Inspiring Atomic Habits Quotes for Growth

17 Inspiring Atomic Habits Quotes for Growth

James Clear Atomic Habits Quotes

Have you ever wondered why some people effortlessly seem to crush their goals while others struggle to make even the smallest progress?


You have all the best intentions but then… habits fizzle out sooner than expected.

It’s hard to make space in your life for a new habit and it’s even harder to keep it up for more than a few days in the busyness that is our life.


But did you know that exactly this simple skill of implementing habits and sticking to them could make you a super successful person, making your dream life become reality?

It’s quite surprising but there’s not a magic trait, superhuman discipline, or a certain level of IQ that makes the difference. It’s the compound interest of making small changes through habits that serve you in the everyday.

They make your life a tiny percentage better every day.

If you compound this over years, it’s an exponential line catapulting you towards your dream life.



Progress requires unlearning habits that don’t serve you and building systems that make learning habits that serve you easy. But first, you need to have an honest conversation with yourself to find out what you truly want.


Atomic Habits Book

James Clear put all this wisdom into his book Atomic Habits which has taken over the world since it was published in 2018.

There are so many good lessons in this book, written in an easy-to-understand language.


Here are my top 17 quotes from Atomic Habits:

The Power of Habits and Growth

James Clear explains that the most powerful outcomes are only reached by a long period of implementing habits consistently. Along the way, the habits might not seem to change the world. But if you keep them up long enough, you will achieve the extraordinary and become the person you wish to become.

The seed of every habit is a tiny decision towards it.

– 1 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 1 - changes

“Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them for years”

That’s the above-described compound interest of self-improvement.

– 2 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 2 - quality of habits

“The quality of our lives often depends on the quality of our habits”

This quote hints that if we want to have a great life or achieve a big dream, we need to shape our habits in a way that serves our dream outcome. We can’t just sit there and expect a high-quality outcome if we don’t form good habits.

It’s an empowering fact!

– 3 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 3 - better habits

“With the same habit, you’ll end up with the same result. But with better habits, anything is possible”

You need to design your day-to-day (= your habits) in a way that serves you: Get rid of bad habits that led to your past behavior and do more of what gets you closer to your goals.

– 4 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 4 - most powerful habits

“The most powerful habits are delayed”

It can be really hard to pinpoint why you were successful in something. That’s because it’s not a single thing or a single event that made the difference. But it was being consistent over years, making decisions that served your goals, in the form of small habits.

Like professional athletes: They spend their lives training (implementing habits) until they win the big tournament. Without all the pre-work, the end success wouldn’t have been possible.

Exploring identity-based habits

Identity is one of the most powerful drivers for new habits: The more pride we have in something, the more true motivations we will automatically generate to keep it up. Your actions reveal if you really want something.

Let’s use that to our advantage!

– 5 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 5 - how to maintain habits

“Once your pride gets involved, you’ll fight tooth and nail to maintain your habits.”

You can try to find as much rational sense as you want. But finding a way to bind your new habit to your identity and pride is the best possible way to motivate yourself and to make the habit permanent.

– 6 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 5 - focus on who you wish to become

“The most effective way to change your habits is to focus not on what you want to achieve, but on who you wish to become.”

Envision the person you wish to become.

How do they go through life? How do they behave? Which priorities do they set?

Deciding through the lens of your future self – the best-case dream version of yourself – can lead to a lot better decisions than trying to make the right decisions from your current standpoint.

Think: What would [this future version of myself] do?

For example: What would a healthy person do? / What would a successful business person do? / What would an organized person do?

– 7 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 6 - habits help become the person I wish to become

“Does this behavior help me become the type of person I wish to be?”

For example, if you want to lose weight: What are the eating habits of your future self who is fit and has established a healthy diet?

– 8 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 7 - habits shape identity

“Your habits shape your identity. And then your identity shapes your habits. It’s a two-way stream.”

Our daily habits, the things we do over and over, shape who we are.

But here’s the twist: Our identity, how we see ourselves, also guides our habits. We tend to act in ways that match who we think we are.

Change one, and you can end up changing the other.

– 9 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 8 - proof of identity

“Whatever your identity is right now, you only believe it because you have proof of it.”

Our identity isn’t set in stone. It’s a flexible idea that we have because we’ve seen evidence in our lives.

So, if you consider yourself a fit person it’s because you know that you work out regularly. If you think you’re a good problem solver, it’s because you’ve solved problems before.

The cool part is, this means you can shape your identity by creating new evidence: Do something new more often, and soon, you’ll have the proof to back up that identity.

How to set the base for good habits

We sometimes like to believe that life happens to us.

