is crazy to think since her course costs a fraction of BGE).

But if you do vibe with Adam’s post style, this course is more than pure gold!

Adam Enfroy Blogging course authority flywheel lesson

What Is Included In Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine is a blogging masterclass that teaches you Adam’s very advanced strategies from start to finish:

  • Overview of the blogging industry and comparison to startups
  • The brand of you (creating a personal brand and finding a profitable niche)
  • Developing your niche
  • Search intent, keyword research, and spotting trends (including in-depth Ahrefs tutorials)
  • Mindset for success
  • How to build your website (with Kadence theme)
  • How to publish a post
  • Content creation: Content assembly line (writing templated blog posts, including 3 templates and very detailed instructions), incorporating SEO into blog posts
  • Web copy masterclass (how to write high-quality content, how to write sales content)
  • Link building to create authority (guest blogging strategy and attracting links)
  • 4 phases of monetization (affiliate marketing, ads, selling your own digital products, consulting)
  • Monetizing skills (selling links, copywriting, marketing packages, consulting)
  • Business side: Pricing, billing, proposals, contracts (almost a complete business course!)
  • Content updates
  • Outsourcing (hiring freelancers or a team)
Adam Enfroy Blogging course - how it looks

What Is Blog Growth Engine Best At?

BGE is an extremely detailed blogging masterclass (they actually re-brand it now to a mastermind because it’s truly more than a blogging course!).

Adam has only started his blog in 2019 and has grown it from nothing into a money-making machine only within a few months. So you can be sure that all his strategies are both, extremely effective and still valid today (other than other bloggers who got big 10 or 15 years ago and might teach strategies that don’t work the same way anymore nowadays).

BGE is best at most things, in my opinion: Giving you guidance on how to build a successful authority site with your personal brand, step-by-step instructions for all tools you need to build and run your blog, an extremely dedicated community, and a group of coaches (they have a few coaching calls per week that get recorded), and a far more comprehensive, detailed, and actionable blogging and online business strategy than you could get elsewhere.

You get all the tools to create a successful online business, in this premium blogging course!

PS: If you’re interested in BGE but nervous about the price, sign up for Adam’s free on-demand masterclass.

You will get familiar with his teaching style and strategies and will be able to make a more informed decision.

Affiliate Marketing Course - by Adam Enfroy

How Much Money Will You Need to Invest Monthly to Follow the Strategies in Blog Growth Engine?

Fast blogging success, from copy-paste templates and strategies, is not cheap.

If you go with BGE, you will need to invest serious money into paid platforms, to get the most out of it (for sure Ahrefs and Surfer SEO). Otherwise, you can only partially implement the strategies that the course teaches.

Because Adam teaches to use only the best of the best tools – that will get you a profitable blog – this course is overkill and really way too expensive if you’re not putting in the effort to make back your investments with the money that your blog earns. You will need to be willing to implement Adam’s blog post-writing strategies in detail to make his strategy work.


Adam Enfroy’s blogging course is a really heavy investment.

Not only money-wise but also time-wise.

You will need to be hardcore dedicated and willing to put in serious time and work to get your blog off the ground and run it like a startup.

Tools That Blog Growth Engine Teaches:

  • Hosting: WPX (starting at 21$ per month)
  • Web content management: WordPress (free)
  • Theme: Kadence (basic free version / paid version for 149$ per year)
  • Keyword research: Ahrefs (99$ per month) and a few additional tools
  • Writing: Surfer SEO (starting at 69$ per month)
  • AI writing: Content at Scale (starting at 250$ per month)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics (free)
Adam Enfroy Surfer SEO masterclass

Cons | What’s Not Included?

From a technical level, there’s not really anything that’s not included in this course – it’s incredibly comprehensive.

Strategy wise, Adam’s way of blogging is really different from common advice. He doesn’t count on any other traffic drivers than Google (powered by links from other blogs) so he will not teach you anything about Pinterest like most other courses, or social media.


The biggest thing that’s missing in this course is a budget-friendly option.

If you want to fully apply Adam’s strategies, you’ll need to go all in. Investing in the tools he recommends which have quite a high cost when you’re not yet making money back. But doing it half-ass you’ll only waste a lot of money.

So either you take the high upfront cost and go all in.

Or you see this course as a masterclass on SEO and don’t act on the full strategy (but then don’t expect more than a fraction of the results that other students get!).

I don’t think it’s bad. It’s just something you need to be aware of!

What Will You Need After This Course?

Adam includes literally everything you’ll need in this course that feels more like a private mastermind group. So after the expensive course investment there’s no additional course or upscale on blogging – you’ll get everything with your one purchase.


PS: Adam is soon launching a separate YouTube course. He talked about it in recent YouTube videos. However, doors are currently closed for a small beta group and are expected to open back up in spring of 2024.

Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine Mastermind what's included in the 2023 update

Recommendation and Conclusion: Which Beginner Blogging Course Should You Get?

In summary, there are tons of blogging courses online. All of the three introduced courses are high quality and among the top blogging courses on the market.

So you will not select a “bad” course when you choose from this list and you can definitely learn blogging skills and become a successful blogger with all of them.

All of the online blogging courses:

  • Are made by legit, experienced, and extremely successful bloggers and have plenty of testimonials
  • Give you a real insight into strategies and examples, including their own blog
  • Have a comprehensive list of modules and cover all needed blogging basics (how to know what to blog about, how to build a home page, how to optimize content for your readers and to be found in search engines, how to drive traffic to your blog, and how to monetize your blog)
  • Include a community where you can ask questions (a Facebook group or similar)
  • Give you lifetime access
  • Give you updates for free


But I would carefully select which online blogging course is best for you specifically!


So here are some more factors to consider:

If you

  • Care about creating a beautiful blog, especially in a visual niche
  • Want to learn blogging strategy in a way that’s practical and not overwhelming
  • Search for the best all-in-one starter blogging course
  • Love to be a fly on the wall of a successful blogger
  • Are on a tight budget

you’ll love Perfecting Blogging by By Sophia Lee.

Best beginner blogging course By Sophia Lee Perfecting Blogging
If you

  • Are a coach or want to establish authority to become one
  • Are interested in creating your own course online in addition to your blog (no matter on what topic)
  • Need handholding and detailed instructions on how to build your WordPress website

go for Launch Your Blog Biz by Create and Go – one of the most comprehensive starter courses for new bloggers.

Best blogging course for coaches - Create and Go
If you

  • Want to build a successful profitable blogging business fast
  • Are dead serious about building an online business and want to get the best resources out there
  • Want to deeply learn about SEO
  • Want to build a blog that makes its money over posts that rank on Google
  • Want to earn money as an SEO writer
  • Want to learn how to use AI tools as a blogger
  • Want to improve your Domain Authority
  • Want to learn detailed link building strategies
  • Are looking for advanced courses on blogging

AND have the budget needed to invest in the tools recommended in BGE, you’ll be best served with Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy and his growing team of blogging coaches.

Best Blogging Course to Make Money Adam Enfroy Blog Growth Engine
So whatever you want to blog about, it’s important that you’re taking online blogging classes from the right person.


You should select the person who writes blog content close to what you can imagine writing yourself. And you should pay attention to the strategies that the blogger teaches (you’ll find them in their YouTube videos and in free webinars).

I hope you have all the information needed to choose the best blogging courses for you personally.

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The 3 Best Blogging Courses for Beginners

Oct 25, 2023 | BLOGGING, Product Reviews

Last updated: Jan 6, 2024

by Corinne

by Corinne

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