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I’m Corinne


High-quality furniture & home decor brands and designers are my favourites on socials, loving to keep up to date with the newest collections.

I find inspiration not only online but by going out and experiencing different styles and cultures in the everyday and on travels.



It warms my heart finding good-quality home styling items and imagine how to mix and match them to different people’s styles, blending in new items with what they already have.

And – if you’re a designer you feel with me here for sure – I like to customize and DIY, to make things fit just a hint more perfectly.

5 facts

where are you from?

I’m from Switzerland, near Basel

favourite drink

Iced coffee. It’s surprisingly hard to get that here in Switzerland outside Starbucks (and my home).

biggest pet peeve

Not writing things down, thinking I’ll remember. In a busy day-to-day with so many ideas and to do’s …not a good idea! And still it happens far more often than I would like to admit…

not so secret passion

I enjoy learning! How the world works, personal development, new yoga flows – bring it on!


If I would need to pin down my favourite hobby to one term it would be travel photography! Roadtrips in wide and raw landscapes are my absolute favorite way to fill my energy tank.

selected items, just for you!

A fun mix of styles

On Diamonds and Dots, I’m sharing furniture and home decor items in different styles, with beautiful materials and textures, and balanced colors.

…Minimal, scandinavian, mid-century modern, boho, mixing vintage and new, and more…

Especially loving to support eco-friendly brands

Get inspired and discover some new favorite home decor items that last for years to come.

Work with me

get in touch

Are you looking for your product or brand to be featured on a blog that understands design, usability and aesthetics?

If that sounds like you, we might be a good fit!

To get the formal part out of the way: I have a BA degree in Product Design, an advanced studies certificate in usability, and lots of practical experience in marketing and education.

On the practical side: With a big of love for photography and cool design, I’m excited to create content for the blog and on Instagram, showing the “scenes” and the behind the scenes of testing new products, creating mood boards, and decorating my home.


Do you have a product that I should test or feature? If yes,


I would love to hear from you!


Email me at:

Corinne Meyer-home-decor-blogger-work-with-me

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