We think that we’re just not as lucky as others. Just not as talented, just not as smart, athletic, or good.

James Clear explains how this is just not true and how we can put ourselves into the driver’s seat of our lives.

The base for good habits to bloom is to establish an environment that serves you. Clear talks about being the architect of your own environment – you are responsible for setting your surroundings – physical spaces you spend time in, relationships you maintain, the items that you see and use, and the routines in your day-to-day.

– 10 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 9 - lacking motivation

“Many people think they lack motivation. But what they really lack is clarity”

means that when we think that we are just lazy or not disciplined person, it’s often because we don’t have the right system in place that support us to pull through. Or because we don’t know how exactly to implement a good habit in our life, on a really practical level.

If we follow James Clear’s process of building habits into our every day, it will become easy to keep them up over a long time, until they become second nature. And that’s when we will realize that it’s not that we lacked motivation for the habits that didn’t stick but that we didn’t have the right system in place for them.

– 11 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 10 - temptation

“It’s easier to avoid temptation than to resist it”

This quote explains a really smart idea. Instead of trying really hard to say no to things we’re tempted by, it’s better to set our surroundings up so we’re not even tempted in the first place.

Like, if you can’t resist sweets, it’s simpler to not have them around than to try not to eat them when they’re easily accessible in your kitchen (or worse, on your counter).

It’s all about making things easier for yourself by changing your surroundings, so you’re not facing a tough battle with willpower.

It’s like setting things up for yourself to get an unfair advantage!

Habits for your everyday: Small changes of mundane tasks for big impact

To make good routines stick, we can’t always count on intrinsic motivation. Rather, the book describes tactics on how to care for our new habits like for a delicate flower: With every tiny decision, we are internalizing the new habit and subconsciously implementing it in our daily lives. It really makes a meaningful difference in the long run!

– 12 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 11 - you become your habits

“Quite literally, you become your habits.”

We are designing our lives with our choices and habits – one small action at a time. Every decision you take is a vote towards your future self. The good or bad habit you form today is affecting the person you will be in the future.

– 13 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 12 - attractive habits

“Habits are attractive when we associate them with positive feelings”

That one’s a very cool function in our brain: When we connect a positive feeling to a habit, we like to do it over and over, to get that positive feeling again.


Clear gives us a hack to use this effect to our advantage:

Step 1: Just add a short ritual to a habit that already creates a positive feeling for you and always do that short ritual before the habit.

Step 2: Once internalized, start to add that ritual to something that is hard for you. The positive feeling that is spared by the ritual will spill over to the hard thing and your body will connect more positive feelings to the hard thing.

It’s truly a body hack!

– 14 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 13 - low energy habitys

“The less energy a habit requires, the more likely it is to occur.”

We are lazy.

And that is a deeply rooted reason: Our body wants to save energy to survive.

So to make a habit stick in the long run, make it low effort in the beginning!

How to achieve big dreams with atomic habits

…All big outcomes come from small beginnings!

It’s sad but some people spend their entire lives waiting for the time to be right to make a change.

It’s a safe choice – they will not fail – but clearly not serving them – they will for sure not win with this approach. James Clear gives a lot of practical advice on how to start making progress towards your goals:

– 15 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 14 - how to master a habit

“If you want to master a habit, the key is to start with repetition, not perfection”

That one’s so impressive!

We sometimes completely overrate doing something well. We don’t want to make mistakes. We want to do it right.

But actually, doing something often is a much better way to eventually do it very well than to wait and overthink.

– 16 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 15 - surround yourself with people who achieve

“New habits seem achievable when you see others doing them every day”

A reminder to surround yourself with like-minded people and role models you look up to.

Tip: Use the advantage of social media and connect with people who live the life you want for yourself and learn from them.

– 17 –

James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 16 - how to become excellent

“The only way to become excellent is to be endlessly fascinated by doing the same thing over and over”

Ususally, what keeps us from achieving our goals is becoming bored before we reach them. James Clear says that the difference between people who rise to the level of their goals and the ones who don’t is not talent. But the willingness to go for endless refinement and continuous improvement, over a long time.


James Clear Atomic Habits Quote 17 - make it obvious make it attractive make it easy make it simple

Make it obvious – Make it attractive – Make it easy – Make it satisfying

That’s Clear’s 4 rules of how to form habits. The whole book is structured around those four principles.

The greatest threat to sticking to your habits is becoming bored and dropping the ball. These 4 principles help keep an action fun over a long time and make it easy enough to make it a habit.

These are the top quotes from Atomic Habits

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17 Inspiring Atomic Habits Quotes for Growth

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