8 best aesthetic lego sets for adults

From Fun to Art: The 8 Best Aesthetic Lego Sets for Adults

Adult Lego Sets Gift Ideas

Have you noticed that LEGO has been trending recently?

I mean, not only among kids and hardcore fans but among people of all ages, like you and me…


It’s so cool to see how LEGO evolved from a fun toy for kids to a fun creative and weekend project.

A lot of it has to do with their new sets: Building those miniatures is not really fun if you can’t at all relate to the things you are building, correct!?

That’s what LEGO must have discovered. And they answered with a bunch of 18+ series which they specifically make for adult fans.

Those sets come in the form of subject themes from popular culture. Like cars, musical instruments, architecture miniatures, and recreations of famous art pieces – plenty of choices.

There’s something beatufiul for everyone!

The new sets are beautiful, colors are balanced (leave the typical primary colored Lego bricks you know from your childhood in the past), and the pieces in those new popular sets are made in a way that you would actually want to use as display and decor pieces around your home, or start collecting them.

best gift for your loved ones - LEGO building kits

Another part is the trending topic around mindfulness.

Living in a fast-paced, stressful world that is driven by our phones, we seek mindful practices that bring us down and ground us.

What better way is there to do that than to immerse ourselves in an activity that is calm, repetitive, and rewarding?


If you’re looking for the right gift for a loved one, wouldn’t it be nice to gift them not only a ‘thing they are going to love’ but bundle it with a fun and mindful experience, and the rewarding feeling of having created something on their own (without needing to be super creative)?

mindfullness gift for your friends and family - LEGO building kits

8 LEGO Sets Adults Will Love

This list is themed around LEGO art sets and pieces that will be beautiful to decorate your home with.

Explore the list and get inspired to create your own LEGO home decor piece.

I included the size and average time to complete the set in the lists so you can better estimate if a specific set is suitable or not.

By the way: Did you know that some of those sets come with free bonuses like soundtracks? Definitely keep your eyes open for them, on the LEGO shopping pages!

8 lego sets for adults to display at home



Dried Flower Centerpiece


Hokusai - The Great Wave




Vincent van Gogh's - Starry Night




World Map


Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar


Modern Art

Dried Flower Centerpiece

LEGO set #10314

LEGO dried flower centerpiece

Anyone who loves a well-decorated table will absolutely adore this dried flower centerpiece.

It’s inspired by fall colors so it will be the perfect gift around the winter holidays.

The focal point are a gerbera and a rose, with many small flowers and greenery around.

I love the diverse color palette – balanced warm tones from yellow to dark red combined with muted greens, and highlights in white.


Bonus tip: This set can actually be re-arranged into a circular centerpiece: Simply combine it with 2 more of the same sets.

How fun would it be to invite your friends over to a girl’s night, and build the three sets together?!

unique festive dining table dried flower centerpiece from legos

Hokusai – The Great Wave

LEGO set # 31208

The Great Wave in LEGO

This is one of the new releases in 2023.

The Great Wave by Hokusai is one of the most iconic pieces of art in Japanese history and I’m just amazed at how good it looks in LEGO!

Put it on a wall or photo ledge.

This piece will be loved by any art and culture enthusiasts, I’m sure 😉

The Great Wave by Hokusai, recreated in LEGO


LEGO set # 10298

LEGO Vespa light blue

This tribute to a classic 1960s Vespa Piaggio in pastel blue just encapsulates La Dolce Vita most fittingly.

If you always wanted to drive a Vespa but never got to buy one, this fun weekend project might be the perfect fit for you.

PS: Did you know that pastel blue is a pretty rare LEGO color?


❯❯ For all car lovers: LEGO has an incredible collection of car miniature models that you might want to check out. It ranges from construction vehicles to luxury cars.

Vintage Vespa display by LEGO

Vincent van Gogh – Starry Night

LEGO set #21333

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh in LEGO

Vincent van Gogh is definitely one of the artists with the most distinctive style!

His rough brush strokes and color combinations are inspiring artists still today, and make his work special and unique.


The tribute to Van Gogh’s art piece Starry Night was actually made by a LEGO fan, how cool is that!?!

LEGO has a platform for Lego builders to submit their creations. It’s a contest type of process where the piece with the most votes gets produced as a LEGO building set.


What I love most about the Starry Night set is that – other than most of the LEGO art sets that are mainly flat – this LEGO art piece is truly three-dimensional. The cypress tree and the village in the foreground add layers and make the piece come to life.

More info on this set, and a comparison between the Lego recreation and the original art piece: All the details to Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

LEGO van Gogh painting with 3D effect


LEGO set #21327
Typewriter in LEGO

The Typewriter is another set that was created by a LEGO fan, in the LEGO ideas series.

It’s an homage to mid-century modern typewriters, and it comes in the typical 1950ies mint green color.

This set is not only a beautiful display piece for your office but it’s also fun to play with: The types are actually movable and you can insert a real sheet of paper!

You will surely get nostalgic feelings building this set 🙂

Typewriter from LEGO technics with movable letters

World Map

LEGO set #31203

largest LEGO set - World Map

Looking for the largest LEGO set that’s out there?

Well, you’ve found it!  😉

The world map is over a meter wide and is the largest set that the LEGO group has made to date.

It might have something to do with the detailed contours of the world’s continents and islands: The larger you go with the LEGO creation, the more detailed you can recreate a complex 2D design like the world map (after all, LEGO pieces have a defined size that makes pretty large pixels) 🙂

The world map is definitely the number one gift for the world traveler in your life.

And an amazing detail: Depending on how you see the world, you can put your continent in the center. There are actually 3 ways that you can arrange the plates of this map – with Europe in the center like in the images, or with the American or Asia and Australia in the center. Pretty amazing, right?!?


PS: If you think that this is a bit of a too challenging project, or the price is too high, there’s a globe building kit as well which is smaller and faster to build which might be more suitable.

LEGO world map ideas how to style

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar

LEGO set #21329

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar in LEGO

An amazingly fitting home decor piece for all music enthusiasts out there definitely is this model of a 1970s Fender Stratocaster guitar with an amplifier.

It sparks nostalgic feelings and is the perfect project for a cozy evening at home.

Mini Fender guitar home decor display piece from LEGO

Modern Art

LEGO set #31210

LEGO Modern Art - DIY abstract art pieces

This set is for sure the most creative one of them all!

It was released in 2023 and I’m sure it will become a favorite among fans.

It’s a praise to modern abstract art, and it can be assembled in countless ways so you can create a truly unique piece.


You can keep coming back to it and partially dismount and re-arrange, or even build it out if you have more than one set.

I truly love the thought behind this idea and am sure that it will become a LEGO favorite for art lovers and creatives.

LEGO art set to create abstract art from LEGO - customizable set

You may have discovered your new favorite aesthetic LEGO set in this list that creates an opportunity for a mindfulness project for an upcoming weekend, a beautiful display piece around your house, or a great gift for a loved one.

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From Fun to Art: The 8 Best Aesthetic Lego Sets for Adults

Aug 16, 2023 | HOME DECOR, LIFESTYLE, Spring - Summer Decor

by Corinne

by Corinne

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