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5 Macrame Patterns Books to Make the Best Plant Hanger

4 great macrame patterns books to start making your own macrame hangers. Plus 2 great, completely FREE ressources to start now. This is how I learned macrame in only a few hours!

Best Wooden Wall Hook Ideas for a Modern Entryway

These 8 SUPER SIMPLE TIPS will help you get the BEST wooden wall hooks for your MINIMAL MODERN ENTRYWAY! How to create a functional + super stylish space, which wood to pick, and a lot more wall hook ideas…

2024 / 2025 Minimal Monthly Planner Printable You’ll Love

Ever felt like finding that perfect, minimalist planner is impossible? If you’re on the hunt for a clean and simple monthly planner printable that makes you stay organized you’re right here.

How to Hang Plants From Ceiling in Apartment (Minimal Holes)

Get inspired to create a green wall in your home, with macrame plant hangers. There’s a smart way how to hang plants from ceiling in apartment, without needing to drill a ton of holes to your ceiling. I’ll show you how!

How Long Do House Plants Live? 4 Secrets to a Long Lifespan

House plants on average live 2-5 years. But with proper care they can live for DECADES! Can they live eternally and what are the 4 most important factors that make your plants thrive?

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